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Sam Brown (born Samantha Brown, on 7 October 1964, in London, England), daughter of rock'n'roll star Joe Brown and singer Vicki Brown, is an Engish female singer-songwriter best known for her work in the late 1980s, although she has continued to release material since then. Sam is known for her expressive vocal style, and the ability to transcend musical styles easily. Her best-known song was Stop!, released in 1988; she released an album by the same name that year. Other singles taken from this album included "Walking Back To Me" and "This Feeling". The album "Stop!" sold over 2 million copies worldwide, doing particularly well in the UK and Australia. In 1990, Sam released her second album "April Moon" This album contained only one hit single, "With A Little Love", but showed progression in both musical style and songwriting.

Sam has been quoted as saying during the time since this initial success, that she came to realise that she has no interest in being a "star" and prefers instead to create music that holds meaning for both her and her audience. This substance over style approach, although hinted at in her first two albums, is much more evident in her output since this time. Sam was not willing to compromise, or be pushed around by executives at record companies, as the next chapter in her career would prove without doubt.

Sam's third album, "43 minutes", is a dark, obviously deeply personal and emotional work which was written and recorded around the time that her mother Vicki, was dying from cancer. This record is not instantly accessible, but with repeated listening reveals great maturity and depth of interpretation of the dark subject matter. Song titles such as "Fear of Life", "Letting Go" and "Into The Night" give a clue to the direction of the album. A&M, Sam's record company at the time were not happy with the album and wanted some potential hit singles recorded and added to the tracklist. Sam however was not willing to compromise and after a protracted battle, she bought back the masters of the album and released it on her own label "Pod Music". Very few copies were produced, making it instantly collectible (and almost impossible to find), although it was reissued in 2004 (again via Pod Music) and is currently available in the UK from various record stores and online retailers, and may still be available from Sam's live shows.

In 1997, she returned again with "Box", released via independent music label Demon Records, and showing further growth as both a musician and songwriter. Standout tracks on this album include "Embrace The Darkness", "Whisper" and "I Forgive You" which was co-written with Maria McKee.

2000 saw the release of "ReBoot" and a return to more accessible lyrics, coupled with strong musical compositions and a strong musical direction. This album was released via another independent label "Mud Hut Records", and a single "In Light Of All That's Gone Before" was also issued. The album is Sam's most mature work to date, and possibly her most instantly accessible work since her first big hit "Stop!". Standout tracks on this album include the lead single, "Understand The Animal", "Breathe In Life", "Blood Run Cold" and "Rainbow".

As well as her solo career, she has had a successful career as a backing singer and collaborating with other artists. She has worked with David Gilmour - and Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Fish, George Harrison and many others; and often appears as a member of Jools Holland's band.

Sam first gained recognition in the USA as backing vocalist on Pink Floyd's 1994 The Division Bell album and world tour (documented on the live album and concert video P*U*L*S*E), backing vocals on David Gilmour In Concert 2002, and achieved further prominence via her 2002 performance in the Concert For George tribute show (singing Horse To The Water).

In 2003 she teamed up with Dave Rotheray of the British band The Beautiful South to form the 'side-project' Homespun. The band have so far, released two albums on independent labels Classic Records and Musicvision.


  • Stop! (1988)
  • April Moon (1990)
  • 43 Minutes (1992)
  • Box (1997)
  • Reboot (2000)
  • Ukulele and Voice (ep - 2005)
  • The Very Best of Sam Brown (2006)

Discography - Homespun

  • Homespun (Classic Records 2003)
  • Effortless Cool (Musicvision 2005)


  • Jamelia - "Stop" is a cover version of the Sam Brown song and was used in the movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

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