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Sam Helmrs Bizarre Adventures is a brand new whacky sitcom from famous writer Philip Hammer. It is about a wonderful Helmr named Helmr and his friends


VHS Releases

  • Helmr Gets High (1970's)
  • Say Hi to Helmr! (1984)
  • Helmr vs. Greeny Phatom (1989)
  • Sam Helmr and the Secret of the Helmr (1994)
  • Helmr 2: Attack of the Helmr (1994)
  • Helmr Meets the Mummy (1995)
  • Helmr the Pooh: 2 Spoopy 4 U! (1995)
  • Helmr Teaches Typing (1995)
  • Roary and Theodore Fight Yogi Bear to the Death featuring Helmr (2000)

Feature Film

In 2000 Philip Hammer decided to make the film Sam Helmr's Biiiiiiig Movie. It was released theatrically on June 6, 2006 and was considered to be a swell movie.

It was about Helmr having an existential crisis and realizing that he is a true Helmr. Also Harry Neckis gives birth in the third act. It's crazy stuff I think you'd like it.

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