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Sam Swami Says Yes is the ninth episode of the 14th season of Sawtooth the Beaver and Friends.


  • Sam Swami (from D&M) as Victor
  • The Hypnotist (from D&M) as Kevin
  • Zilly (from D&M) as Arry
  • Klunk (from D&M) as Bert
  • Private Meekley as Percy
  • Peter Perfect as Edward
  • Rufus Ruffcut as Gordon
  • Sawtooth as Thomas
  • Penelope Pitstop as Emily
  • The Announcer as Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller
  • Dick Dastardly as Diesel (Cameo)


Narrator: "On Wacky Races Land, the racers love to puff and huff their hardest. Sometimes, they huff too hard. Their pistons pop, their traction rods rattle, and then, they must go the Repair Garage to get their cars fixed.

Sam Swami liked fixing race cars, and he liked being busy, and today was a very busy day at the Repair Garage. Cars and Racers were everywhere!"

Zilly: "Hurry up with those parts!"

Klunk: "We don't have all day, you know!"

Narrator: "Private Meekly was waiting to have the Army Surplus Special painted."

Private Meekly: "I'd like the Army Surplus Special to be gleaming and green please, Sam."

Narrator: "And Perter Perfect's Turbo Terrific had to be fixed."

Peter Perfect: "My broken engine is bothering me, Sam."

Narrator: "Sam clickety-clacked along the paths from one racer to another."

Sam Swami: "I know, I know, my friends. You all need to be fixed, and you all want to be fixed right away. But I only have one set of hands, you know."

Narrator: "Then, the Announcer arrived with Rufus. The Buzzwagon spluttered and stuttered as he steamed."

Announcer: "Sam, The Buzzwagon's parts are blocked. They must be cleaned as soon as possible. The children are going on a boat trip. Rufus must be ready to take them to the docks at teatime."

Narrator: "Sam was worried. There was no room for the Buzzwagon in the Repair Garage, and the Animators were all busy. But Sam didn't want to upset the Announcer."

Sam Swami: "Of course, Sir. I will have Rufus' Buzzwagon puffing perfectly in no time."

Narrator: "That made the Announcer very happy."

Announcer: "Well done, Sam. I am pleased to see that you are a really useful Swami. Really useful Swamies do their best, and they are the best."

Sam Swami: "Thank you, Sir."

Narrator: "Sawtooth chuffed cheerfully up to his friend."

Sawtooth: "Oh my, Sam. The Announcer is very pleased with you."

Narrator: "Sam puffed with pride."

Sam Swami: "Thank you, Sawtooth, my friend. Now, what can I do for you?"

Sawtooth: "I have a loose tooth."

Narrator: "Sam knew he had too much to do. He knew he didn't have time to fix Sawtooth's tooth, but he wanted to be the best. He wanted to be a really useful swami."

Sam Swami: "Come on in, my friend. I'll fix your tooth. Rufus, chuff back to let Sawtooth in. Come on, move over, everyone, please!"

Rufus Ruffcut: "What about my blocked parts?"

Peter Perfect: "And my broken engine?"

Private Meekly: "And my gleaming green paint?"

Zilly: "And our parts?"

Klunk: "We were here first!"

(Everyone backs up, Rufus bumps into the Hypnotist)

Hypnotist: "Sorry boss, slip of the hands."

Narrator: "Sam huffed and heaved."

Sam Swami: "All in good time, my friends! Fix Sawtooth's tooth, please!"

Narrator: "Then, Penelope steamed in. She had to collect an important visitor from the harbor."

Sam Swami: "Penelope, my friend, hello! What can I do for you??"

Penelope: "My bumpers need a perfect polish."

Narrator: "Sam knew he had too much to do. He knew he didn't have time to polish Penelope's bumpers. But he wanted to be the best. He wanted to be a really useful swami."

Sam Swami: "Come along in, Penelope, my friend. I will have your bumpers polished perfectly."

Narrator: " Penelope wheezed and squeezed in front of Rufus."

Rufus: "What about my blocked parts?"

Peter Perfect: "My broken engine?"

Private Meekly: "My gleaming green paint?"

Sawtooth: "My tooth?"

Zilly: "Our parts?"

Klunk: "We were here first!"

(Everyone backs up, Sawtooth bumps into the hypnotist)

Hypnotist: "Sorry boss. Slip of the hands."

Sam Swami: "Fizzling fenders! Give Penelope some room! Puff back! Puff back, please!"

Rufus: "What about my blocked parts?"

Narrator: "Then, there was trouble. Black smoke and soot shot from Rufus' Buzzwagon, all over the Announcer, who had just arrived in his bright blue car! Suddenly, the Announcer's car wasn't bright blue anymore. It was black and sooty."

(The Announcer coughs)

Sam Swami: "Fizzling fenders!"

Rufus Ruffcut: "Oh, the indignity!"

(The Hypnotist drops something)

Hypnotist: "Heaving hands! Was that meant to happen, boss?"

Announcer: "No, it was not."

Narrator: "The Announcer was cross."

Announcer: "What are you doing, Sam? My car is ruined, and Rufus isn't fixed and ready to take the children to the harbor! I thought you were really useful."

Narrator: "Sam felt terrible."

Sam Swami: "I'm sorry, sir. This is a disaster, and it's all my fault. I wanted to show you that I really am the best. That I am really useful, so I tried to do everything, but I ended up with nothing."

Hypnotist: "Can I help, boss?"

Sam Swami: "No thank you, Hypnotist. Now I must do something."

Narrator: "Sam steamed sadly to the Announcer."

Sam Swami: "Sir, if you will let me, I can have Rufus' buzzwagon ready in time. Your car will be bright blue again, all the racers will have their cars fixed, and I will be realy useful again."

Narrator: "The Announcer could see Sam was sorry."

Announcer: "Very well, Sam. But you'd better hurry."

Narrator: "Sam smiled."

Sam Swami: "Yes, sir. Right away sir.

Please, my friends, I have been silly. Now I ask you to help me. I can fix all of your cars, but I can't fix all of your cars at the same time. Some of you will have to wait."

Narrator: "The racers hoooted and tooted."

Sawtooth: "We'll all help you, Sam."

Hypnotist: "Standing by, boss."

Narrator: "Sam smiled at his friends."

Sam Swami: "Thank you. First of all, Rufus' parts must be cleaned."

Penelope: "What about my bumpers?"

Sam Swami: "Penelope my friend, your bumpers are going to be beautiful for your visitor. Tomorrow I will have them polished perfectly, but not today."

Peter Perfect: "What about my broken engine?"

Narrator: "Sam smiled kindly at Peter."

Sam Swami: "Your engine will be working soon. Please wait."

Narrator: "Then, Private Meekly puffed up."

Private Meekly: "I really want the Army Surplus special to be gleaming green!"

Narrator: "Sam chuckled."

Sam Swami: "I know you do, Meekly. And your car will be the greenest green there is, but maybe not today. Wait please with your friend, Peter."

Narrator: "Zilly and Klunk creaked crossly."

Zilly: "We were here first!"

Sam Swami: "I know you were, my friends. I have not forgotten you. After Rufus, it will be your turn."

Narrator: "This made Zilly and Klunk very happy. Then, Sam chuffed to Sawtooth."

Sam Swami: "And your tooth, Sawtooth, my friend, I was silly to say I could fix it today."

Sawtooth: "Don't worry, Sam. I can easily come back tomorrow."

Sam Swami: "Thank you, Sawtooth."

Narrator: "The Hypnotist trundled up."

Hypnotist: "Good work, boss."

Narrator: "Later, Sam looked happily around the Repair garage.

Then, the Announcer arrived."

Sam Swami: "Sir, Rufus' parts are cleaned, and and his engine is steaming.

Announcer: "Well done, Sam. I see you are, once more, a really useful Swami."

Narrator: "That made Sam very happy."

Sam Swami: "Thank you, sir."

Hypnotist: "Boss, do you think I'm really useful?"

Narrator: "Sam smiled."

(The Hypnotist drops something)

Sam Swami: "Yes you are, my friend. We are really useful together."

(Sam and the Hypnotist laugh together)


  • Footage Copyright: Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros., Hit Entertainment

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