In the Longest Thread Ever, Samantha Margas is one of Lowe Margas's first daughters, later killed, then reborn. She was Lowe's most enigmatic daughter.


First Life

Samantha was (originally) born on April 17, Y22 (2021) as one of Lowe's first batch of children. Much to Lowe's surprise and dismay, Samantha proved to be proficient in black mana - an indirect result of his wife's abilities with mana.

She met her first death when she inadvertantly walked in on Elena and Lowe having sex, then (despite Lowe's orders) proceeded to tell her brothers and sisters about it. When pulled into the kitchen, she threatened to expose them to the Conventile of the Mootix, prompting Lowe and Elena to feed her to Corkaki.

As a Spirit

Shortly after her death, reports came in of a spirit wandering the halls at night - a vengeful Samantha, whose soul could not get rest owing to its untimely death. While she lived in the Spectral Realm, she had heard rumors about a way to regain her lost life - Possess a pregnant mother.

To this end, she quickly returned to the Prime Corporeal Realm and possessed Eskara Bladieron, using him to get to her mother, Elena. Once she got to Lowe, she hid inside Elena's ovaries and prompted a heat. In response, Lowe ate the egg cell she was hiding in, but Samantha would not be denied, and possessed Lowe. In the end, Lowe and Elena decided to give Samantha a second chance.

Second Life

Samantha was reborn on October 30, Y23 (2022) as a Seachi. As before, she had command of black mana, but was trapped as a subservient soul within her sister (and later soulmate), Ahtnamas. Worse, her own body and soul were significantly decayed, a result of her having been fed off to Corkaki.

Samantha responded at first by taking control from Ahtnamas every night, with Ahtnamas casting a minor glamer on Samantha to make her look like a ghost instead of a zombie. Her midnight strolls scared Akienzal and made Lowe and Elena suspicious enough to watch Ahtnamas, where they caught Samantha transforming. An angry Lowe doubted that Samantha had reformed, but Samantha managed somehow to make Lowe trust her.

After Lowe was killed by Corkaki, Samantha cut a deal with Ahtnamas, making Samantha the Seachi and Ahtnamas the soul at the exchange of having to obtain new souls - which she did by raiding the ranch behind Lowe's house. When Lowe was resurrected, she was off hunting for souls.

When Lowe, Elena, Chester Margas I, and Elreith swapped bodies, Samantha acted as a wetnurse and babysitter for the kids Chester birthed, and helped to create Lowe's (who was in Elreith's body) surprise birthday cake. After the soul swap was reversed, Samantha remained as a babysitter for Lowe's kids she had while Elreith.

After Lowe underwent the Rite, Samantha became a bit closer to her mother, in part because she was interested in what Lowe had. She got a peek of Lowe's forms when she went outside and started to mate, begetting Fawn-Lowen Margas off of a Kacheek. She decided to mate with the other form of Lowe's in heat, getting Pira, Chiv M., and Casper off of her.


Samantha's psyche resembled a graveyard, with the Soul Rooms marked by headstones bearing the species name of each creature within the psyche. Samantha's Soul Room was the only one with a door, being built in the style of a crypt, and was usually padlocked to keep others from seeing her true visage. The entrance to the Archive and Prayer room were located in the corner of the graveyard, beneath a willow tree.

Entrance to the individual Soul Rooms weren't difficult, though there were no doors to allow entrance. All one had to do is stand in front of the headstone and address it; the ground would then give way to allow entrance if the soul allowed it. Exiting the Soul Room was done via a warp panel located right on the landing site from entry.


As Samantha was a Seachi, her base form is that of a Xweetok zombie (which she keeps concealed through Ahtnamas' glamer). The souls she had are:

  • Xweetok (female, soulmate)
  • Ninetales (female)
  • Kangaskhan
  • Flareon (female)
  • Serendipity (female)
  • Pikacheek (male)
  • Raichu (male)
  • Jolteon (male)
  • Espeon (male)
  • Umbreon (male)
  • Vaporeon (male)
  • Bori (female)
  • Absol (male)
  • Tropius (male)
  • Sableye (female)
  • Gengar (male)
  • Muumaji (female)
  • Houndoom (male)
  • Skeith (male)
  • Nezumi (female)
  • Korbat (male)
  • Yoshi (hermaphroditic)
  • Usul (female)
  • Scorchio (male)
  • Dusclops (male)
  • Shuppet (male, actually a Banette)

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