Samantha Rabbit runs away in the Mystical Forest to escape her jealous stepmother,Queen Marissa Rabbit and enters a home of seven Forest Animals

Once upon a time,there lived a lovely little rabbit named Samantha Rabbit.Her vain and wicked stepmother,Queen Marissa Rabbit,feared that some day Samantha's beauty would surpass her own.So she dressed the little rabbit Princess in rags and forced her to work as a maid.Each day, Queen Marissa Rabbit consulted her mirror.Mirror mirror on the wall,who is the most fairest one of all? and as long as the mirror answered you are the most fairest of one of all.Samantha was safe from Marissa's cruel jealousy.However,one fateful day was different.And our story begins on this fateful day...

Inside the castle,at a chamber room,a 29 year old rabbit had long black hair with a red bow,red eyes,red dress with down black skirt covered with red skirt,Red trim down to her Feet and no shoes.Her name is Queen Marissa Rabbit.Slave in the magic mirror come from farest space,through wind i summond thee,speak! Let see thy face! Queen Marissa Rabbit ordered.When the mirror started glowing a pink bunny with two purple ribbons in her ears,yellow blouse and a purple skirt named Babs appears.What wouldest thou know my,Queen Babs said Babs Babs on the wall,who is the fairest one of all? Famed is thy beauty majesty,But hold,a lovely girl rabbit i see.Rags cannot hide her gentle grace,Alas,She is more fair thee.And Queen Marissa Rabbit said Alas for her! Reveal her blonde as Ebony,Skin white as snow,cottontail as cotton, Queen Marissa Rabbit shocked and angry,Samantha Rabbit!

Outside,There was a 9 year old young cream rabbit with long blonde hair tied in two pigtails with two pink straps,long cream furry ears,pink nose,a white Cottontail,white underbelly,paws,feet and wearing short sleeved tan torn dress Her name is Samantha Rabbit who was cleaning the stairs outside.While she was working,She was humming a tune and after she finished,She walked towards a well.Wanna know a secret? She asked some birds.They nodded.Promise not to tell?

Samantha Rabbit:We are standing by a wishing well,Make a wish into the well,That's all you have to do,And if you hear it echoing,Your wish will soon come true.I'm wishing (I'm wishing),For the one i love,To find me (to find me),Today(today),I'm hoping(I'm hoping),And i'm dreaming of.

While she was singing,there was a 9 year old Brown rabbit with blue eyes,short brown hair,black nose,

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