About this (mini) Wiki

This Wiki is devoted to the Samba de Amigo video game franchise.

Goals of Wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to collaborate on all aspects of Samba de Amigo.


  • Basic game info
  • Maraca controller technology
  • Maraca controller maintenance & repair

(more to come)


I have a number of ideas for projects for enhancing Samba de Amigo. One of the goals of this wiki is to find others who are interested in helping with these projects. All projects would follow open source principals and use the wiki as the main form of collaboration.

The following are some of my idea.

Create custom songs

Samba de Amigo has a relatively small number of songs. Playing the same songs all the time gets old. The ability to create new songs would be a great improvement to the game.


A few years ago, I spent some time reverse engineering the shake pattern files from the game disc. I lost my research in a hard drive crash, but from what I recall it was not very complicated. I actually succeeded in burning a few game discs with modified patterns.

Project Goals

The project goals would include:

  • A GUI based program to facilitate in the creation of shake files.
  • A program like Dancing Monkeys to automatically generate shake files based on an inputed audio file.
  • Devise a scheme for distribution of user generated shake files.

Project Considerations

  • It is important to consider the legal aspects of a project like this.
    • Distribution of copyrighted material is illegal. The shake files that come with the game are probably copyrighted, the songs are definitely copyrighted.
    • It is possible that Sega has a patent on the file format they use for their shake files.
    • Steps will have to be taken to ensure the project stays in the legal realm.

Improved Maraca Design

If you've ever played Samba de Amigo with the maracas, you'll know they're very temperamental. For years I've been dreaming up different designs for building new improved Samba maracas. My latest idea involves using a pair of Wiimotes connected to a PC via Bluetooth ... see here for examples.

(more to come)

External Links

Wikipedia's Samba de Amigo entry

Samba de Amigo FAQ

Green Hill Zone's Samba page. Very informative.

Saved games with all songs & extras unlocked

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