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factor | derivation | unit ("SI," when applicable) | maxhi schema assignment | [comment(s)]

alternative-commute-friendly | (minimum (distance workplace (common-carrier-stop index))) | ; m | minhi | My normative priorities deprecate the car-as-necessity concept. maximum-ceiling-height | | ; m | maxhi | My SO is a golfer and likes to practice her swing indoors. floor-area | | ; m2 | maxlo | Size not a high priority. interior-volume | (* floor-area average-ceiling-height) | ; m3 | maxlo | payment-npv | (apply #'+ (present-value payment-amount (- payment-date (now)))) | € | minhi | NPV is <a href="">Net Present Value</a>. If property is a rental treat it as a <a href="">perpetuity</a>. total-land-area | | ; m3 | maxlo | My SO likes low population density. If I were living alone I'd probably minimize for smaller "footprint."

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