factor | derivation | unit ("SI," when applicable) | maxhi schema assignment | [comment(s)]

commute-distance | (distance workplace homeplace) | ; m | minhi | Saving energy laudable as self imposed norm, no? alternative-commute-friendly | (minimum (distance workplace (common-carrier-stop index))) | ; m | minhi | (same normative goal) bachelors-degree-required | | ; (boolean) | maxlo | AOTBE*, college-level may be a plus, or so we assume for this sample case. advanced-degree-required | | ; (boolean) | minhi | Again we assume; this time that required means required. drivers-license-required | | ; (boolean) | minhi | Because AOTBE I'd rather be associated with an outfit that doesn't hold carlessness against people, as this unethical (IMNSHO) HR practice makes a de-facto necessity of a de-jure and de-facto extravagance. is-union-shop | | ; (boolean) | maxhi | Solidarity forever, folkx! job-description-includes-research | | ; (boolean) | maxlo | Max because I'd be honored, lo because I'm humble. (See 'bachelors-degree-required, etc.; above) research-includes-classified | | ; (boolean) | minhi | Because my own subjective norms include a bias against the public sector. research-includes-proprietary | | ; (boolean) | minlo | Because I'm also biased against the bu$ine$$ sector. But lo priority because 9/11 et sequelae have re-taught me the value of the private sector per se. pay-rate | | ; € sec-1 | maxlo | Maxlo seems a suitable compromise between the need (do to pre-post-scarcity lifespan) for $elfishne$$ (i.e. "virtue"); and realism regarding résumé and other liabilities.

*All Other Things Being Equal, in reference to the <a href="">equimarginal principle</a>.

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