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Samuel Hargreaves's Craziest Comedy is a live comedy show performed at the Old Hill Theatre, hosted by Samuel Hargreaves from Comedy Crew.

The Competition: The Chaser's War on Everything.


Starting Stand Up: Samuel tells a joke.

Samuel's Send-Up: Samuel sends up a show, person or song.

Ricky the Rude Engine: A parody of Thomas the Tank Engine, which contains adult thems.

Bonnie: A lady of whom, no matter how damaged her ute is, still works.

Havoc Car: A car that is an offense to the public.

New segments for Series 3

Bad Grammar Man: A man who doesn't know how to say certain plurals and past tense words correctly.

Dr. Reed: The dodgy inventor from Comedy Crew.


Series 1: Contained five episodes.

Series 2: Contained six episodes.

Other shows by Samuel Hargreaves

Comedy Crew

Fred and Stanley

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