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Since drawing in 2008 Samuel Greenall is age 18 and he's a teenager and he has his girlfriend named Maggie Stuart she's cute, she is age 17 and she's a teenager and also appearing 2012. They are special and live in Scotland when they Finished school. Samuel and Maggie have there long brown hair, they wear there white pull-up nappies and hats.


  1. Samuel Greenall
  2. Maggie Stuart
  3. Alex Johnson
  4. Clarie Kelly
  5. Grunch Griffin
  6. Nosesize Boko
  7. Chirs Greenall
  8. Emily Stuart
  9. Caption Arrow
  10. Mary Donna
  11. Ken Roger
  12. Paul Williams
  13. Jason Baker
  14. Lucy Ullman
  15. Annie Ryan
  16. Daisy Anna-Rose
  17. Mel King
  18. Lady Tanner
  19. Bark Coko
  20. Ally Frost

Samuel and Maggie in the Life (TV Comedy Series)

Season 1

  1. Pliot
  2. A New Hotel
  3. Yo-Yo Play
  4. Skateboard Boyz
  5. Hidden Treasure
  6. The Showgirls
  7. Wedding
  8. Scottish Dancers
  9. Dress Up
  10. Camping Out
  11. Victor in Charge
  12. Valentine Day
  13. Hotel or Not Hotel
  14. Annie's Big Sister
  15. Advert Breaks

Season 2

  1. The Trip
  2. The Quarry
  3. Sports Day
  4. Maggie the Babysitter
  5. Jason's New Roommate
  6. The Test
  7. Halloween: The Trap Door
  8. Rumors
  9. Fishing
  10. Samuel's Neat Chair
  11. Jason at the Workshop
  12. Chirstmas Day: Ally's Xmas Show
  13. Rain, Windy and Foggy
  14. Nappy Rash
  15. Finding the Way
  16. Hangout in the Hotel
  17. Valentine Day II
  18. Annie's Big Sister Returns
  19. The Fun Hotel
  20. Major Change
  21. Good or Bad Choices
  22. Easter Bunny Customs
  23. Ask Paul
  24. Theme Park
  25. The Rooms
  26. Summer Holiday

Season 3

  1. Madness Hotel
  2. Library
  3. Halloween II: The Ghost Escape
  4. Present and the Past
  5. Jason's Weakly Day
  6. The Kite
  7. Cakes and Bums
  8. Christmas Day II: The Roasting of the Trees
  9. Sickness Day
  10. Cooking with Chiefs
  11. Windy and Frosty
  12. Maggie's New Teddy Boar
  13. Ally and the Clowns
  14. Valentine Day III
  15. Victor Strikes Back
  16. Two Little Fairies
  17. Samuel and Maggie's Sick Days
  18. In the Middle of Nowhere
  19. Camping
  20. Little Girls in Tricky Days
  21. Hear More Rumers
  22. Annie's Big Sister Takes Over
  23. Dogs, Cats and Mouses
  24. Maggie's Dream
  25. Funfair
  26. Sleepily Day

Season 4

  1. Pests!
  2. Three Westen Boys
  3. Sun Rises and Sun Sets
  4. Ships
  5. More Tests
  6. Halloween III: Paul of the Dead
  7. Send in the Horses
  8. Sickness Day Again
  9. Money for Reward
  10. Clocks
  11. Victor Strikes Again
  12. Chirstmas Day III: Who put the fire up?
  13. New Vistors
  14. Little Girls are Back
  15. Frosty and Foggy
  16. Annie's New Shop
  17. Valentine Day IV
  18. Samuel's Little Sister
  19. Victor and his Big Boss
  20. The 4 Little Donkeys
  21. Nighttime in Easter
  22. Golf
  23. Samuel and Maggie's Nappies
  24. Paul's Dad is Here
  25. Gold and Silver
  26. Daisy and Maisy
  27. Special Funfair
  28. Samuel and Maggie Go to France 1/3
  29. Samuel and Maggie Go to France 2/3
  30. Samuel and Maggie Go to France 3/3
  31. Colours
  32. Summer Holiday II

Season 5

  1. Paul and Daisy in Time Future
  2. Pests Again!
  3. Sports Day II
  4. Machines
  5. Two Love Teenagers in A Dream World
  6. Lights, Camera, Action!
  7. Halloween IV: Tales of Terrors
  8. Mountains and Hills
  9. Paul being a Postman
  10. Radio Works
  11. Daisy gets more Flowers
  12. Chirstmas Day IV: Snowed In
  13. Toys and Games
  14. Annie's Big Sister is Back Again
  15. New T.V. Set
  16. Maggie's Mum is Back
  17. Valentine V
  18. Zoo Park
  19. Football
  20. Samuel's New-mate
  21. Boats
  22. Samuel's Dad is Back
  23. Victor's Wife
  24. Summer Holiday III
  25. Advert Breaks II

Season 6

Puzzle Games

Samuel and Maggie and the colour blocks

Samuel and Maggie are in for a puzzle game in the land of lightness, to get thourgh all the levels they use it as the arcade game to use 8 colour blocks, which is green, blue, red, yellow, white, purple, orange and pink colours in each block in the puzzle.


Samuel and Maggie The Comic

Featuring Samuel and Maggie plus Super Mario, Rayman, The Simpsons, Sonic the Hedgehog, The white horse, Caption Arrow, Family Guy, Kirby and others.

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