Samurai is the very first character of the day in the Pokemon anime, the love interest of Jeanette Fisher, and the rival of Ritchie appearing in Episode 4: Challenge of The Samurai. Voiced by Jimmy Zoppi, who is also behind Ash's rival Gary Oak, he has black hair and black eyes and wears a red and black sleeveless shirt, blue shorts and black sandals. At his age, he is 10 years old.


  • Unnamed Parents
  • Jeanette Fisher (Love Interest)
  • Ritchie (Rival)


  1. Being a warrior to Jeanette
  2. Working for his skills
  3. Using his sword


  1. Being disqualified
  2. Losing his armor
  3. Being called a useless boy


  • He is the first character of the day to appear in the first season.
  • He also appeared in the US opening to Adventures In The Orange Islands.

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