The Samurai Warrior Tribes are a group of private mercenaries headquartered in the African Free State on Earth. They hire themselves out to both governments and private interests both on Earth and elsewhere in the local solar system as a military force for hire or as a simple police force. They have both worked for and fought against the Imperial Republic depending on the circumstances.

An agreement with the African Free State government requires the Samurai Warrior Tribes to aid them in any war against the Imperial Republic fought over control of northern Africa and to otherwise serve in Free State territory as an auxiliary police force aiding the regular law-enforcement units.

Contracts with the Imperial Republic government always contain a clause stating that the Imperial Republic shall never fight a war with the African Free State while any of the Warrior Tribes are working for the Republic.

Culturally, the Warrior Tribes are largely based upon the warrior traditions of the now-defunct nation of Japan. Their code of honor requires that they loyally fulfill any contract signed with a current employer, and never work against their employer under any circumstances. Any soldier within any Warrior Tribe who violates this code is obligated to committ suicide.

The Samurai Warrior Tribes are divided into the following units (each considered a "Tribe"):

CRAB CORP: composed mainly of humans organized into mechanized infantry riding in armored personnell carriers and armored units with tanks.

CRANE UNIT: composed of humans, chimeras (particularly Avians), and a number of robots (often without A.I.). Basically a combination of infantry and aerial/space units with armed aircraft and spacecraft.

DRAGON FLEET: composed mainly of spaceships responsible for carrying other units within the Warrior Tribes across interplanetary space. Dragon Fleet ships are crewed mostly by A.I. robots and computers.

LION ARMY: composed mainly of chimeras (mainly Aslan and Felines) and basically a combination of infantry, armored, aerial, and artillery units.

PHOENIX PATROL: composed mainly of medical, technical, and logistics staff with limited numbers of infantry. Racially this is a mixed unit with plenty of humans, chimeras, and A.I. machines.

SCORPION INTELLIGENCE AND INFILTRATORS: composed mainly of intelligence and espionage units with a limited number of assassination and sabotage units. It includes a variety of humans, chimeras, and A.I. machines, though there is a disproportion number of Canines, Felines, and Ratlings in this unit.

UNICORN CORP: this unit is mainly infantry and artillery, and it is mostly Centaurs with Avians and humans making up most of the remainder.

RISING SUN COMMAND: this unit is in supreme ownership and command of all the Samurai Warrior Tribes. It is composed of the Otomo, Hantei, Miya, and Seppun families who both officially command the Warrior Tribes in battle and own them.

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