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The Prince Tech E. Coyote Human Loonatics Unleashed

Enchantress The Great Fairy The legend Of Zelda

Belle Samus Aran Metroid

The Beast As Monstrous Tech e Coyote

Gaston Wile E. Coyote aka Alien Hunter Duck Dodgers

Lefou Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes

Lumiere Rev Runner Loonatics Unleashed

Featherduster Bia Jetstream Loonatics Unleashed

Wardrobe Zadavia Loonatics Unleashed

Cogsworth Rover Rover Dangerfield

Mrs Potts Colleen Road Rovers

Chip Tyke Tom And Jerry

Maurice Tom Jones Singer From Duck Dodgers Episode Talent Show a Go Go

Stove Arnold The Pitbull Tiny Toon Adventures

Philip Epona The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess

Bimbettes Hello Nurse Minerva Mink And Dot Warner Animaniacs

Footstool Furrball The Cat Tiny Toon Adventures

Monsier D'Arque Doctor Jonathan Crane Batman Begins

Extra Servants Hunter Exile And Blitz Road Rovers Ace Bunny Lexi Bunny Danger Duck Slam Tasmanian Rip Runner Jeri Jetstream Melvin The Martian Loonatics Unleashed Buster Bunny Babs Bunny Plucky Duck Hamton Pig Sweetie Bird Little Sneezer Calamity Coyote Little Beeper Elmyra Duff Marcia The Martian Gogo Dodo Barky Marky Shirley The Loon Tiny Toon Adventures

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