San Marino Grand Prix Fantasy Edition (Tribute To Ayrton Senna (1960-1994)) is a wiki-fantasy special. This special wiki contains characters and villains from various shows, movies, and musician, Ignazio Boschetto as Formula One drivers in a special wiki tribute to F1 hero, Ayrton Senna (1960-1994).


  • Imola Circuit will have the old shape in this wiki-special.
  • Lisa Simpson and Princess Morbucks are intensely heated rivals in this wiki along with Timmy Turner & Ignazio Boschetto against Stromboli, and Rudy Tabootie against Mr. Crocker in F1 rivalry.
  • loops in the track are called chicanes.
  • The first 3 finishers celebrate on the victory podium as part of the traditional F1 victory celebration.


It was the 4th race of the F1 season, Timmy Turner had a 51 point lead over his and Ignazio Boschetto's arch-nemesis, Stromboli. Stromboli has to win the San Marino Grand Prix in order to steal the point lead from his enemy. Prior to this race, Stromboli won the U.S Grand Prix on Dimmsdale's street-track after Timmy Turner ran out of fuel on the last corner on the final lap, embarrassing Timmy and his home fans. Timmy was so infuriated by Stromboli for gloating in front of his home fans that he decided to embarrass him with a win in Imola, but he didn't know how. After a pre-race filled with comedy and turmoil, the San Marino Grand Prix was underway. It was a very intense race. There were 8 crashes total in the race. Timmy heckled Stromboli to grab the race lead in Tamburello corner on Lap 11 out of 53 laps. Lisa and Princess Morbucks got into an accident, the two female drivers fist-fought, were forcefully restrained by the race stewards, and screamed and threatened each other while being restrained. As the race came to a close, Timmy ran out of fuel coming into the Rivazza corners (2 left handers), Stromboli got by him again for the 2nd consecutive race. Stromboli felt confident that he was going to embarrass Timmy again for the 2nd consecutive F1 event, but he suddenly ran out of fuel on the Variante Bassa chicane and Ignazio Boschetto got by him, took the double-checkered flag, and snatched the victory away from Stromboli. It was Ignazio Boschetto's first career win in F1. Stromboli threw a huge temper-tantrum and threatened Ignazio on the victory podium that he was "dead meat" the next race in Monte Carlo, Monaco.


Quote 1

  • Edd: Timmy, I don't understand why you are still glum from last week's U.S Grand Prix. I mean the Dimmsdale Molson Indy is your favorite course to race on and it is indeed you home track.
  • Timmy: Yeah, try telling that to Stromboli and his car that left me in the dust! 
  • Edd: But Timmy, despite your last lap misfortune on the homestretch, you still ran a brilliant race.
  • Timmy: Either way Stromboli, oh that Stromboli still cost me the race. If I hadn't ran outta gas off those last 2 corners, I could've won! Stromboli, along with Remy Buxaplenty, and Mr. "Crock-pot" gloated right in front of my home fans, embarrassing me so much that I wanted to give him the Niki Lauda treatment!!!!
  • Edd: Please, Timmy! You mustn't let Stromboli get to you, he only does these things to you because he hates you and tries to ruin your life.
  • Timmy: Just you wait, Edd. Vengeance will be mine! If I win this San Marino GP, I'll make Stromboli look so stupid in front of everyone, he'll be watching the races from home instead of competing in them!
  • Edd: But Timmy, vengeance is not the solution to your rivalry, and embarrassing Stromboli in front of the fans, depending if you win, will only get him worse.
  • Ignazio: Yeah, and I no moppin' up-a-the mess, Senìor.
  • Timmy: But Ignazio, you're one of my teammates! You HAVE to "clean up the mess" after my tirades with Stromboli.
  • Ignazio: Come on-a! Can't you take-a-the joke? I be right-a-back-a. I gotta go getta me cup-a-coffee.
  • Timmy: Anyway, despite my displeasure with Stromboli last week, I still think F1 is a brilliant sport to compete in.
  • Edd: You're right, Timmy. Formula One is indeed the greatest sport!
  • Timmy: What do you think, Eddy?
  • Eddy: F1 stinks, and this Imola track as well! What made this Iron-ton Senna or whatever his name is so special?! I've never seen him compete against real racers like the champs in NASCAR! They're A No. 1 in my book. I wouldn't even put him down as 0 in a book, and who ever heard about a stupid Tamburello anyway?!
  • Edd: *loud gasp* How could you say that, Eddy?! You know Ayrton Senna perished exiting that corner.
  • Eddy: Big whoop. Tamburello Corner? Hah! What kind of bunk name is that for an excuse of a racetrack?!
  • Kevin: C'mon, suck it up, Dorky! We've got a race to run in an hour, what are you dorking about now?!
  • Eddy: Mind your beeswax, Kevin and why do I have to be teammates with a square-headed jerk like you?!
  • Kevin: Geez, Eddy. We signed up for Williams-Renault at the same time.
  • Edd: Kevin has an exact point Eddy. You told me before the season started you were going to sign the contract for Williams-Renault. It was very thoughtful that Frank Williams chose fierce competitors like you, Kevin, Sarah, Bloo, and Ed.
  • Timmy: Don't forget, Bart.
  • Edd: I didn't quite catch that, Tim.
  • Eddy: Who cares?! F1's for sissies!
  • Edd: I'm sure you'll agree Ayrton Senna is no a sissy, Eddy. Not only he won 3 F1 World Championships, but Senna tried making the sport safer as well as improving safety of the cars, and supporting his struggling country of Brazil.
  • Timmy: Yeah, and if it wasn't for Senna, we would have a lot of screaming metal death-traps (referring to unsafe cars) skatin' off the track and causing a lot of chaos.
  • Eddy: I don't care what that Iron-ton guy ever did to become rich and famous! All I wanted to do is sign up for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and not race these stupid, roofless, puny squirts of racecars! Why did I have to be recruited by Mr. Jean Todt (F1 President) anyway?!
  • Timmy: You're glad it's not Jean-Marie Balestre. Balestre was terrible!
  • Edd: You're absolutely correct, Timmy. Jean-Marie Balestre was never nice to Ayrton Senna, and Senna said himself that he was penalized and blamed for everything and was treated like a criminal by Jean-Marie. Jean-Marie vanished in 2008 at the age of 86.
  • Eddy: Who cares?!
  • Kevin: C'mon, Dorky, don't be such a buzzkill!
  • (Ed shows up)
  • Ed: Greetings, my fellow chums! I am the world's fastest bus driver, hug me.
  • Edd: Puh-lease!
  • Eddy (Whispering in Eds ear):Hey Ed, you want to be a DAYTONA 500 champion right?
  • Ed: Right!
  • Eddy: Do you want to win races and make lot of cash for jawbreakers?
  • Ed: Yeah!
  • Eddy: Do you want to become famous and have all the buttered toast, gravy, chickens, and jawbreakers you want?!
  • Ed: YEAH!!!!
  • Eddy: That's the spirit, Ed! What do you say Lumpy?!
  • Ed: NASCAR is fun! *Eddy with a confident smile* But I have to stay in F1, Eddy as I, Ed am in a contract with you. *Eddy's expression suddenly turns angry*
  • Eddy: Aw, c'mon Monobrow why don't you stick up for your best pal?!
  • Ed: Like cinnamon rolls?
  • Eddy: Hey! How's about I stick my foot right--
  • Lisa (voice only): LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY ALONE!!!!
  • (all gasp at the scene)
  • (scene cuts to Lisa Simpson and Princess Morbucks)
  • Lisa: Why are you always picking on me and making evil remarks about my family?! You're not a driver, Morbucks! You're a bully, a sore loser, a spoiled brat, and a phony liar!!!!
  • Morbucks (screaming angrily): Because being rich has more benefits!!! Especially when you're an only child and don't have to attend to a SMELLY, BURPING, CRYING BABY!!!
  • Lisa (screaming): (After hearing a rude remark about Maggie Simpson) FINE! I'll deal with YOU on the track!
  • Morbucks (screaming angrily): FINE! But when I win, my daddy will be buying me this entire race circuit and your deluded fatso of a dad will wear a bag of shame for the rest of his life when you come in dead last!!
  • Lisa (screaming angrily): My dad is NOT a deluded fatso! Your father (her F1 crew chief) is too generous and GREEDY!!!!! And he was the one who told you in practice yesterday to cut me off in the Variante Alta chicanes and suddenly SENDING ME INTO THE GRASS!!!!
  • Morebucks (screaming angrily): Takes guts for a sore loser to admit that.
  • Lisa (screaming angrily): I know YOU are but what am I?!
  • Morbucks (screaming angrily): LIKE YOUR CAR, FULL OF NAUSEUOS GAS!!!
  • Lisa (angrily): I know YOU are but what am I?!
  • Morbucks (screaming angrilly): THAT'S IT!!!! I'm getting dressed and meeting my daddy in the pitbox! You're goin' in the grass AGAIN!!!! *slams her hauler door and begins getting changed into her racing firesuit*
  • Lisa (screaming angrily): FINE!!!! I'll veer YOU into the grass this time ya no-good evil vulture!!!! *turns away from Morebucks' hauler*
  • Lisa: *turns back to a hauler* In the matter of fact, you SCREECH like one!!!! *turns away*
  • Edd: Gee, Lisa sure is having it REALLY rough with her arch-nemesis.
  • Timmy: Yeah, if I were that Morbucks I would do this *pause* shut up. And shutting up is all she gonna have to do because like I said earlier, there's God above, so she'd better suck it up.

Quote 2

  • British Commentator: This is it ladies and gentlemen! All of the cars are stopped inside their starting positions on the starting grid waiting for the green light! *long pause with cars revving loud, then the green light displays* There's the light, and were underway in the 2014 San Marino Grand Prix as Stromboli leads the charge into the Tamburello! Bubbles Utonium will take the 2nd spot from Bart Simpson in Tamburello corner using the aero-push from Timmy Turner, now Bart receiving company from Ignazio Boschetto and many others breathing down his neck!

Quote 3

  • (Timmy and Stromboli battle for the lead coming into the Rivazza corners)
  • Timmy: Hey, Stromboli! Get outta the way! This race is mine!
  • Stromboli: I no move! You no steal-a-my-lead!
  • Timmy (mocking Stromboli's Italian accent): No, no, no, no, I no steal-a-the-lead, I take-a-the-lead!
  • Stromboli: Hey! What-chu do?! Stoppa!
  • Timmy (mocking Stromboli): Stoppa whah?
  • (entering Variante Bassa chicane)
  • Stromboli: You no mock-a me!
  • Timmy (mocking Stromboli): Whah? I no mock-a you!
  • Stromboli: Will you please-a-be quiet?!
  • Timmy (mocking Stromboli): Like-a-you empty head?!
  • (coming off the chicane towards the start/finish line to complete Lap 10)
  • Stromboli: SHADDUP, before I wreck-a-you silly!!!!
  • Timmy (mocking Stromboli): Where-a? Tamburello?! (Tam-boo-rello)
  • Stromboli: Yeah, and STOPPA MAKE-A-FUN-A-ME!!!! It-a very distracting!!!!
  • Timmy (mocking Stromboli): Shaddup-a-you-face!
  • (Coming into Tamburello corner)
  • Stromboli: No, you shaddup-a-you-face!
  • (Timmy suddenly appears in front of Stomboli and blocks him)
  • Stromboli: Hey!!!! Give-a-me back-a-my-lead!
  • Timmy (in his own accent): Arrivederci, Stromboli!!!!
  • Stromboli: *high pitched growling, shakes head in fury in unison* I getta you Turner next-a-lap in Tamburello!!!!
  • (coming off Tamburello corner)
  • Timmy: I doubt it, "Senior Testa Calda". (Mr. Hothead)
  • Stromboli: *high-pitched growling, shakes head in fury in unison*
  • (entering the Villeneuve curve)
  • Timmy (insulting Stromboli): Geez Stromboli, you sound like a faulty-starting Lamborghini growling like that, why don't you go to the body shop and fix that issue!
  • Stromboli: Se carne morta, Turner!!!! (You're dead meat, Turner!)
  • Timmy: English please!
  • Stromboli: *high pitched growling, shakes head in fury in unison* That-a-the last straw!!!! You-a-dead meat in Tamburello!!!!
  • (entering the Tosa bend)
  • British Commentator: Look at that, after grabbing the lead from Stromboli in the Tamburello, Timothy Turner just took off like as if he heard the dinner bell. Meanwhile, Lisa Simpson and Princess Morbucks are battling for the 9th position.

Quote 4

  • (On the final lap)
  • (Coming off the Variante Alta chicanes)
  • Timmy: Just one more lap and I'll be winning first prize! As long as my low fuel tanks let me!
  • Stromboli: He low on the fuel again! He'll-a-run outta gas and-a-once again I will-a-be vittorioso!!!! (victorious) *sinister chortle*
  • Timmy: I heard that! We'll see!
  • (On the Rivazza corners)
  • Timmy: *runs out of fuel* OH, NOOOOO!!!! *Looks up to the sky* Ayrton Senna, I've failed you! 
  • Stromboli:*goes by Timmy* h, ha! Arriverderci, Turner!!!! See you on-a-the-podium! No, wait, you no gonna be on-a-the-podium!!!! *sinister hysterical laughing*
  • (Coming into the Variante Bassa chicane)
  • Stromboli: *runs out of fuel* WHAT THE?! NO!!!! I gonna lose!
  • Ignazio: (surprised to see Stromboli slow down, running dry) WHAH?! *pants* Now it's-a-me-chance! *goes by Stromboli* Arriverderci, Stromboli! YOU no gonna be on-a-the-podium this-a-time!!!! (In reference to when Stromboli embarrassed Timmy right in front of his home fans after winning the U.S Grand Prix in Dimmsdale)
  • Timmy: (After when he said he had failed Ayrton Senna) *suddenly sees Ignazio in the lead* I guess not! C'mon!!!! Bring it home, Ignazio!!!!!!!
  • Italian Commentator: Cavi Ignazio! Cavi Ignazio! (Ignazio leads! Ignazio leads!)
  • (Ignazio comes into the Variante Bassa chicane, heading for the homestretch)
  • Italian Commentator: Ha abbastanza! Ignazio lo farà! Ignazio lo farà! (He'll have enough! Ignazio will do it! Ignazio will do it!)
  • (Ignazio comes off the Variante Bassa chicane and enters the homestretch with with the spectators screaming and cheering wildy, waving Italian flags and blasting air horns, cheering Ignazio on)
  • Italian Commentator: Ignazio! Ignazio! *Ignazio crosses the start/finish line to win the San Marino Grand Prix* IIII-NGNAZIO BOSCHETTO D'ITALIA!!!!!!! (Ignazio Boschetto of Italy!!!!!!!)
  • Stromboli: *high pitched growling, shakes head in fury in unison*
  • Italian Commentator: Boschetto ottiene la sua prima vittoria in carriera vince a Imola!!!!! (Boschetto gets his first career win as he wins in Imola!!!!!) *crowd cheers loudly and begin jumping in their seats, and hugging each other*
  • Ignazio: *screaming hysterically in victory* I NO BELIEVE IT!!!!!! *screams* (crying in excitement) I've-a-won!!!! *cries*
  • British Commentator: Ignazio Boschetto scores his first career win in F1 and just look at this crowd, they're ballistic!!!!
  • (crowd singsong chanting) 'Nazio.... 'Nazio.... OLE, OLE , OLE, OLE!!!!! 'Nazio.... 'Nazio.... OLE, OLE , OLE, OLE!!!!!


  • Stromboli and Ignazio pronounce Tamburello corner, "Tam-boo-rello" because of their Italian accents.

Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola Circuit)

Imola Onboard with Nelson Piquet - 1991

Imola Onboard with Nelson Piquet - 1991