The Sanchez Ring was the culmination of the second United Nations Planetary Projects that dominated the Twenty-second and Twenty-third Centuries. The Ring, dedicated to President Emilio Sanchez y Aragon in 2332CE, was an equatorial band around the Earth one kilometer wide and 52,640km in circumference.

Construction of the Ring began shortly after the dedication of the Faisal Towers in 2300 CE. Six crews began fabricating sections at each of the Pacific, American, and African Towers – two crews at each Tower. They assembled and attached sections using the construction techniques developed during the construction of the Towers. Ring sections were fabricated and attached to carbon cables at each side of the three towers. Ferry crews would then use chemical boosters to push new sections to meet previously located sections starting at the equatorial midpoint between the Towers.

This process was repeated day after day, year after year, until the last six sections were attached to their mooring connectors at the tops of the Faisal Towers. The crews atop the American Tower claimed the first connection at 02:34:12UTC on August 21, 2331 CE. However, there was some dispute with the crews on the Pacific Tower who blamed a fiberchannel fault for not being able to notify RingCentral of their completion.

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