Sanpei is Serena's love interest and Miette's biggest fan appearing in A Rush of Ninja Wisdom and A Stealthy Challenge. He has purple hair and olive green eyes. His main outfit is composed of: a blue sleeveless ninja suit, blue pants and black boots. He is voiced by Chris Patton. At his age, he is 10 years old. While ballroom dancing with Serena, his ballroom outfit is composed of: a black long sleeved tuxedo, black pants and black shoes. At his wedding with Serena, his wedding outfit is composed of: the same tuxedo worn at the ballroom. At his prom dance with Serena, his prom outfit is composed of: the same tuxedo. While ice dancing with Serena, his ice dancer outfit is composed of: a blue long sleeved shirt, blue pants and white skates. At the play of Cinderella, his prince outfit is composed of: a white long sleeved suit, white cape, orange tights and brown shoes. At his romantic dance with Serena, his outfit is composed of: the same tuxedo he wears.


  • Shinobu (Mother)
  • Saizo (Father)
  • Ippei (Older Brother)
  • Nihei (Older Brother)
  • Serena (Love Interest)
  • Miette (Worst Fear)


  1. Hanging out with Serena
  2. Doing good training
  3. Listening to his sensei


  1. His enemy Kagetomo
  2. Being busted
  3. His Brothers' teasing

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