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GREEN Sansha Burrow Sansha Hideaway Sansha Refuge YELLOW Sansha Den Sansha Yard Sansha's Rally Point Sansha Port RED Sansha Hub > Sansha War Supply Complex Sansha Haven > Centus Assembly T.P. Co. Sansha Sanctum > Centus Assembly T.P. Co.


Highsec Sansha Vigil Sansha Hideout > Drop Sansha Lookout Sansha Vigil Sansha Watch > Nation on the Rise (Highsec) Sansha's Military Outpost (DED 1/10)

Lowsec Sansha's Command Relay Outpost (DED: 3/10, drops Centii

A-type loot, succubus BPCs, and true sansha loot) Sansha Minor Annex > Sansha Owned Station Sansha Annex > Sanshas Powergrid Sansha Outpost > David and Goliath Sansha War Supply Complex (Nullsec, 6/10, drops Centus

A-Type gear, True Sansha gear, Phantasm BPCs, and 19th

Tier Overseer's Personal Effects)

Nullsec Sansha Base > True power HQ (Shoot Lookout) Sansha Fortress > Shady Operation (Nullsec) Sansha Military Complex Sansha Provisional HQ > Ancient City Centus Assembly T.P. Co. (Found Nullsec 10/10, Centus

X-Type Gear, Nightmare BPCs, 23rd Tier Overseer's

Personal Effects)



Radar (Hacking) Local Sansha Backup Server Local Sansha Data Processing Center Local Sansha Mainframe Local Sansha Minor Shipyard Local Sansha Production Installation Local Sansha Shattered Life-Support Unit Local Sansha Virus Test Site

Magnetometric (Archeology / Salvaging) Crumbling Sansha Antiquated Outpost Crumbling Sansha Crystal Quarry Crumbling Sansha Excavation Crumbling Sansha Solar Harvesters Crumbling Sansha Stone Formation Looted Sansha Abandoned Station Looted Sansha Battle Remnants Looted Sansha Collision Site Looted Sansha Explosive Debris Looted Sansha Pod Cluster Looted Sansha Lone Vessel y

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