Name: Sanya


Genre: Occult Horror

Race: Human

Occupation: Student

Gender: Female

Description and Character Notes:

Sanya is semi-thin and semi-pale. She has long black hair, that flows down to the middle of her back. The upper half of her hair is straight, while the bottom half has large curls. She also has the brilliant green eyes, though she can't see out of them.


Body: 4
Mind: 10
Soul: 5
Health Points: 45
Energy Points: 75
Shock Value: 9
Combat Value: 6
Defense Value: 4


Melee Defense 1x5 = 5
Ranged Defense 2x5 = 10
Unarmed Defense 2x5 = 10
Cooking 5x1 = 5
Exorcism 2x1 = 3
Force Field 3x4 = 16 (45 damage prevented)
Can Protect Others
Blocks Incorporeal
Uses Energy
Healing 2x4 = 12
Telekinesis 5x2 = 10
Psionics 4x4 - 3 = 13
Weapon Attack 8x4 = 32 (90 damage)
Affects Incorporeal
Long Range
Sixth Sense 2x1 = 2
Sense Spirits
Detect Evil
8 Fewer Points
Sensory Impairment 2x-1 = -2

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