Sapphire Episode I:
Operation Eagle
Release Info
Start date April 1st, 2007
End date June 3rd, 2007
Number of
Generation I
Year(s) 1967, 1973, 1978
Location(s) Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America

Flag of GermanyWest Germany
Flag of IranIran

Sapphire Episode I is the first story in the Sapphire saga. It is set primarily in West Germany and Iran during 1978, and revolves around Alec Langley's efforts to prevent Psychic terrorist Boris Rubanenko from trying to start a world war between Western and Communist powers.


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In 1967, agent Lawrence Langley of the Delta Defense Alliance sent a team to raid the underwater base of Nina Rubanenko, evil ruler of the psychics. The psychics, who possess almost infinite power, proved to be a challenge for Loki and his men, but he fought his way to duel with Nina herself. During the battle, Loki triggered an explosion in the base’s fusion reactor that consumed him. Loki’s allies escaped safely, but no one knows what happened to his foe.
Six years later, Lawrence's son, Alec, went on a date with his girlfriend to a small, uncharted island near Bermuda. Early one morning, however, she suddenly woke up, not responding to Alec, and dove off a cliff to her death. Alec returned to America and joined Delta to investigate the mysterious occurrence.

Alec remained clueless about this occurrence until 1978, when Delta received a letter saying that Boris Rubanenko, Nina’s son, was planning an attack on the Western world. Alec was dispatched to West Germany, where he met up with the girl who wrote the letter: Ivanka Rubanenko, Boris’s younger sister. The two went on a date together, but were intercepted by Boris when they returned to her home. Boris took Ivanka to his secret base and attempted to execute her, but Alec broke in and rescued her from Boris.

Upon leaving Boris’s base, Alec and Ivanka met up with Gabriel Garnett, a former Delta agent. He knocked him out and sent him to a plane leaving Germany, but Ivanka witnessed the events from hiding and followed them. On the plane, she discovered some nuclear warheads that were being transported and telepathically told Alec of her findings. The plane landed in the deserts of Iran, and Alec was taken along with a convoy to Boris’s secret base. Boris accompanied Ivanka in a separate car, but Ivanka successfully lost her brother and proceeded to rescue Alec.

Meanwhile, Alec woke up to discover himself in Boris’s Altair base, which featured a harem filled with lovely women who were stolen from all over the world. Not long after Alec was led into the harem by his guard, Boris arrived as well. He chatted with Alec and requested that his favorite girl, an Iranian named Khina, would dance for them.

As it turned out, however, Khina was actually Ivanka in disguise. Ivanka led Alec away in a deadly close escape, even being accosted by some of the harem girls. Alec and Ivanka fought their way through the base until they discovered the rockets that Boris was about to launch. They ducked into a computer room and discovered the list of Boris’s targets. The list included Moscow, a fact which Alec revealed to the Soviets working for Boris. Just as they were about to turn on him, he launched a deadly attack that Ivanka and Alec barely managed to escape.

Alec and Ivanka reappeared at the top of one of the missile silos, well away from Boris. It was there that they decided their course of action: Ivanka would seal the silo doors, causing the missiles to detonate, while Alec would fight Boris as a distraction. They put their plan into action, with much success. Ivanka had sealed five of the six silos before coming across Alec and Boris fighting. She assisted in the fight, but Boris injured Alec across the arm and chest before she closed the sixth silo.

Just before the missiles launched, Ivanka once again teleported Alec away to safety. He found himself in the desert and climbed a dune to watch the missiles self-destruct at the base. At that moment, a woman, fully covered in white, offered him a ride on her camel. He accepted the offer, and she took him to her tent by an oasis, and revealed herself as Ivanka. Using her psychic powers, she healed his wounds, and together, after being interrupted twice, they were finally able to make love together.

Featured Characters

Chapter List

# Title Published Link
0 The Legendary Mission April 1st, 2007 link
1 The Mysterious Island April 7th, 2007 link
2 Delta Defense Alliance April 8th, 2007 link
3 Wilkommen zu Deutschland! April 15th, 2007 link
4 Johanna's Past April 20th, 2007 link
5 Rudolf's Disco April 22nd, 2007 link
6 Boris Strikes April 22nd, 2007 link
7 The Witch Burning April 22nd, 2007 link
8 Gabriel's Betrayal May 15th, 2007 link
9 Johanna to the Rescue May 15th, 2007 link
10 The Altair Base May 21st, 2007 link
11 Khina and the Harem May 21st, 2007 link
12 Hidden Agenda May 30th, 2007 link
13 The Timeless Vendetta June 2nd, 2007 link
14 Healing Hands June 3rd, 2007 link


On November 23rd, 2007, SpyHunter89 announced his intentions on revising Episode I. Although nothing has been changed to any of the chapters of Episode I, some of the changes, such as renaming some of the characters and making the Sapphire a steel sword instead of an energy blade, have been made to subsequent chapters in Episodes II and III.

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