Sapphire Episode II:
Operation Katana
Release Info
Start date August 12th, 2007
End date December 9th, 2008
Number of
Generation I
Year(s) 1979, 1982
Location(s) Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America

Flag of IranIran
Flag of the Soviet UnionUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
Flag of JapanJapan

Sapphire Episode II is the second story in the Sapphire saga. It takes place primarily in Japan during 1982, and revolves around Alec Langley's attempts to stop Boris Rubanenko from starting a war between North Korea and Japan, and to track down his missing fianceé, Ivanka Rubanenko.


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Episode II picks up nine months after the events of Sapphire Episode I, in 1979. Alec Langley and Ivanka Rubanenko are vacationing on a small island near Bermuda, in anticipation of their upcoming wedding. Director 2, Alec's boss and friend, arrives as the best man, along with a small consignment of guards. However, as the wedding is being conducted, the Omega Order leader Boris Rubanenko infiltrates the wedding and attempts to break it up. Alec and his allies from the Delta Defense Alliance attempt to fight back, but Boris eventually succeeds in kidnapping Ivanka and taking her back to his base, Altair.

Three years later, in 1982, two agents of the Kusanagi Ninja Clan, Michiru Murasaki and Daisuke Midori, are sent to a Buddhist monastery in central Japan on an assassination mission. Michiru successfully eliminates her target, a monk suspected of working with psychic terrorists, only to have her presence alerted. Deserted by Daisuke, she is taken prisoner by the other monks. Meanwhile, Alec Langley is dispatched to Leningrad, Soviet Union (currently St. Petersburg, Russia) to obtain information on a double agent of the Omega Order from Svetlana Pirushkin, a KGB agent working in cooperation with Delta.

Miles away, at Altair, Boris is aware of Alec's actions, and sets a trap for him, taking Ivanka with him to Japan. Before departing, he instructs Khina Sabiri to steal the identity of Svetlana and sabotage the meeting with Alec, and asks her for his hand in marriage, which she accepts. When Alec meets "Svetlana" in St. Isaac's square in Leningrad, he is shocked to discover that she is accompanied by Gabriel Garnett. When Alec accusingly asks Gabriel if he was promised "Svetlana" in cooperation for working with the Russians, he takes offense and attacks him. Alec is saved, however, by sniper support from Andrew Hazel. Using the distraction effectively, Alec learns the identity of the double agent: Daisuke Midori, a Japanese who defected to North Korea. "Svetlana" instructs him to meet with Daisuke's sister, a Japanese Secret Service agent named Haruka Midori. After restraining Gabriel and "Svetlana" at the square, he reports his findings to Andrew and departs the Soviet Union for Osaka, Japan.

Featured Characters

Chapter List

# Title Published Link
0 Marriage Attempt #1 August 12th, 2007 link
1 Double Ambush August 12th, 2007 link
2 Unusual Sources August 12th, 2007 link
3 Den of Iniquity October 8th, 2007 link
4 Haruka and the Assassin October 8th, 2007 link
5 Kunoichi in Distress October 8th, 2007 link
6 Sigma Research and Development November 23rd, 2007 link
7 The Way of the Ninja February 5th, 2008 link
8 The Savage Beast February 28th, 2008 link
9 Insights from the West March 5th, 2008 link
10 Daisuke's Trail April 9th, 2008 link
11 Mayhem in Kyoto May 5th, 2008 link
12 Hostile Takeover August 22nd, 2008 link
13 Marriage Attempt #2 November 14th, 2008 link
14 Trial By Fire December 9th, 2008 link

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