Sapphire Episode III:
Operation Poseidon
Release Info
Start date February 20th, 2009
End date Ongoing
Number of
Generation I
Year(s) 1987, 1989
Location(s) Flag of the Czech RepublicCzechoslovakia

Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America
Flag of MonacoMonaco
Flag of FranceFrance
Flag of GreeceGreece

Sapphire Episode III is the third entry in the Sapphire saga.


WARNING: Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot, storyline, character, etc., details.

Chapter List

# Title Published Link
0 Heaven Can Wait February 20th, 2009 link
1 New Chance for Romance March 3rd, 2009 link
2 A Frosty Farewell March 3rd, 2009 link
3 In Search of Atlantis March 4th, 2009 link
4 Atlantis Fever March 29th, 2009 link
5 "Unlucky at Cards..." April 7th, 2009 link
6 "...Lucky at Love" June 16th, 2009 link
7 Shadows of an Intruder June 25th, 2009 link
8 Waking Up in Olympus July 22nd, 2009 link
9 Back in the High Life December 6th, 2009 link

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