Sarah Goodman is the daughter of Sora and Lelouch and a member of the Time Detectives appearing in Flint The Time Detective. She has pink hair and blue eyes. She wears a long sleeved yellow top, blue trousers and black shoes. When attending a Pantyhose contest for tan colors only, her Pantyhose Contest outfit consists of: a. When sleeping at nighttime, her pajamas consist of: a yellow pajamas with long sleeves. When attending school, her school uniform consists of:. In her teacher disguise, her Teacher outfit consists of:. When attending a Shoeless Skills USA therapy, her Skills USA uniform (without the black high heels) consists of: a white shirt with short sleeves, black skirt and tan pantyhose. When disgusing as Kyoko Minazuki (from Rival Schools), her Kyoko Minazuki outfit consists of:. In prom nights, her prom outfit consists of: a yellow sleeveless dress, yellow earrings and yellow high heels. In her gymnastics, her Ashley Morrison outfit (without the gray flats) consists of: a black shirt with short sleeves, white shorts, tan pantyhose and gray high heels.


  • Sora Takenouchi (Mother)
  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Father)
  • Toshiko Takenouchi (Grandmother)
  • Haruhiko Takenouchi (Grandfather)
  • Marianne Lamperouge (Grandmother)
  • Charles Lamperouge (Grandfather)
  • Dr. Bernard Goodman (Uncle)
  • Nunnally Lamperouge (Aunt)
  • Tony Goodman (Twin Brother)


  • Hanging out with Taki.
  • Having her bunny costume.
  • Doing good skills.


  • Her fear of Roaches.
  • Her bad taste.
  • Her biggest nightmares.


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