KrumeaterJuniorMovies' movie spoof of Alice in Wonderland


Sarah (from Caillou) as Alice

Elmo (from Sesame Street) as White Rabbit

Boo-Boo Bear as Doorknob

Talking Emu (from Little Einsteins: Alphabet) as Dodo

Talking Vulture (from Little Einsteins: Birds) as Parrot next to the Dodo

Quincy (from Little Einsteins) as Tweedledee

Leo (from Little Einsteins) as Tweedledum

Talking Snake (from Little Einsteins: Alphabet) as Bill the Lizard

Four (from Seven Little Monsters) as Caterpillar

Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) as The Cheshire Cat

Alex (from Madagascar) as March Hare

Marty (from Madagascar) as Mad Hatter

Timmy Turner as Dormouse

Sailor Mini Moon (from Sailor Moon) as The Bird In The Tree

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