Dougrulez's movie-spoof of 2016 Columbia film, "sausage party".

Cast: Frank - Milo Murphy Brenda - Melissa chase (Milo Murphy's law) Carl - Zack Underwood (Milo Murphy's law) Firewater - Kevin stoley (south park) Kareem Abdul lavash - Sam Watterson (time warp Trio) Irish potato - pip pirrup (south park) Sammy bagel jr. - towelie (south park) Twinks - Craig tucker (south park) Douche - Dexter (Dexter's laboratory) Honey mustard - Eugene (hey Arnold!) Mr. Grits - jimmy valmer (south park) Teresa del taco - Patti mayonnaise (Doug) Barry - butters stotch (south park) Troy - Doug Baby carrots - Karen McCormick (south park) and Anna Arthur (time warp Trio) Camille toh - Pamela arthur (time warp Trio) Peanut butter - gnomeo (gnomeo and Juliet) El guaco - Harold Berman (hey Arnold!) Ketchup - max (the secret life of pets) Gum - roly poly clown (toy story) Druggie - Kool aid man (family guy) Darren - Mike O'Leary (time warp Trio) Pizza - pizza Steve (uncle grandpa) Beer can - Hank the tall elf (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer) Cookies - Ted and tami - lynn McCaffrey (Ted) Sandwich - Mickey mouse Tickilish licorice - screwy (Rolie-polie-olie) Pop tart - mort (Madagascar) Toilet paper - captain underpants Bag of chips - heimlich (a bug's life) Queso - Oscar (shark tale) Curry paste - Zeke (ice age) Chunk muncher's cereal - chunk (the goonies) Lettuce - Kubo

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