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The Savage Tide, A Fool's Game

Journal and Recap for our little game.

The Dungeon Master:Paul

The Players: Brian, Diane, Matt, Rob and Wade

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There is No Honor

01 TinH 07

The Noble houses

01 TinH 08

The Affiliations

Meet the swashbucklers

  • Veras, a druid from the marshlands living in the Sunrise district, secretly a member of the church of the whirling fury.

I am Veras. I have no last name for I have my own life signature, which the natural world knows me by. I lived in the coastal shoals near Sasserine, but not too near. Humankind are tolerable, but seem to have little reverence for the superiority of nature. They actually seem to think they can tame the wild! How audacious of them, but I digress. When I was very young an errant band of Sahuaguin, which left me orphaned, destroyed my community. I alone was spared because of my tendency to wander off and play with the creatures of the sea. Everything was gone when I returned, scarcely a trace we had lived there, but their filthy mark was everywhere so there was no question as to the culprits. If ever I come across one of that kind, there will be blood, I swear! At my young age followers of the Church of the Whirling Fury took me under their wing. My early education was an introduction to beauties other than what nature had to offer. I was shown such wonders of artwork through illuminations and what relics the church had secreted away. The humans have such detail and colors on their scrolls, much more startling then our words and drawings on shells, although very fragile to water as I soon learned. My teacher was very cross with me when I tried to take a map into the sea. I grew up in the Sunrise district of Sasserine and was known to some of the locals as a “tree hugger”, which I never really understood because although I like trees very much I don’t think I ever hugged one. Give me kelp any day. Since my happier days as a child with my fellow Seakin I have always loved the sea and nature. In Sasserine I did have the opportunity of a lifetime and was approached by one from the druidic council. He showed me wonders I never dreamed of and I knew then that I wanted to follow the path of the druid and my affinity for the natural world made my studies quick and enjoyable. I rescued a beautiful sea hawk, Lazuli, who became my loyal companion. The church allowed my continued training in the natural world, saying it would give me great strength in trials ahead, but never allowed me to forget my added mission to eliminate that, which is unnatural. The demon filth and aberrations that plague the material plane must be dealt with. If I have my chance to extend that mission to its source on the other planes I welcome the chance. I am grateful for all the church has given me and it is my duty to serve them in their goal, but there are times when all I long for is the sea again…

  • Julio “El Tiburon" Cassanova, an academy educated bon vivant, ladies man and troubadour from the noble district, an aspirant to the Dawn Council affiliation.
  • Jorge Steadyfist, a simple monk with brain addled from too many Gladiatorial combats from the Champion’s District walking the path of Zelkarune’s Horns.
  • Saltwalker, a half giant whaler from the Azure district trying his hand in the Arena. He is partnering with Jorge in Zelkarune’s Horns.
  • H’rm Fulreys, a mysterious figure hailing from the Seekers, currently living in Shadowshore.

The Sasserine Job

I received word from the druidic council there is a stranger I am to watch for. He is a half giant hailing from the Azure district, but originating from the deserts. Very odd, that he should traverse to our region. There is something strange brewing and I am ready to strike out on my own to discover what it is. I have heard that Lavinia Vanderboren is recruiting for some mission and rumor has it this stranger is being recruited. The church has some influence, although little well known. I shall secure a position on this expedition to see what there is to see. Veras

Individually they all receive notes to meet at a noble house for a job. They meet Kora Whistlegap major domo of the house. As they are ushered in, they brush by an arrogant group called the Jade Ravens on the way out (Tolin the Ranger, Zan the rogue, Kaskus the druid and Liamae the sorceress.)

Lavinia explains that her parents were killed in a tragic fire and she has been thrust into a seat in the Dawn Council. She is trying to get her affairs in order and wants to hire the adventurers. Currently she needs to get her ship, the Blue Nixie, out of impound at the docks. It contains her family’s spare signet ring and she desperately needs to acquire it.

01 TinH 01

Lavinia, Vanthus and Soller

Blue Nixie

The party accepts the task and investigates the docks. They find that a ruffian named Soller Vark has kept the docking fees and impounded the boat. The Blue Nixie was not where it belonged, it was anchored out in the harbor. The party acquires a cheap rowboat and goes to investigate.

They find it crewed by cut throat smugglers. A fire breaks out below decks and a brash Saltwalker is slain by a bizarre giant insect creature (a rhagodessa.)

Well, my mission was short in observing the strange half giant, I knew as Saltwalker. He seemed like a decent type and did not deserve the truly horrible death he suffered right before my eyes. I felt rather useless and never have I seen such ravenous behavior from what I later learned to be rhagodessas. I guess I still have a lot to learn. I thought my goal at an end, though it left a bitter taste. I then received word that the council and the church both wish me to stay with this party of strangers. They allude to a greater purpose although for the life of me I have a hard time seeing this group aspire to very much that is noble. Most of them seem focused on drink and women with the exception of the one called Jorge who has a fascination with flowers. He offered one to me, which I promptly ate. I wonder if he even knew they had a euphoric affect, very tasty. Fortunately, none of them seems interested in my kind, perhaps it is the oil on my skin. They seem to go more for the women that cannot slip out of their grasp so easily. They also seem to get a little disturbed when I smile so I have taken to tempering my expressions a bit. -Veras

It wasn't really that tough. I mean, I had dispatched many of the crew with skilled crossbow shots and that dreaded creature came to an end too with one my precise shots.- H'rm

Upon searching the Nixie along with her signet ring they find the ship full of exotic creatures and cryptic note listing several monsters.

A not so brief introduction

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste. My name is Cameron Kellani. I am the son of Heldrath Kellani and the younger brother of Rowyn Kellani. I grew up sheltered from the Sasserine Street and peasant life and upon my twelfth birthday was sent away to live with Aniphastus Knowlern. Why? Well, it seems that I was not growing up to hold quite the same values as were esteemed in my family while my sister was apparently the paragon of such virtues. Early on I had stumbled upon the diaries, maps and writings of my mothers illustrious adventuring career. Since then I had constantly dreamed I might uphold that family legacy and bring more gold, fame, and honor to our house. I hoped to someday taking over the captaincy of my mothers ship that she sailed to exotics places and locales. I was met with derision and contempt about such daydreams and wistful thinking from my sister and she never held back on letting me know it. I believe that she was the reason I was eventually sent away to learn some "manners" and to know my "place" as she liked to put it. She always said I was too "softhearted" and "flighty" to have a hand in running the household. It turned out to be a fortunate turn of events for me to be sent to Aniphastus as he quickly recognized the wild fire within and explained that there are ways to channel such energies to assist in the swordplay I had been taught as a child and strike at our enemies in unexpected and powerful ways. Upon my fifteenth birthday he had come to the conclusion that I would stand with his family in the face of any tide of darkness and evil that should threaten. The training was rigorous and I began to be taught the arcane arts in conjunction with the use of deadly steel at night while attending the Academy during the day. Not to say that there wasn't time to have fun and was constantly led astray by fellow student, ladies man, and performer Julio. We both graduated with distinction, although those distinctions in the end differed greatly. Then one day Julio helps put me into contact with Lady Lavinia Vanderboren with tales of excitement and adventure about slaying pirates and a huge insect aboard a ship named the Blue could I refuse?

The chamber in Castle Teraknian was cold as I watched through the window the sea churn against the rocks below. Behind me Lady Lavinia Vanderboren paced impatiently waiting for her escorts to show. She jumped a little when the doors finally pulled open and an interesting duo strode into the chamber obviously having been led here by the castle guard who closed the doors quietly behind them. At the forefront walked Julio who greeted Lavinia with that same familiarity he seemed to be able to get away with whenever he crossed paths with women. I smiled to myself upon hearing Julios' familiar voice.

He is going to get himself in deep water one of these days, I thought still staring down into the waves.

Julio had doffed his hat in a flourish to the lady and was wearing well tailored leathers with a color coordination that the Dawn Council members would have envied. Not that the clothes were anything special but he always made them seem that way. He had his rapier strapped to his belt on one side, the perfectly polished guard reflected the sunlight coming in the window, with a whip curled on his other hip. The second person offered Lavinia a flower by shuffling over to her, holding out to her, and simply saying "Flower?". This man appeared to have been through many fights with scars crisscrossing his body and a particularly ugly one running across the top of his head. Perhaps one fight too many? I thought while turning to take in the scene. He wore very simple clothing as one would commonly see among the lower class peoples or possibly even farmers. That being said, as simple as he appeared in both wit and appearance he moved with an ease and grace that belied the rippling muscle underneath his simple garb. He leaned on a simple wood quarterstaff.

"This is Cameron Kellani. He will be accompanying us down to the Vanderboren Vault. Cameron, this is Julio and Jorge." said Lavinia.

I stepped forward, "Thank you my lady and well met gentlemen. You have my condolences over your recent loss onboard the Blue Nixie." Julio had told me the whole story that ended with the tragic death of one of their members being slain by some sort of horrible giant insect on the ship.

Jorge shuffled up to me and held out a flower, "Flower?". Well, I assume that Lavinia brought this guy along to carry everything out of the vault. - Cameron

01 TinH 06


The Vault

Lavinia is ecstatic of the groups success they succeeded but saddened by the death of Saltwalker. She has called upon an acquaintance from her days at the Academy to bolster the ranks of the adventurers. Cameron is actually an old friend, co-conspirator and rival of Julio. Hailing from the noble district he is the black sheep of the Kellani noble family and was actually raised in part by the Knowlern family, an elven enclave. He has been known to skulk around the Dawn Council currying favor but bears a shadowy allegiance to the Witch Wardens.

Lavinia confesses she needs help getting into her families vault below Castle Teraknian. She has never been there before but now she has the signet ring so she should be able to enter. Her usual body guards the Jade Ravens are off getting assistance from her aunt and uncle in Caldron so she would feel safer with someone to accompany her to the vault.

The vault is decorated with the symbol of the Seekers. A steel snake guardian construct attacks but is thwarted when Cameron hides behind Lavinia and accidentally makes the guardian back down.  The party used the note form the Nixie to crack a combination code. Found ledgers and treasure, but a lot had been stolen. The clerk’s logs confirm that Vanthus had been accessing the vault regularly.

Lavinia was not aware that Julio and I knew each other and thought I was sent to assist by a very concerned Harbormaster Keltar Islaran over recent events involving the Blue Nixie. I began to lead the way down the stone corridors that made up the castle to the vaults. I was not looking forward to climbing back up all those stairs when we reached the vault clerk, who looked at us critically over his glasses. We each entered our names into the log in front of him before proceeding down to the vault itself.

We entered the vault chamber which had short hallways leading off like spokes of a wheel. Each was marked with a name plaque over the entrance. We made our way to the one labeled "Vanderboren". The hall went only about ten feet before ending in a door marked with a sigil with arrows pointing in all directions. Julio quickly informs us that it is some group called The Seekers. I have heard some vague things about them but not so much as to be useful here. The door was marked with the Vanderboren seal where a lock normally would be located. Lavinia pulls out a ring which I am now informed was apparently recovered from the Blue Nixie the previous night. She asks whether she should put it up to the matching seal on the door. I voice my misgivings about her risking her own health in such a manner and suggest she have her mule test it out for her first. She argues that it may matter that one of noble Vanderboren blood use it and I have to concede the point. I get ready to pull her away at the first sign of danger but the door just flashes and then opens quietly. Down here you could feel the weight of the fortress above.

I step forward into the next chamber which has two free standing pillars in it carved to resemble snakes writhing about one another and five more similarly carved pillars placed evenly in the walls about the room. Being a man of caution when a noble ladies life may depend on it I begin to carefully investigate the closest pillar in the wall and what does that simpleton do?! He walks directly over to the right free standing pillar and has some metal snake drop on him on bite him. Now I understand why Lavinia brought this guy along. Jorge kicks the construct in the head which looks like it hurts him more than it. Julio and I step between the serpent and Lavinia at which point Jorge flees the thing and runs to us. Sure enough it slithers after him narrowly missing taking another chunk out of him. Well, the lady doesn't take kindly to the now close proximity of the guardian and flees away from it directly to the OTHER FREE STANDING PILLAR! I run after her with visions of another one of these monstrosities dropping on her when suddenly it occurs to me that this thing is the Vanderboren vault no less. I stop by Lavinia taking note that another ones of these things hasn't shown up yet and ask her in my best polite but urgent voice to show the thing her ring and ask it to stop attacking. She manages to get a grip on herself long enough to do this and it slithers away back up its pillar. Score one for the brains of the group! We take a look at the wound Jorge has suffered but it looks as if he managed to avoid the effects of any poison the thing may have had. How do we know? Well, it's not big, puffy, discolored, and well he is still standing....all good signs. We continue our search when Julio says he has found something followed by a click and the wall sliding open opposite the way we entered. One of the carved snake heads was actually a lever for a secret door.

The secret door reveals a strange room with a central pillar that has murals of creatures around the circular outer wall. A Medusa, a two headed giant, a spider, and so on. The ceiling has a line engraved in it that we find rotates when we turn the pillar and clicks into place in front of some weird plant looking mural. Julio pulls out a parchment, apparently another find from the Blue Nixie, with a riddle of some sort on it. I wish they would mention these things earlier. He quickly notices that the number of eyes on the murals runs from one to seven and that the riddle is the combination. Julio turns the pillar in what we think is the combination but we get something wrong. We pause expecting the worst but thankfully nothing happens. The second try is successful and reveals that all the murals are actually doors as they all pop open.....nice work Julio. Lavinia runs over to the first door and throws it open and gives a gasp of dismay. Upon discovering that the first alcove is empty and this is the source of her concern I politely ask her to calm down and stand at the entrance so we can ensure her safety from any potential traps. Only one of the remaining alcoves has any of the mostly plundered family fortune in it. I noticed Jorge gawking at what must have seemed like a fortune to him. Ah, to live the simple existence of a peasant. At least there is enough to pay off Lavinias' current debts but she also discovered a book of debts yet to be paid for favors already rendered by her now deceased parents. I also discover some empty potion bottles, six of them actually, in one of the other plundered alcoves. Probably a clue as to how someone managed to get in here past the guardians and locks. It suddenly hits me that if someone came in here than they very well must have gone past the clerk and signed in also. We gather everything we can carry and find out by checking the log that Lavinias' brother has been here of the past two weeks, six times no less! We head back to Lavinias' manor where she asks us to locate her lost brother, Vanthus. Apparently they had a bit of a falling out a few weeks back and he stormed off not to be seen again. She says that he also has been seen with unsavory people lately ever since his return from some plantation he was sent to for mixing love potions into the city water supply. I could see Julio grinning and taking notes and fondly recalled one or two pranks that might have gotten us shipped off to worse than a plantation. She made us promise to try and not harm him to which we all agreed. She paid us for our assistance and we headed out to get some rest before questioning the entire city about Vanthus' whereabouts the next day.

Julio tells me on our way out that there are two members of their band I have yet to meet and suggests I join them all at breakfast the next morning. We are to meet at a rather lower class establishment known as The Squashed Wyvern. -Cameron

I strangly enough, do not remember any of this... You would think with my seeker background I would have been invited to go. Some "friends" these are turning out to be..... -H'rm

01 TinH 02

Parrot Isle

On the Trail of Vanthus

Lavinia confesses that her brother, Vanthus, is missing. She wants to find out what happened to her brother but is afraid he has fallen in with a bad crowd.

Vanthus has been seen with his girlfriend Brissa, a shady local artist. Found out he was last seen with a smuggler called Penkus at a boat shop called "It still floats!"

The party finds a guy named Shefton who said he will lead the party to Vanthus but he looks totally untrustworthy. They follow him to Parrot Island.

Trapped beneath Parrot Island

After the party descends a shaft into hidden passages underneath Parrot Island, Vanthus traps them and murders Shefton.

We were such chumps. I mean to have this rich brat just move a rock onto the trap door and we have to spend a whole freaken night or two down in this salty, stinky and terribly noisey cave. I didn't really know Saltwalker so I couldnt really miss him, but I did miss his strength. I bet he could have just flung that puny boulder aside. The monk George, I can't really figure him out. His simple passive ways seem to be interupted by charging into combat and putting himself in great peril. I bet this behavior will come back to "bite" him someday. After all the undead were slain...again...we were attacked by crabs. We quicly defeated them and Veras quickly consumed our fallen foes. Oooh, those teeth the poor lot didnt have a chance, all we were missing was some drawn butter -H'rm

Beneath Parrot Island they find the Hungry dead and Penkus’s body. Note says Vanthus trapped Penkus here to elevate his position in the Lotus Dragons, an upcoming thieves guild.

The Lotus Dragons ascendant

After escaping they find out that the harbor master has been murdered, something is afoot.

Lotus Dragons keep sending assassins. They got a map of the Lotus Dragons hideout from one of the assassins.

Simple inflitration and a bloody death

01 TinH 03

Nemein, Lotus Dragon Hideout

Posed as priests of Kord / Professional Wrestling squad checking on stuffed Jaguar to gain entry to the Taxidermist’s Guildhall that is the front for the hideout.

Assaulted the taxidermist Nemien and bullied him into keeping quiet. The group stumbled into some guards and set of the alarm. They retreated into some rough caves to wait out the alarms.

While exploring the cave they are set upon by blood thirsty ixitxachitl who sprung upon Jorge when he is abandoned in the water by the rest of the party. He is torn to shreds. A single flower floats to the surface and marks his watery grave.

01 TinH 04

Rhagodessa, Rowyn and Gut Tugger

Double Kobolds

Runs across the first of two kobolds, a cute crazy little cook with a wicked hiding skill who was laying low (Churtle). The party leaves Churtle alone, but Veras does trade shells with her.

Cameron stumbles upon a truly enormous croc, but it turns out to be a trick of the light (or perhaps a portent of the future...) and actually it is pretty average size. Veras says nice crocodile and then it wants its belly rubbed.

This poor creature, chained and having to feed on whatever blunders down this way. I must rescue him from this plight. Perhaps this is the time to let Lazuli go on with his own life. He’ll never admit it, but I can tell he is ready to settle down to hunt and have a few chicks whereas I am just getting ready to start off on an adventure to who knows where. I shall miss my dear friend, but do look forward to the challenge of taming this creature. I shall have to enlist the help of the council to take care of him for a short while until I can perform the bonding ceremony. -Veras

They find the second kobold, a feisty prisoner being slowly nicked to death chained barely in reach of the a rhagodessa (Irl). Rescue Irl and let him tag along.

H'rm has a cool idea: Rhagodessa baiting for fun and profit!!!

01 TinH 05

Vanthus's Letter

A Family Affair

The party tracks down Lady Dragon. But it turns out to be Rowyn!? Cameron's sister? Rowyn Escapes! Running fight with Guttugger. Veras gets some new clothes, at least Cameron's sister had some style.

At least we know who got the looks in the family! She's not bad to look at, and sing and fights pretty damn well, but she runs when the going gets tough. - Julio

Double Cross

Visit the prison area. In the torture rack they they find dwarf named named Kersh who happens to look a lot like Brian. He turns up to be a traitor, unsuccessfully attempting to skewer Cameron in the back while guttugger attacks from the front. Guttugger is hunted down and eventually sold to the Arena. Guttugger is finally taken down and Chompy will soon have a nice new collar.

Wrap up

In the Lotus Dragon hideout Found exotic trade goods and animals from distant isles to the south, picked up the trail of the Crimson Fleet. The group discovers a map of the corruption in the city and a plot to take over the harbor. find proof that Vanthus murdered his parents!!!

Lavinia wants justice. Vanthus must be found dead or alive.

Seeking the trail of Vanthus

Veras adopts a lovable little croc named Chompy.

Things to follow up

  • What happened to Vanthus?

The Bullywug Gambit

02 tBG 09

Map of the area surrounding Sasserine

Shopping with Miss Whistlegap

Shopping with Kora for reward (swashbuckler hats) and receive heirlooms left by Lavinia's Parents, hat pins and feathers.

Trail of Vanthus

The clues lead to a place called Kraken cove, an infamous smuggler's cove.

Here and back again

02 tBG 08

The wilds outside Sasserine

Hire fishing boat to find it. Dropped off Churtle in the swamps, but only after Irl mates with her. The heroes are universally disgusted.

02 tBG 07

Savage Pirate

Nearing the Cove

Approaching the area Julio is bitten by a twisted mutated monkey, infected with Savage Fever. Ah yes, i remember this. Disgusting. If it was not for Veras's skilled yet unorthodox healing skill, we would have had a chaos monkey boy Julio.-H'rm The ships in the area are on fire and chaos reigns. One ship lies untouched a fine looking vessel called the Sea Wyvern.

Kraken Cove Chaos

02 tBG 02


Savage Tide? Fought smugglers and pirate crew transformed by the fever including a strange creature called a phanaton and a dinosaur. Found fragments of an immense black pearl fragments in the cove.

02 tBG 05


Harliss's Tale

Found a pirate named Harliss Jarvel with the fever fending off Savage creatures as well as a case of early stage Savage Fever. She was a skillful fighter and with a wicked prowess in cursing. Harliss gives a story of Vanthus and how he betrayed them all. While he was caught trying to steal the pearl, she stabbed him and he dropped the blood smeared pearl and it shattered into a mile wide explosion of green energy.

Most of the people in the cove including his girlfriend Brissa succumbed to the tide and turned into horrible beasts with a shrunken second head and an abyssal taint. Everyone else what the exception of Harliss and her first mate are slaughtered and eaten by the savage creatures. Her first mate went to get some bullywug allies and take revenge on the Vanderboren Family for the betrayal and slaughter.

Julio and Cameron seem to convince Harliss that Lavinia is not involved. She gives the party a note to bring to Drevoraz. The party forges a copy and sends it by carrier pigeon (feather token) in advance of their arrival.

They lay claim to the bonnie ship and race back to the Sasserine.

Wormfall Festival

02 tBG 04

Diamondback and crew

The festival is in full swing including two of the original heroes celebrating their triumph one year ago over Kyuss.

Out of control wagon threaten revelers, but a cool headed H'rm stops it while simultaneously beautifying the Merchant district by planting of new tree.

Assassins on stilts! The cowardly murder of Veras by the assassin Diamondback.

The last thing I remembered was searing pain and fire across my skin. Damn drunken party members indulging in the tavern cheering themselves on while the possibility Lavinia is still in trouble. I go to try and follow through with our mission and I get bushwacked by crazy stilt jugglers, who seem far superior to how they should be. Whoever heard of acrobatic assassins who can avoid plant entanglement and wolves biting and tripping them. Why on top of that did they have stilts that were unbreakable. Truly unbelievable. Then to top it off some bitch in an All Hallows Eve outfit stabs me in the back. Then it all goes dark. I'm dead. I see Gwynharwyf. She tells me it is not time yet, there's more to do. Next thing I know I awoke in Lavinia's home. My companions fill me in and I owe them a lot. I found out my companions arranged for my true resurrection to bring me back from death. This concerns me as I know coming back from death is unnatural, but since Gwynharwyf assured me perhaps it was not as strange as I thought. As I continue to learn and grow in my abilities I learn that I have some of the same capabilities. I guess the unnaturalness all comes in how its done.-Veras

02 tBG 01

Bullywug Siege of the Vanderboren Manor

The Vanderboren Estate

The heroes return to find a tribe of Bullywug's laying siege to the manor. They storm the Manor and rescue the Jade Ravens fighting bullywugs and a rust monster. Julio rescues Liamae and admires the view.

Negotiation with the chief's wife leads to sparing her but slaughtering her husband in the basement.

02 tBG 06


A bloody end to the siege

Discovery of the death of Kora at the hands of Drevoraz. Harliss's note apparently was not enough.

Shortly followed by the death of Drevoraz, his liver skewered by Cameron.

Wrap up

02 tBG 03

Shadow Pearl

A visit and a gift from the heroes of Wormfall, Ping and Mai. The resurrection of Kora and Veras.

Fall of the house of Kellani.

Things to follow up

  • What happened at Kraken cove and what was the Crimson Fleet planning on doing with that freaky pearl?
  • What happened to Vanthus?

Sea Wyvern's Wake

02a SWW 09

Map of the voyage to the Isle of Dread

A Modest Proposal

Larissa Vanderboren’s Journal reveals the existence of the colony of Farshore.

Her parents founded the colony but were keeping it a secret until it got on its feet.

Lavinia mounts an expedition to resupply the colony.

She is forced to accept the help of the Meravanchi family to finance the expedition.

She has her own ship the Blue Nixie and invites the party to bring the Sea Wyvern along.

Cameron supplies the ship with caviar and renames the ships the Ocean Stryder to the deafening silence of the rest of the party.

To the Isle of Dread

The unusual suspects join the party for the voyage:

02a SWW 02

Rowyn, Tavey, Pickled Mephit, Amella and Father Conrad

02a SWW 03

Urol, Skald, Avner and Lirith

  • Amelia Venkale, Salty sea dog and gnome hater.
  • Urol Forol, a gnome historian and naturalist who has actually been to the Isle of Dread before.
  • Father Feres, preist of Hieroneous.
  • Avner Meravanchi, spoiled noble whose family is paying for part of the voyage. Accompanied by two servants and a magnificent stallion called Thunderstrike.
  • Lirith Veldirose, tomboy female warrior.
  • Skald, mysterious brusk warrior fleeing something.
  • Tavey Nesk, impressionable cabin boy.
  • Pak Pak, the carpenter.

I wasn't gonna go, I've been on cruises before. Boring, not much to do or see...just more water. It took mental images of half naked islander girls serving me Saltwakers on the beach to make me go, i guess I'm pretty easy to convince. I'm expected to work on this trip, as I am named first mate. the job turns out to be a lot of yelling at the lower crew, but alas the lovely Amelia can work wonders ( i tell her to raise the sail thingy, and she yells out the correct nautical term). My cabin had to be given to Avner to shut him up, but i worked a timeshare agreement on the captains digs so that all worked out. - Julio

Urol tries to bring on board all kinds of nasties but Chompy says "No pets".

The First Leg

Dinner Lavinia in the Nixie leads to a mysterious attack and sabotage.

Julio goes skinny dipping with a shark. Hey now, it was supposed to be a swim with my girlfriend! The shark turned out to be kinda cute in a toothey way, at least thats what Veras said. Personally, swimming things full of teeth seems like a poor way to go. - Julio

The group interrogates the passengers trying to figure out who is behind the strange events onboard.

Fort Blackwell

Fathers Feres delivers a mysterious package (H'rm already figured out that it contains a map of various gates to Limbo.)

After they leave the Fort Feres becomes ill, Veras plays doctor. He was unwitting host to a blue Slaad, confesses he is really Conrad Horst, a conman paid to deliver the package but has no idea what it is for.

02a SWW 06

The wonderful scenery of Tamoachan


Urol wants to go to the ruins of Tamoachan. Got a map that is supposed to lead to a new area.

Encounters a basilisk and Gibbering Mouther.

Found an un-named demon protecting the back of the complex who is one shotted by Julio in a surprising show of battle prowess.

In the final chamber found a golden bat idol from a remote land. Seems to be a key to something but no idea what.

The Open Sea

Ambushed by Scarlet Brotherhood pirates twice. Capture all of their ships (Purity’s prow, the Night shark and The Fury) intact but are forced to abandon them because of lack of crew. Manage to recruit some of their pirates as sailors, including Blinky the pirate with the wandering eye patch. Only one pirate gets away, Kraz, their kobold sorcerer.

02a SWW 08

Wyverns checking out the Wyvern

Discover the destruction of Fort Greenrock by a Shadow Pearl in black box trapped with spiked bloodletters. Irl got info from local kobold tribes.

The party overhears that Thunderstrike is one of Avner's scorned lovers polymorphed into a horse.

Discover Rowyn is poisoning the stew masquerading as Skald. Running fight, capture her. Cameron tries to civilize her. She becomes chummy with Avner.

Last friendly isle bid farewell to Conrad. Avner tries to buy the chief's daughter. What a horrible shore leave. Cameron is holed up in the cabin all lovesick or somethin. The crew and passengers go freakin nuts! I break up two brawls, one of which was started by Lirith. Narrowly keep Avner's head on his shoulders, and manged to get the entire crew abord for sailing, no small feat. the only positive of the stop, I introduced the southseas to the glory that is the Saltwalker! - Julio

Great Storm comes and separates the ships.

Who is writing this ting? Mano, ju are forgetting the best part, when I hooked up with both Lirith and Liamae, at the same time! Later, I find out that Lirith isn't what she seems, as she turns out to be a noble from a city to the north. I keep her secret as I'm a gentleman and stuff. - Julio

02a SWW 07

The Sargasso


Mists cleared and crew found them selves mired in the Sargasso. Strange vine creatures attack in waves eventually slaying Irl.

A sargasso covered creature first thought to be a Vine Horror turns out to be crazy Goliath searching for his brother. The party calls him Lo-Gak and decides to keep him.

02a SWW 05

Capitan's Log from The Rage

The Rage

Explored nearby wreckage and rescued the Captain's Log. It indicated that there was a force at the center of the Sargasso holding it all together.

Fighting waves of Vine Horrors and assassin vines.

02a SWW 04

Mother of All

The Mother of All

Veras turns into a bird and scouts the great mass of sea weed. Discovered The Thunderer a large ship at the center of the morass.

The party ventures onto it and discovers that it is home of the leader of the Vine horrors. Destroyed the Mother of All.

As the wreckage breaks apart they find a chest with a magic pegleg in wreckage.

02a SWW 01

The Final Storm

We Made It

Great Storm comes up a pushes ship onto rocks. A Masher attacks while ship is stuck. Cameron manages to free the Wyvern without much damage.

The storm swells and worsens. Suddenly the wyvern spins out of control and the ship is skewered on an outcropping of rock and all of the party spills out to sea.

Things to follow up

  • Why was Fort Greenrock destroyed by this black pearl.
  • How did a demon end up in the ruins of Tamochan?
  • Why did the Crimson Fleet plant a black pearl to wipe out a remote outpost?


During the great storm Liamae is struck by lightning and almost dies. Has a divine vision and decides devotes her life to Rudd, the godess of skill and luck.

Emragg angry at not being paid tribute smashes the Sea Wyvern into the rocks but distracting him so that the Blue Nixie slips by unnoticed.

The Blue Nixie safely reaches Farshore but Lavinia worried about the fate of the other ship.

Larrisa Vanderboren's Journal

Here There Be Monsters

A Rough Landing

Skald, Rowyn, Irl's body and Pak Pak are missing.

Lirith is dead and the Rhagosdessa are feasting on her corpse.

God I hate these bugs. I ran them off and recovered what was left of her. She was a fine companion, and a hard one to lose. I was really choked up about it, there may have even been tears. Tavey and I buried her properly, and I kept her bracelet as a remembrance. One day i plan to visit her home, and inform her family - Julio

T-Rex attack! Tried to swollow Lo-Gak whole, but becomes oddly docile. He is placated by feasting on the poor lost souls from the ship wreck offered by Veras and then goes off to the jungle.

Trekked through valley full of dinosaurs. Narrowly avoided a stampede.

Spiders and Birds Oh My!

Found creepy old spider lady Lithira. Predicted a dark fate.

Nesting terror birds block the way. Scrambled eggs jumbo!

The Dark Pass

Urol leads through the dark pass to the sea gates, but Tavey thinks they are being followed.

Party is attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing raiding Raptors. The party spots the glint of loot and gives chase after killing the T-rex. Found dwarf corpse with good brews. Death of Lo-Gak in the Dark Pass, left him propped on ancient throne.

Discovered by old friend of Larrisa Vanderboren, Bop. He was on spirit quest to meet Lavinia.

While searching for key to the sea gate the party disturbs the rest of ancient Olman mummies. Cameron dies but wakes up confused in a new half elven female body. Many of the survivors are now racing The Rot, the mummy's curse.

This goes bout how it always goes, Cameron wakes up all new and not sick, and decent to look at I might add. While Veras and Myself have the damned mummy rot! Luckily for me, my constitution was up to the challenge. - Julio

The Cliffs of Insanity

Following high path along ocean in the hopes that the mountains will screen out the worse of the dinosaurs. Creepy accidents and evil portents begin. Thunderstrike drops to the ocean but is rescued by Veras.

Against the Gargoyles

Empty village point to a recent wipeout of the native population. Gargoyles ambush the party. Cameron intimidate the Leader of the Gargoyles.

The Fogmire

Path turns inland and soon they are lost in the Fogmire.

Urol is kidnapped by a group of Bar Igula, apelike demons.

Find a shrine to demogorgon, doors that demand blood and mirrors of madness.

Slay the head demon (name unknown) and destroy the statue of Demogorgon as it animates.

The end of the Journey

Arrive at Tanoroa, Rot cured.

Farshore at last... But it is under attack!!!

  • Where did this area bordering the abyss come from?
  • Why was this demogorgon worshipping Demon stalking the group?

Back plot

Skald and Paka Pak row to Farshore, dodging death at sea at every turn. Rowyn grabbed a long boat along with Irl's body as some morbid memento. She tracked the party to dark pass and found Cameron's body riddled with arrows. Her revenge is done.

Somehow she makes it to the mainland. Set upon by Kobold tribes; thinking fast she says that she is bringing back a fallen hero. They raise him and Irl's Navy is begun.

Avner Meravanchi grabs a small idol of Demogorgon from the Fogmire as a keepsake.

Tides of Dread

Farshore under attack!

Pirates from Rat's End attack with the Hellfish. The party interrupt the pillaging and saves Farshore

Cameron recruits pirate crew lead by Lefty the pirate.

Reunion at Farshore with Lavinia, discovery of the future attack from crimson fleet. Meet the inhabitants of Farshore and found out Pelorian missionary name Noltus is missing.

Avner reunites with his uncle Manthalay. Manthalay Merivanchi is competing with Lavinia to become mayor of Farshore.

Bop become's Lavinia's bodyguard and retires from the group.

While investigating thefts at Warehouse district the adventures discover an ethereal filcher and a curious phanaton named Ook. Ook wants to see the world and tags along.

The party begin organizing a resistance to the upcoming attack. The set in motion reinforcing key parts of Farshore's defenses.

Friend of the Olman

Cameron visit the leaders of the local Olman people at Tanaroa. She is given some cryptic tasks if she is to become a friend of the Olman:

Quiet the fangs the threaten the boar's den

Claim back the apes' black from the terror

Crack the stone that broke the Sea turtles back

Earn a living feather from the heart of the tiger

The Wrath of Zotzilaha

While visiting Tanaroa the main campfire explodes in a manifestation of the wrathful Zotzilaha. The party promises to calm his anger.

The party tracks the manifestation of the vengeful deity to his volcanic home. The swift return of the mysterious bat idol from Tamoachan placates him and he rewards the party. H'RM snags a mysterious tooth found in his treasury that Zotzilaha's avatar does not recognize.

The Tar Pits

The party stalks Temahti-tecuani, and find him preying on phanatons gather from the tarpits. They slay him but not before Julio brashly charges into his maw underestimating the power of this legendary force of nature.

Veras continues her campaign to convert the populace of Oerth to all females; welcome Julia the gnome!

Cameron declares, "Now it is the infamous six".

I highly do not recommend being eaten by something. It really is as bad as it sounds. Of course we don't have a cleric, so when they revive me its luck of the draw. What do I wake up as? A girl, which is bad, but a gnomish girl! The gods (or Veras) must hate me. Turns out that I am actually really cute, but I'm not me. I vows to get this fixed, no matter the cost. - Julia (Julio)

Meet the Phanatons

Follow the suspicious phanatons back to their village. Eat a feast that features a centerpiece of a roasted Arenea.

The leader of the village speaks about the Temple of the Jaguar, where the party might find some weapons to help arm Farshore. It was peopled by a race called the rakasta who were wiped out by some demonic creatures called Skinwalkers.

Temple of the Jaguar

After Veras calms a titanic snake and the party avoids some traps, deep in the temple and found an ancient Coatl named Tonatiuh. They forge an alliance of with him, earn feather and stash of cool weapons.

Election at Farshore

The group returns with the weapons and continues to build up Farshore. They are just in time for the election. Veras assists H'RM implanting the tooth. The campaigning is going fairly well but could go either way. H'rm stuffs the ballot for fun and profit and Lavinia wins the election.

Exploring Temute

A few things close to Farshore bore investigation.

Wiped out the Trogs laying siege to the banana grove valley. The Trogs were led by a strange Leper Priest who sacrificed the children and elderly to a dark god rather than surrender to the party. Found tunnel he collapsed that leads into the depths of the Isle of Dread.

Find ruins of what was rumored to be the lost tribe but only found some wights.

Punishing the Gargoyles

The group takes the Hellfish out for a shake down tour of the island. Cameron makes a quick stop to visit some payback on the tribe of Gargoyles who wiped out the Sea Turtle settlements on the shore. Got a cool crown from their king.

The Wrecked Wyvern

Using the Hellfish they strike out to repair the Sea Wyvern and encounter a Korpus for the first time. He is Druid who battles the party with his elastamasaurus pet but is quickly slain.

The Crimson Sunset

The fleet attacks begins with a great fog sweeping over the area. Cameron goes to met them in the Hellfish and captures The Hag.

As the fleet approaches it is hammered by the new defenses and bombarded by the guard lead by Skald.

Flesh Golems made of the bodies of pirates rise from the waves and attack the city but are dismantled.

Pirates burn red flares signaling a fireball bombardment of the city. The party board the Stygian Shark and slay its Yuan Ti crew.

A group of Vrock demons terrorize the city. The party defeats them but not before they set off a dance of ruin slaying many innocent people in the warehouse district.

There is no time to mourn as Vanthus returns and attacks Lavinia. Vanthus almost sets off a Shadow Pearl but is thwarted and slain. H'RM sees the reflection of a demonic face full of teeth instead of his own in the pearl and decide to remove the tooth. It is still pouring out green smoke.

The party summons the Coatl, Tonatiuh to dispose of the pearl before it blows. They send him to Hell where he drops it off in a icy field by a spire of rocks.

Vanthus’s Journal

His journal is found upon his ship, The Brine Harlot.

It reveals:

  • He retrieved the pearls from the “Lords of Dread” but kept one for himself.
  • There are more pearls being delivered to the Fleet
  • He loved his sister in a very disturbing fashion.

Pertinent Journal Entries From the Brine Harlot/Vanthus Log:

Entry 23…. I don’t know what happened in the cove. Everything was going to plan. Next thing I knew I was stealing that huge black pearl when that whore, Harliss, slashed my arm and caused me to drop it. When it hit the deck and smashed into many pieces I was very surprised. I was even more surprised when about a minute later an explosion occurred and most of my men were transformed into terrible beasts.

Luckily I had my boat outside the cove and was able to escape with the few men that didn’t get affected by this evil malady.

Entry 27… So those damned men thought they would be better off without me, set me adrift will they. I know that Lavinia will be worried for me, she may not understand what I did yet, but I think she will come to understand that it was for the best for both of us.

Entry 29… So I have been picked up by a Crimson Fleet pirate ship called the Brine Harlot, I sense there may be opportunities here. Although my skills are already proving worthwhile to the crew, it looks like I must make some room for myself with Captain Barik’s crew. I don’t have time for him to promote me.

Entry 35… That old crow Terrin is dead, too bad he was the first mate, I liked the way that he tortured the crews that we captured but he was in my way. It was interesting to find out that Barik and his crew are secretly working for the Scarlett brotherhood, I must find out what they are up too. Oh my dear Lavinia, I miss you and hope that you are well. As soon as I get my own ship I must pay her a visit and see if she wants to join my grand adventure. I am sure at first she will decline, but I have always had a special way with her.

Entry 42… We have arrived in Scuttlecove. The place is delightful! Captain Wyther was very interested to find out that Barik and his crew were actually working for the Scarlett Brotherhood. He was kind enough to let me kill several of the crew but kept Barik for himself. How he survived Wyther’s “treatments” as long as he did I will never know. The screams were delicious though.

Entry 43… Wyther has given me the Brine Harlot. He has also promised me power beyond my imagining. Soon we will be reunited Lavinia, and I can prove my course was the right one. We leave tomorrow to a place of power, he promises me it will be well worth it.

You notice that the style of hand writing suddenly changes with this journal entry….

Entry 44… I am power incarnate, I can feel it coursing through my veins. The pain was worth it!

I have told them about our parents little venture to Farshore. It appears that they have business there already on the Isle of Dread. The black pearls that I encountered before seems to come from the there. I am to go there to meet with some figures called the Lords of Dread, ooooh I am scared. It appears that the cove is on the Northeast edge of the Island. I have the feeling that they have been there quite a few times before and picked up some of these pearls. It appears that these Lords of Dread live somewhere underneath the island and create them there.

Lavinia, I miss you even more now. My love for you distracts me from my path of glory. I have inquired with some contacts in Sasserine and found out that you have left for Farshore, even better. We can be re-united soon and you can come back with me so we can be together forever. Maybe you can even prove your worth to Wyther and become powerful like me. When you see me you will come to see that our parents death, although tragic, was necessary for us to become what we are supposed to be!

Entry 45… Wyther won’t miss it, I decided to take one of the pearls for my own use just in case I need it. I don’t think it can affect me anymore from what he tells me. He shouldn’t realize it is gone until after I get back with more pearls and I can just tell him that they gave me one less. Ha, Wyther is a fool compared to me my love.

Entry 48… They have rewarded me for providing them with a nice ripe target…Farshore. They have given me 4 more ships, as well as some Yuanti Mercenaries and their Golem pets. They should be ripe for the picking and you can join me my lover aboard the Brine harlot forever. It will be glorious.

Entry 54… Slipnot Peat and his crew have not checked in. We can not reach them and suppose they must be dead. The fools were supposed to just keep an eye on Farshore and report back to us. Just in case we run into more resistance than we expect Wyther has sent me the services of 3 Vrocks, they should shatter any defenses these fools might have. Lavinia, what do you do, I can not get you out of my mind. I should take you for my wife, I will tell Wyther to make you powerful so we can be truly joined. We should be together in only a few days.

Wrap up

Julio makes a trip Sasserine for to gender/race reassignment surgery.

Amela sets off to establish trade routes again.

Things to follow up

  • Where did the trog tunnel go and what were they doing?
  • Who are the Lords of Dread?

Back plot

Irl is busy raiding the Crimson Fleet for fun and profit. Using the Night Shark as the flagship, he sails with Churtle, Rowyn and Kraz the sorcerer.

Skald Rises to rank of leader of the Farshore guard. Avner is forcibly recruited into the rank and file of the guard.

Dark dreams plague the sleep of Avner Meravanchi fueled by his Fogmire memento.

The Jade Ravens fragment, lose their purpose and esprit de corps.

The Lightless Depths

Feeding the Glutton

Lavinia discovered Manthalay had not been paying tribute to Emraag the Glutton, an immense Dragon turtle. Asks party to help.

Cameron is dogpiled. Julio soothes the savage beast and he accepts the tribute. Emraag reveals that the Lords of Dread have been visiting every few months.

Under the Isle

Discover pier guarded by a diseased dinosaur and diseased trogs. Find strange split open black geodes. Leads to underwater paths. One huge river rushing down and a trail of smaller passages seeming to lead to the Trogs.

Veras's visions lead her to split off on a quest down a deep rushing river going strait down to the depths followed by H’RM. Veras faces a trial of one-on-one combat with a demon. H’RM is not quite steeped in the mysteries of the Whirling Fury and “helps” her out.


The rest of the crew follows the trail of the trogs to village of Laogroat. The entire city is in throes of disease, most of the trogs are kept one step from death.

Discover a not quite diseased trog named Irgzid Uzeye (“Izzy”) and human olman tribesman with no memory ("Spot") in cages and free them. Convince Izzy to guide them to the Lords of Dread. Izzy believes that the Lords of Dread have corrupted the worship of Lagozed for their own ends.

The Cerulean Curtain

After encountering a black pudding and bribing their way past a roper they find themselves faced with a shimmering wall of blue energy holding back the water. The wall is composed of Olman spirits. Reunited with Veras and H'RM. Izzy leads them inside.

There is an offshoot of the main passage. Beyond a cavern of deadly fungus the party finds a city of mongrel men guarded by Hook Horrors and decide to leave them alone.

Find huge ancient calcified fish and discover that is still alive. They push it through the curtain and discover it is actually a mind controlling monster.

Temple of the Ancient Ones

Izzy leads the party at last to the place where he has met the Lord of Dread. They enter a half submerged Olman temple, Izzy has been no further but says that the Lords are beyond. A spirit of an old Trog priest appears and tells of the danger deeper on and how then must destroy the curtain to destroy the lords of dread. The spirit tells the party about Tlaloc’s Tear and how they should find a way to neutralize it. The party goes on and leaves Izzy to go back and take care of his people.


They find their way to the living city of Golismorga. Bizarre place. Encounter hostile parts of the city and Korpus scouts with trog slaves.

Tlaloc’s Tear

After several close calls they find the Tear. Confusion galore. It is being examined by a Brain Collector who escapes after fighting the party.

New Direction!!!

The party leaves and but is ambushed by Korpus using weird organic magic items.

They return to the spirit and expose it as an aboleth and find out more about the Korpus pyramid that is the source of the black pearls. The find a massive glyph in the the ceiling and it admits that the glyph is the magic that is keeping the water he is in despite being behind the Curtain.

The Pyramid

After an abortive frontal assault of the pyramid the party tries a distraction. They drop onto the pyramid from above and wipe out its guardians. In its depths is discovered Bile Wretch, steeping black pearls in the black bile of the world enhancing their power. Eventually the Bilewretch and the living pyramid itself is slain cutting off part of the chain of the black pearl production but not answering the question of where they are being produced.

Wrap up

Cameron is barely restrained from slaying everything that was not killed previously (Emragg, the Aboleth, the roper, etc...) The group enjoys some well earned downtime.

Things to follow up

  • Where are these pearls coming from?
  • What can be done about the Korpu army gathering under the isle?
  • Who is "Spot"?

Back plot

Kiela arrives in Farshore and and does really well in poker.

Julio stops hanging out with party and begins to secretly recruit an army from the Olman tribes.

Irl's continued success raiding pirates brings him more supporters and crew but also earns the attention of the Crimson Fleet. Rowyn getting tired of living with kobolds and sick of not being in command.

City of Broken Idols


Spot is actually Jakara, a totemic demon slayer. Friend of Noltus, missing missionary of Pelor. His people were wiped out by skinwalkers. They came from the taboo plateau atop the Isle of Dread. Meet a feisty halfling Eldritch Disciple of Rudd named Kiela Razorleaf. She has a torrid yet somehow disturbing affair with Julio.

The Korpus must be stopped

As party is preparing to go to plateau they make a discovery. Julio sick of sharing spotlight with Cameron, had signed on as a general. He will take an army down to the depths to stop the Korpu threat permanently. Notibly he takes Bop, Skald, Kaskus and Liamae to join him but somehow Tavey manages to sneak in as well.

Kiela agrees to join the party for the assault on Taboo Plateau.

The Plateau

Find Lizardfolk Led by Rissashtak, a ranger and unexpectedly a priest of Pelor.

False Noltus Returns

Noltus Innersol returns with his doggie and missing Olman from exploration of the village of Mantru, but turn out to demons leading skinwalkers.

Visit Lovely Mantru

Met Couatls. Send spirit of Umlat on his way to Quetzalcoatl.

Taboo Island

Chompy gets some loving. Find sea gates and fight Wastrilith.

Taboo Temple

Fight Skin Walkers in temple.

Dreams and portents

Most of party led to Nimbus bow.

Kiela's Journey

Kiela wakes in the middle of the night after having a vision from her deity. Knowing that the rest of the party will be fine, she follows an as yet unexplored cavern, and joins Julio and company for the final confrontation wit the Korpu Army. her timely assistance allows the Korpu to be overrun, and seals the victory for the inhabitants of the Isle.

The bottom of the Temple

The party goes to fight Korpus in Mud. Find ancient hero with sword. Fight Khala who kills H'rm, but he comes back as a she-orc.A mighty fine one at that. -H'rm

Reclaiming the Olman

Captured teifling named Theogriff. Spend week capturing Skinwalker to transform them back Olmans.

Wrap up

Found log about pearls. War cost heavy price for people of seven villages.

Things to follow up

  • Where did the pearls go?
  • What are they going to be used for?

Back plot

As Khala was slain a powerful dark dream comes to Avner Meravanchi, implanting the idea that to stop the dark dreams he needs to get rid of the idol by burying it at Lavinia's house. When Avner unwittingly he buries the idol of Demogorgon in Vanthus's unmarked grave it starts a chain of events. It warps Avner's arm with abyssal taint, breaks the sanctified ground, cleaves the idol and grants Demogorgon's power a channel to Vanthus.

Manthalay begin gathering power sowing the seeds of a revolt to seize all the ships in the harbor.

Julio's army wins pyhrric victory against the korpus. Bitter because the Master Glyph in ceiling turned out to be restraining the Aboleth's mind powers instead of holding in the water. (He followed Cameron's plan about destroying the Glyph and his army paid the price.)

Julio and crew return the morning after Vanthus rises.

The Jade Ravens find some information and dash off to Scuttlecove in the Blue Nixie to rescue Lavina and reclaim their glory days.

Rowyn begins communicating with the Crimson Fleet.

The Serpents of Scuttlecove

Ook's Journey Home

Before leaving the Isle of Dread, Ook meets with a tribal elder, Tiki Riktav. He is given a large egg that can be used to divine the location of a powerful worker of the old blood magic, a person who can consecrate the Nimbus bow.

When far from any tree, look to spy three sheets of green.

They will lead on the path to the Bloody Claw of the Jaguar, look to him.

The end of his path will bring back the blessing of the gods to you.

It is a Large Egg hardened through many coatings of sap and lacquer. It is cracked cleanly in a single line around the short circumference of the shell and the edges gilt with gold. Inside is the dried preserved body of a tiny Pterodactyl tattooed with a sharply pointed triangle.

Tiki explains that the old shaman of the Temple of the Jaguar gave this to the phanatons as a symbol of friendship long ago, so they could find a shaman to call upon if they needed aid from thier people. Since the Temple of the Jaguar now stands empty the phanaton do not need it anymore.

Once he annoints the tiny desiccated corpse with blood it points a path toward the Bloody Claw of the Jaguar.

Lavinia Kidnapped

Return of Vanthus. Corruption of Avner and effects of his momento. Bop and Kora are gone as well.

Unrest at Farshore

Meravanchi tries execute his plans to seize all the ships in the harbor. The insurrection is squashed by Julio who slays Avner on the spot. Julio becomes the steward of Farshore and puts Manthalay to the sword for starting the revolt.

Julio asks Cameron to watch out for Liamae in Scuttlecove.

Kiela is beside herself in rage, that damn Vanthis has taken her favorite Aunt! Seems halflings have family everywhere, never know when your going to run into one of them.

Irl's Navy

Three ships with green sails (Purity’s Prow, Night Shark and The Fury.) Destoyed pinnace and two red sheeted ships. Porn/Note from Harliss and Dream Vision.

Scuttlecove and trail of the Jade Ravens

Upon entering the town of Scuttle Cove, H'rm did her good deed for the month and bought several slaves out of servitude. They of course needed a lot of patching up. We then discovered that the Blue Nixie was tied up further down the harbor. After a brief scuffle, we secured the ship and a couple of new crew members, Oob and his brother Boo. The ship was then taken to sea by Cameron to hide it with the Wyvern.

H'rm found a disturbing bar called the Violated Ogre.

Hanging Ruin: There was a rumor about one or more of the Ravens being taken to the hanging ruin. Kiela invisibly scouted the until she came across the now dead remains of the Druid Kaskus.

Rusty Shunt: Lars

I received word from the Whirling Fury to meet with Lars. After some initial distrust we both made our respective signs and he offered our party a safe haven. It must be hard for him to live in such a place as Scuttle Cove since abominations are everywhere and don't make any effort to hide themselves. Lars tells me I may have to put my distaste for demons aside and work with them for the greater good. I don't care for the sound of that.-Veras

Red Foam Whaling

We had a tip to meet Harliss at a location known as red foam whaling. What we found were a bunch of so called assassins, a succubus disguised as Harliss (who had the hots for Veras). We crushed the opposition, Veras discovered her inner dire bear, and H'rm nearly died, again. Under the pier we found poor Zan, the Raven's rogue, was found near death. He remembered being held in a place with a coin forging operation. We recovered Harlis's effects and continued our search.

Ooks Journey part two

Ook finds that the Bloody Claw of the Jaguar is Ophearak M'doom. Says the old gods demand sacrifice to appease the bow's powerful magic.

The Minting House

We did a ninja style commando raid on the minting house. Found a few mind controlling yuan ti, and their mind controlled lackeys. Most of the Lackey's lived (Ook is being drawn to the dark side!), and even a got a little richer. No useful information was found.

The Birdcage

Kiela gets tired of poking around in the city and fills up her scrying font to do a little snooping. She was unable to get a bead on Kora or Bop, but was able to locate Harliss, and Tolin, the leader of the Jade Ravens. Turn out this guy was waiting for something to happen, even though he knew Liamae was being held in the Birdcage. After coaxing the the remaining Ravens aboard we find out that Liamae is being held in a place known as the Birdcage (no, not a bar owned by a gay Robin Williams). We hatch a brilliant scheme involving us to teleport in and snatch Harliss before anyone can react. The plan nearly works, and we get out with Harliss, and one of the Sisters that run the house, who is currently unconscious. Cameron stays behind and manages to rescue Liamae from from a life as a pleasure slave.

The Gods Demand Blood

After capturing one of the 'Sisters of Lamentation' from the Birdcage, Ook summons Ophearak onto the Wyvern to perform the sacrifice there on the spot. The rest of the group is frozen in shock and indecision.

Porphyry house

It was decided that we needed to gather some information from the madam of the most prestigious house of ill repute in town. Kiela was sent as she was the one most likely to retrieve said information. H'rm tagged along, mainly because she was most likely to get into trouble. After paying their way in, and at least one job offer for H'rm, they were able to meet meet the madam of the house, who of course was a tattooed Succubus demon. She was taken with H'rms...ahhh beauty and offered to spend the night with her, and for some reason she agreed. Kiela hung around enjoying more mundane delights, staying late into the night. She also made sure she had a restoration spell ready from when H'rm came crawling back aboard the Wyvern, it was needed.

Assault on the The Wreck

Cameron makes a deal with Harliss to watch the group's back.

Ook scouts the wreck and penetrates the illusion.

SWAT attack on the tower and trying to keep it quiet.

The alarm is raised by the Slaad.

Fun with gibbets.

Fighting the way up the boats.

Fun with Demons and harpies.

Kiela gets surprised by many armed demon.

I swear he looked like a damn red shirt. Then he went all demonic on me. of course, I suppose he wasn't used to fighting someone as awesome as I am, ans managed to miss every all but one shot. - Kiela

Cameron takes on The Captian.

Extreme Home Makeover staring Clod the massive Earth Elemental.

Not mi fault that puny wooden boat no match for mi awesomness- Clod

H'rm trains Cameron on the fine art of trapfinding.

Shouldn't this be, Cameron shows everything she knows about finding traps? We find a door leading to the bow of the suspended ship that Cold Captian Wither's was using as his personal home. Cameron opens it without checking for traps, and pow....negative levels for all. isn't this how he became a half elf woman after all? - Kiela


Broke into the mighty treasury and awoke the guard dog who looked like Mr. Body on steriods with bat ears. Hr'm swore his arm was so big he could only walk in circles. He was dispatched back his plane, but not before stunning Hr'm. The party was impressed with the pirate booty in the treasury and all who saw magic auras went practically blind when beholding the chest of Hathruman. As Hr'm awoke, he found treasure of his own.

Insanity and the return of Bop

Upon more exploring, Cameron's fondness of unwisely opening doors continued and a glyph of insanity hit most of the party. Sadly there was not a lot of difference noticed in Ook. Once Ook was returned to "normal" he gleefully killed Cameron for her own good and Veras witnessed Ook's alignment shift.

We next encountered our good friend Bop, but he had changed into a big nasty thanks to the evil and painful skinwalker transformation. We had to kill him, but in keeping with tradition Veras converted another male in the party to the true path.

We found Kora (missing a tongue) and a disfavored demonic Captain with a broken jaw and crushed legs. Both were in bad shape. Fortunately Kiela was there and quickly healed Kora. The captain would wait.

More searching, more looting, more information gathered, including a map with the locations of black pearl deliveries. We found the borrowed quarters of The Seventh, but she had packed up her coils and left.

In the process of clearing the rest of the Crimson Fleet base an unexpected beholder type creature popped up. Half the party was incapacitated by the Eye of the Deep. Bop, Veras and Hr'm took it out. The rest of the clearing went uneventfully. The party rested and prepped for the tackling of the chest of Hathruman and the statue of Demogorgon found in one of the rooms.

Traps and Misdemeanors

Hr'm was buffed up as much as possible to tackle the chest. He was about to start and probably ensure his doom when Ook stopped him in the last second with a reminder to look at a scroll found in Capt. Wyther's bedroom. The scroll held the combination to the chest, which goes to show even the best of security systems is defeated by dumb users who write down their passwords. Arcane Trickster Hathruman must be cursing Wyther's name right now. There were many cool treasures. Veras' eyes were wide with admiration for the legendary ruby that was contained inside, but cooled by the alleged curse it held. This was deemed to be Harliss' share. The mysterious sphere under the cloth was determined to be a crystal ball with telepathy.

Next the statue of Demogorgon: With amazing skill Hr'm solved the puzzle sphere. It floated free and blossomed into a flower of wicked scalpels showing what fate H'rm had adroitly avoided. The statue came to life and granted the chance for one question to be asked or 10 yes/no questions to be asked. The group asked the one key question of, "Where is Lavinia?" The answer was "Within the Gaping Maw imprisoned in the Divided Ire". He closed with the typical "stupid mortal blah blah doom and gloom" and then exploded. Hr'm was unharmed.

Return of Irl

Upon returning to the Hellfish alone to retrieve Harliss, Cameron arrives to find her entire crew in a state of slumber. All crew are down except Harliss, who is stuck in the infamous Koboldian stand-off. With her blade to Churtle's throat, and Admiral Irl's flaming Cutlass poised to take her head, Harliss appeared almost happy to see Cameron. After Cameron was convinced that the whole situation was a small collection of misunderstandings, Churtle gave out the antidote for her extra-spicy stew to the rest of the crew.

Wrap up

Kora wants to go back to Farshore to keep an eye out on Julio. The olman have a taboo against an extraplanar travel so Ook and Bop part ways with the intrepid adventurers and escort Kora and the former Jade Ravens back to the the Isle of Dread.

Things to follow up

  • What are the Shadow Pearls for?
  • What are Demogorgon's plan?
  • Where is Lavinia?
  • Where is Vanthus?


Rowyn told Irl she thinks she knows where the Crimson Fleet base is. He brought his fleet in thinking to surprise them and make daring raid on their treasury.

Irl was correctly lead to Sekorvia (The isle containing Scuttlecove and the Crimson fleet base) but to the far side of the isle where an ugly fate awaited him. Unbeknowst to Irl, Rowyn had turned traitor and an had been in communication with the Crimson Fleet; it turned out to be a trap, a bloody ambush at sea.

Rowyn had jumped ship and joined the three ships of the Crimson Fleet barreling down on Irl's Navy; three ships that came down like a hammer upon the unprepared kobold crews. They were led by half-demon captains and a nasty high level wizard.

Once both sides were down to one ship a piece Irl realized that they were done for. He had too many dead crew, the Purity's Prow and The Fury were scuttled; so he made a break for it. Kraz cast some divination spells to pick the best path of escape. Irl and the last of his hardy maties raced away with the final Crimson Fleet ship hard at their stern; this motley chase came barreling down on Harliss and the Hellfish.

The lookout on the Hellfish recognizes Irl's ship as an ally. Harliss fences them in and begins pounding them with flaming pitch and ballista bolts. Irl rams the last Crimson Fleet ship with his flagship, the Night Shark. The fight turns into an abattoir and the water runs red with blood from both sides as the Crimson Fleet wizard beats a quick retreat. As both ships sink near the coast Url skewers Rowyn on the sinking deck and claims her head as a prize.

Harliss picks up Irl, Churtle and Kraz, the only survivors. Thet are all in bad shape and out of spells. Churtle serves up some special treats she had been saving for the right occasion to key crew members of the Hellfish.

As Irl is rounding up the remaining conscious crew into the bilge to be locked away safely, Harliss "awakens" from being poisoned. She quietly disposes of Kraz with bloody efficiency and feeds him to Chompy and friends.

As Harliss starts to work on Churtle (who was minding the wheel) when she was rudly interrupted by Irl...

Later aboard the Blue Nixie on the way home Kora called the Jade Ravens to the captain's cabin and told them, "You are Fired!" But invited Liamae, Kaskus and Zan to come back to visit anytime. She invited Tolin to take the first boat to Sasserine and never come back.

Liamae Returns to Farshore and is rejoined with Julio.

Into the Maw


Upgrading the Wyvern

Kiela's log of our trip to the abyss:

Day 1: The crew mounted the wake portal gem we found in the Crimson Fleet's treasury on the ship and prepared to enter the abyss after a quick stop in Scuttlecove for supplies.

08 itM 13

Haggling on the Sapphire Griffin

Upon arriving in the Abyssal ocean, Cameron and Irl were promptly lost. We encounter a couple of odd turtle/crab beats that were intent on eating our fair vessel, they were of course dispatched and repair commenced until dawn, when I was able to make the final repairs magically.

08 itM 01

Map of the Gaping Maw

The next day we came across a merchant ship named the Sapphire Griffin,which were crewed by a strange race of inter-planar merchants, the Mercane. After some light trading we came to realize that our astute Capitan was heading us toward the Demon Web pits, and our course was set straight with the help of the merchants and a little divine inspiration. We also purchased a map of the Gaping Maw, and some information about it. Including the location of the Divided Ire.

08 itM 03

Blood Fiends of Orcus

Day 2: The next day (Day is a term that is used very lightly in the Abyss) we prepared to enter the gaping Maw itself. After a harrowing and wet run through the maw's teeth we entered the maw itself. Cameron decided that we should head towards the Stygian Eye, which no one except her though was a particularly good idea. We then encountered a blood clot barge carrying a couple of Orcus's nasty undead demon followers. The ensuing battle caused H'rm to be dominated, and trying to kill the party. After only minor damage and a negative level or two, we were able to dispatch our foes and we think we have managed to get H'rm back on our side (You can never be to sure with orcs!). The Blood Clot had a caged Demon named Azael that was more than willing to help us with information and service, if we released him. He was able to locate the treasure on the barge, which consisted of several normal gem, a magic necklace, and the highly powerful Ring of Improved Swimming (An owner for this major artifact hasn't been chosen at this time).

08 itM 02

Map of the Divided Ire

Day 3: We reached the Divided Ire with little trouble, and started to circle the double island. We spied a ship moored in one of the coves on the nice resort island. Cameron, of course decided that we should come ashore on the nasty volcanic, poisonous side of the island. The crew was talking mutiny, when it was determined that I could feed them all the heroes feast for breakfast. This of course, makes everyone immune to the effects of poison, and bolsters the the imbiber's fortitude, and there was much rejoicing. h'rm was able to use the crystal ball we found in the Crimson Fleet's headquarters to contact Lavinia, who is still alive. She told us that her jailer was a Marilith demon. I decided to commune with my deity to narrow down the location of our target. We then sent out invisibly, and flying to try to sneak in and snatch Lavinia, without having to fight every demon on the island.

Things are going well so far, as we have made it to the top of the wall of the fortress undetected. I fear that this won't last long and I should put down my pen and keep an eye out for guards.

Your humble scribe, - Kiela Razorleaf

Captains Log Entry

08 itM 04


I am beginning to suspect that the kobolds have a nefarious plans for me and my crew. Initially I believed the story that the attack on the Hellfish was a "misunderstanding" being that it still resembles a Crimson Fleet ship and all. However, several new situations may be starting to shed some light on their true intentions. Even though I offered to give Irl a ship of his own to pilot across the Abyssal oceans he declined stating that he would be able to "personally see to things" here on the Ocean Stryder (one ship not enough, after the whole fleet?). The second situation was his eagerness to wrest control of the ship from me upon his first opportunity or excuse. This opportunity came when a swell knocked me off my feet for a moment when sailing through the Maw's Teeth. No sooner had I blinked than there was Irl attempting to usurp command (I'll have to watch the men closely to see whether they are buying into what this pint sized lizards forked tongue is spewing). The final situation occurred during a conflict with Vampiric Demons sent by Orcus to scout Demogorgon's domain. H'rm had been dominated by one of these demons and was attempting fry the rest of the crew and me with lightning and fire when I disabled him by grabbing his wrists until I felt bone grind on bone. Upon seeing H'rm disabled Irl immediately came over with a murderous glint in his eye to make sure H'rm stayed that way permanently. Only upon threatening Irl with a gutting on my own blade did he back down (was this an opportunity to get rid of some of his competition?). I've warned the party and crew to watch their backs (no one can seem to keep track of Churtl though). - Cameron Kellani

Irl's Checklist:

  1. Tell Churtl to stop using 'extra spicy' on crew's food. The poison for dinner, antidote for breakfast trick was working out better than I thought, as most of the crew chalked it up to a hangover, but I think Cameron is becoming suspicious.
  2. Redirect Churtl's efforts to get more detailed copy of Captain's Log entries.
  3. Get hands on another ship soon. The new Cameron is cramping my style.

08 itM 06

Vanthus and the Shadows of Socothbenoth

Kiela's log:

Day 3: Just a quick update to recap the events of the last hour or so. We were skirting the edge of the Caldera in hopes of finding a way into the complex, when we were jumped by several unidentifiable demons. After a short fight, three of them down, and the last one routed. Turns out that my casting of Death ward on the party turned the tide. Unfortunately, something heavy dropped into the Lava and awoke something. A huge Magma covered dragon emerged out of the pit."

We sought shelter from the massive beast, but could not gain entrance to the complex. We then headed to a building sitting on an outcropping of rock, at which time we were jumped by half a dozen shadow demons. Cameron was disarmed, and the sun sword was tossed into the volcano. i tried to turn them hoping they were normal shadows, to no avail. The demons were joined by another half dozen wraiths, and our old buddy Vanthus (now a death knight!). Once our foes determined that I was a priestess they mobbed me in hopes of taking me down. I manged to deter them by moving near Irl, and placing a blade barrier around myself. Vanthus cast suggestion on the group, causing the weak willed among us (namely H'rm) to forget about him, and start killing the dragon. The melee continued against the demons and just as we were mopping them up, Vanthus retreated. I took aim and channeled a glorious bolt of divine energy into his chest. He howled as the positive energy coursed through his body, then tumbled down onto the dragon's horns.

Now we had to face this fiery beast. H'rm had been softening it up for a while now with ranged spell attacks. Cameron and Irl dove after the beast, to engage it in melee combat. Cameron finally drove her sword through the beasts brain, and grabbed Vanthus's remains before they sunk beneath beneath the magma. I have secured my trophy for auntie Kora, but we must find Lavina before she ends up like her brother. - Kiela Razorleaf

Abyssal Log

Hah! The vaunted elite Death knight Vanthus proved to be of little concern. If this is the best Demogorgon has to offer than we should have no problem cutting off both of his heads and feeding them to Chompy. We immediately agreed upon continuing into the main complex in order to locate Lavinia. H'rm mumbled something about the fact that the poison on the door I just opened was more likely to kill innocent people I touched than it was me. Whoa! Sure enough, I had green coppery substance all over my hands which I immediately wiped off on Irl. What?!?! He's not INNOCENT and besides he's appreciates my help in building up immunity to Churtle's food. No sooner than we had entered we were immediately accosted by the apparent guards of the place. I recalled running into some of these frog like demons (Hezrou) on the ancient Olman isle. This time they proved to be of little challenge to our prepared group. Veras grew some giant demonic cross between a scorpion and a centipede out of the local fauna to attack the creatures while Irl tried to steal my kill. Hah again! You're too slow lil lizard! Keeps trying to show me up though, gonna have to put him in his place soon to reaffirm my alpha position as he seems to have forgotten over his recent solo sea voyages. One of the Hezrou managed to crash through a cell door which revealed a metal head stuck or sunk into the floor with a small ice sprite or elemental dancing around it. The lil sprite would melt and the head would moan in ecstasy at which point the sprite would reform and start the whole process over again. H'rm eventually de-animated the head releasing the sprite to flit off to who knows where. Sometimes I don't understand that orc woman.

Anyway, a Vrock came screaming out of the first cell I opened and insisted upon attacking me. Since it would not listen to the reason of words I decided to make my point with my blade. Upon dispatching the creature I noticed the walls were covered in a mosaic of an adventuring party fighting a Balor made out of semiprecious stones. Calling H'rm over to take a closer look she discovered that the eyes of the adventurers were made out of valuable gems. She proceeded to pry the stones out of the eyes of the paladin figure at which point the mosaic changed to show the figure grabbing its head with rivulets of blood streaming from its now empty eye sockets. We proceeded to have an argument about whether we were doing any actual damage or not with H'rm finally being barely convinced to hold off on prying out the rest of the eyes until we could consult Kiela's god. I don't understand how she could even entertain the idea that mere sparkly stones were important enough to possibly maim another good creature.

After this I moved on to the next cell which contained boxes with a myriad of nails hammered through the sides forming a sort of iron maiden for whatever resided within. The boxes were hopping around like a macabre version of jumping Achaierai eggs. I cracked one open to find it contained a larval form of demon which also apparently double as currency on this plane. I informed H'rm who immediately collected them in the portable hole, hope she isn't keeping anything perishable in there.

The third cell contained a man making a sand painting of the planes on his desk he also had two petrified women on his bed. After trying unsuccessfully to remove the ladies from their predicament I decided that this would have to wait until we had a chance to rest and acquire spells to break the curses found in some of these cells. Irl also messed up the guys sand painting making him rather agitated which seemed be the effect he was going for.

The forth cell contained a outsider from the plane of Elysium called a Leonal. He seemed unfettered but wandered about the room apparently agitated with something that was in his mouth. Veras entered the room only to have the same problem as unseen bugs filled her mouth too. The creature was trapped here by another curse. Damn! He would be an excellent ally. We would have to return later to free him.

The fifth cell contained two quasits playing backgammon on a board carved from rat skulls. They immediately flew away and the board was collected by Irl who said it reminded him of home. I don't care to put too much more thought into that.

The next cell contained a very dejected looking succubus that had slime dripping all over it from the ceiling. She magnanimously decided to stick around and chat for a few minutes after being freed because Irl prodded her with a knife in some lower part of her anatomy. Which brings up the question, "How high can a kobold reach"? She informed us of "Lillianth" the Marilith guarding this section of the prison, the warden named "Kululblax" or somesuch, and a Kelvezu demon named S'Sharra. I actually think H'rm was contemplating some extracurricular activities with the bat winged woman in the middle of this RESCUE! Luckily for us? her? she seems to have realistically high standards for women after Scuttlecove. The succubus took off miffed after Hr'm's disparaging comments about the perkiness of her breasts and lack of piercings. By Wee Jas's wrath, I wonder what horrible things she says about me behind my back?!

The seventh cell had a woman manacled to the wall with the skin on her back flayed and staked around her like grisly wings. I took the stakes out and freed her but she had apparently expired.

The eighth cell contained another Leonal except this one was bound by barbed and serrated chains hanging from the ceiling, H'rm proceeded to rust through the chains freeing the creature. We discovered his name was Axgraw and he was more than a little itchy to sink his claws and teeth into some demon flesh. We gladly accepted his company.

After allowing the narcotic smoke to plume from the room until it cleared I discovered the ninth cell contained about eight quasits lying on the floor surrounding a giant hookah. We all fondly recalled our friend Bop at this moment and H'rm filched the bag of drugs from under the device to give to him later.

Still feeling a little dizzy from the smoke in the last cell I opened the next one to find a room with wall made out of gooey flypaper. Several hundred flies were stuck to the walls in here and looking at them closer I noticed they all had tiny screaming human heads on them! Veras decided to try and free one of them and was luckily able to resist the call of the flypaper. She was successful and upon removing the fly from the room it shifted back into its original human form except it was hopelessly insane. We'll heal its mind later and leave it locked in the backgammon room for now.

Having searched all of the cells in this area we exited down the only corridor leading from the place until we reached an intersection. The decision was made exceptionally easy by the fact that one way lead to a room full of spikes while the other lead to a apparent harem. Upon entering the harem both Irl and H'rm noticed a gnome hiding amongst the pillows. Irl eyes immediately narrowed and he started licking the blade of his sword. I'll have to make sure those two are not alone anytime soon. Axgraw went over and after sniffing around declared him not a demon. The gnome introduced himself as Nurt Bilgeflower and said he used to be a member of Captain Wyther's and then Vanthus's crew but was now fated to be a lover of the Demoness Lillianth. AH! Now I recall who she was. She used to be a legendary general under the Demon Prince Grazz't before mysteriously disappearing. Guess this answers the question about where she ended up, must of pissed someone off. Anyway the gnome used to be a planar navigator and so would definitely be a asset to us here. However, he refused to leave the harem until Lillianth was dead. Ok ok, we are getting to THAT!

We left the chamber proceeding into the, OH JOY!, spike room. Luckily, Veras has extremely sharp eyes and spotting the Babau assassin waiting to cut my throat. How does she see these things?!?! Well, this was all Axgraw could take and he did an amazing leap over the spikes landing on the creature and ripping and tearing with jaws and all four claws. Remind me not to make him angry at me! While Axgraw and Irl were shredding the demon in the hallway leading from the spike room I made my way through the spikes on foot which left many scrapes on my armor but thankfully were unable to get to me.

No sooner had I reached the ensuing combat than a voice from further down the hallway hissed "You have failed me for the last time!" to the poor demon in Axgraw's jaws and we are all surrounded by whirling blades. The rest of the combatants manage to avoid most of the damage because I in my upright stunned posture keep the blades from reaching them. Unlike the spikes I feel the blades bite into my flesh and can feel the blood seep down my arms, legs, and torso.
08 itM 05

Lillianth and the captive Lavina

Kiela unleashes a bolt of arcane energy at the now revealed six armed serpent woman only to have it pass harmlessly through her. "Illusion!" Kiela screams out as Irl runs out of the whirling blades toward the Marilith and around the corner which was immediately followed by a sickening sound of blunt metal hitting meat and bone. GO IRL! However, upon rounding the same corner myself I realize that it was Irl on the receiving end instead of the giving and he now laid apparently unconscious under the serpents coils. Heedless of the blades still singing through the air around him Axgraw maintains a animalistic frenzy and tears out the assassin demon's throat finishing it off. Kiela saves him from further damage from the blades by dispelling them.

The Marilith fixed her cold calculating stare on me as I round the corner and proceeds to slither over striking me viper quick with her five weapons. Her whip and shortsword skitter harmlessly off my armor but the halberd leaves a deep gash across my left shoulder, the war pick bites through my breastplate and sinks several inches in, and the scimitar slashes though several of my armor straps leaving a deep cut across my back. Staggering under her assault I can feel the seeping blood from the blade barrier joined by the now freely flowing rivers of it from these new wounds. I also think that the puncture wound hit something vital as I am finding it hard to breath now. I refrain from retaliating as some hot headed berserker and bide my time, Lillianth has finally met her match - fight tactics with tactics I think. Veras unleashes a withering spell at her but she seems to shake most of it off and Kiela enchants us all with power from her god. I can feel the magic infuse me with its power and help against the energy sapping blood loss. H'rm's spells seem to be ineffective against this monster and flow off her like water. As the Marilith launches her next series of blows against me I quickly put up a force hand to block her and go defensive behind my shield. Like H'rm's spells she ignores the force spell a flows through it as if it were not there. Her attacks knock my blade from my hand but are warded off by shield and armor alike....barely. Sweat stings my eyes from the effort of holding her at bay as she lets out a hiss of frustration. Bitch! Thought you had me, didn't you! Axgraw with demon blood and gore covering his muzzle and claws joins the fray and puts up another wall of force between the demoness and us. By the Abyssal Eye, he is full of suprises! This brief respite gives me a chance to down a healing potion and Veras the chance to cocoon Irl. Lillianth snakes her form out over the lava pit and under the wall onto our side of it. Well, so much for that, as I am once again dealing with the business end of her blades as I feel the potion take effect. Obviously, tiring of her use of the terrain Axgraw seals off her escape with another force wall.

Suddenly from nowhere a beautiful succubus appears as her sword draws a crimson line across the Marilith's throat and then cuts the tendons to one of the Marilith's six arms. Lillianth looks surprised up at her new assailant but is unable to voice her confusion through the gurgling blood pouring down her throat. H'rm puts an end to Lillianth's suffering by freezing her solid with a ray of ice. Before we can do much more than stare stunned at her, the succubus says,"You do not plan on attacking me? Then do not follow me." and wings off. Veras says she recognized several of the medallions and trinkets she was wearing as belonging to the Queen of the Succubi, Malcanthet. Well, at least we know whom she served then. H'rm of course looks extremely disappointed the she did not get to know the succubus better. She is going to learn the hard way someday. We finally get to take in the room. There our six cages hanging over a pit full of molten rock, three of which are occupied. Lavinia, an angel, and an ice demon are the current tenants. Odd for a second I thought a fourth cage had someone or something in it but it must have been a trick of the light.

H'rm goes up and begins examining the cage with Lavinia for traps and looking at the lock. I see an image of the cage plummeting into the lava and so hurriedly drink a potion of fly and make my way above the cage to grab it and, with luck, swing it unto the ledge should vision seek to become true. H'rm easily unlocks the cage but Lavinia refuses to get out unless we tell her something that only we know. I am forced to divulge the intimate secrets of a shared night in Farshore at which point she collapses into my arms. I look annoyed over at H'rm who is quickly jotting down the details of my tale no doubt for his "Seekers".

While she is in poor shape physically, Lavinia shows once again that she is one tough lady by asking for healing and equipment enough to go slay herself some demons. I have to agree that a little revenge is in order but I am glad to see her well and will be watching her closely to make sure she is really ok. Though, after what she's been through I am not sure she could ever be completely the same.

We next deal with the ice demon, who makes a deal to give us his knowledge of this place in exchange for me letting him go. I agree to his terms after some negotiating on the details. He explains that the succubus was Lillianth's lover and while Lillianth suspected there was a traitor around she never guessed it was the creature closest to her. He also tells us of a bullywug wizard that runs a "faction" here, and a Shator Demodand - Belshamoth which is apparently a gross and disgusting creature made out of fecal waste. The Ice Devil also mentioned a strange non-demonic force of prisoners had also taken part of the complex. They seem to be celestials and are led by a mysterious powerful being called Saureya. It seems this place is a morass of political intrigue and backstabbing. GOOD! that helps us greatly. I keep my end of the bargain by asking H'rm to rust the chain supporting the demon and thus "let him go". The only good devil is a dead devil, I say.

We examine the angel closer and determine that he is hopelessly insane BUT Veras finally comes forward and offers to cure him with a Heal spell she had been apparently keeping in reserve should she ever get damaged. With the angel cured he introduces himself as Abalarian, a Trumpet Archon, but looks sadly into the molten glow below when mentioning his trumpet. He pledges himself to assisting us in this place until we leave it. Who imagined we would ever have an two angels on our side! I quickly ask if the archon can aid his comrade, the fallen angel Azael. He sadly explains that I am mistaken at this Azael always was and always will be a demon. I tell the newly discovered demon that he should leave us at once. He takes one look at were the ice devils cage disappeared into the lava and quickly makes his exit.

At this point we explore the remaining cells in this area. The first one contains a massive humanoid, pincer clawed demon surrounded by mirrors which immediately tries to attack us. We slam the door and wash our hands of that.

The next chamber contains a lich like creature snorting some sort of drug up it's nose that then plumes out the decomposed top of it's head. Close second door.

Next we discover a huge clockwork creature that is holding a bell rope in the center of it's room. It and us begin examining one another at which point I realize it is something called a Marut whose sole purpose is to confront those who would try to deny the grave itself. "Um, there is a cocaine snorting lich just down the hallway, if your interested". We quickly get out of the way as it thunders down the hallway, followed by cracking wood and stone, followed by a puff of narcotic dust and bone debris.

08 itM 09


Having finished with the cells we examine a huge chamber immediately off of this area. It contains a twenty foot tall chair with two separate backs in a chamber lined with statues of a incredibly beautiful succubus which both I and Veras recognize as Shami Amourae. I recall that she and Demogorgon were lovers at one point but she somehow betrayed him. Ah! This used to be their love shack. THAT'S why Demogorgon turned it into a prison. Upon the throne is a horribly disgusting demon made of filth and offal that is blubbering to itself that Shami Amourae just has to give it a chance to prove it's love to her. My god! That is sooo disgusting and pathetic at the same time. This must be Belshamoth. We hear a faint conversation and move to a better vantage point to overhear it better without alerting the blubbering offal demon. The conversation seems to originate from a side chamber in which three more flabby obese demons are dissecting another trumpet archon. We sneak around to come at them from a side entrance so our battle will not attract any other unwanted attention. Upon sealing the room off with walls of force Irl quickly eviscerates two of the creatures before they know he is even there. The third goes down under Axgraw's pounce and never gets back up. Abalarian picks up a chunk of metal he says was this archon's trumpet to return it home.

I'll have to write more later as there is this interesting room down the hallway..... -Cameron Kellani

We Really Stepped in it Now

08 itM 11

Filth Demon

The Chamber of Delicious Treats: Squishing Room.

There is no doubt this place has a twisted sense about it. I have not determined if these rooms were never renamed in its transition from love nest to prison or if these names accurately convey a demon's pleasure. I hope I never do come to understand demon ways to know for certain. This place reviles me for sure. -Veras

Hr'm gets a chance to open a door for once and discovers a most unpleasant smell. In the room were three filth demons and they were made of some really resistant demon crap. The filth demons were disposed of after much slashing and spell casting, but not before they took out Irl. What a way to go, losing your life on a demon's toilet. I tried to bring Irl back, but for some reason his spirit was unwilling. I know kobolds like some kind of disgusting stuff, but to make one's final breath in a pile of crap is beyond me.-VerasA flood of waste pours out, getting everyone a filthy mess. Veras is thankful she has the rod of splendor and the endless decanter of water to look presentable, firehose setting.

For some unexplained reason Hr'm dove in the room of crap and filth demons to go mucking about. She muttered something about finding possible treasure. I like sparkling things, but I can't imagine there being much in a room of crap, but who knows. Hr'm emerges and has a smile on her face. Strange, but I recalled her only having one tusk, where now there are two. Hr'm claims she found nothing, but for some reason Kiela does not believe her. They argue a bit, but this is not the place we have other things to worry about. Still something is strange.- Veras

Belshamoth arrived and claimed he could easily crap out more filth demons, but is open to negotiation. He proposes if his love S'Sharra is brought to him he will give back Cameron's sword lost to the lava and provide information. He was very excited to hear the territories of the prison controlled by Vanthus and Lillianth were abandoned.

I do not know how Cameron gets by in life. She can't seem to hear or see a thing until it is on top of her, and even then. She mentioned something about Belshamoth's lamenting, but he got it all wrong. He was pining away for S'Sharra, not Shami. I can only imagine what kind of a reaction we would get from Belshamoth if we brought him the wrong love of his disgusting life.-Veras

The party regroups on the ship and Cameron communes with Abalarian, the trumpet (minus trumpet)archon's god. She confirms her suspicions that plucking the jewel eyes from the wall mural was in fact doing harm to actual good creatures. Also obtained was some information about the wizard, another overlord of the place and the ongoing struggle between the evil and the celestials trapped here. She also learns that Azeal is still watching us. Most importantly towards our bigger goal she learns that there are no shadow pearls here, but they are on the material plane set to go off, merely awaiting the right time, but there is information on the source of the pearls here on this island. Cameron also receives a vision about a man tied to a ship's mast on the north bridge swarmed by skeletal creatures known as githyanki. All of them are missing their ring fingers. This makes no impression on her and devises the plan to go the opposite way.

The party goes back to free the prisoners known about, only to find new tenants have moved in. The filth demons try to play hardball with the party and deny passage, but their hearts? were not in it and backed down.

The room of the fly people was broken and 500 poor souls were restored. The second Lionel was also rescued and became another new ally. Next the party tries to free the party trapped in the mural. Kiela performs the break enchantment spell and just as she utters the final word has a flash of insight this might not be the best action to take. It is realized it is not just good creatures trapped in the mural but a balor demon as well, who failed to satisfy its superior. The party dispatched it, but in its death explosion it wound up killing the party we tried to rescue and did a fair amount of harm to us.

I can't believe Cameron hit that thing so hard it exploded, I know she's strong but sheesh. -Veras.

Hr'm smugly reminded Cameron all she did was pluck out eyes and knew this would have happened but did not care to share at the time. The poor bodies were scooped up into the portable hole, turning into a morgue, to make amends at a later time.

08 itM 12


Still ignoring her vision Cameron decides the best course of action is to go to the Caldera bridge to enlist the aid of the celestial trapped there.

Two trumpet archons greet the party, Danel and Uzza, but it is clear to Abalarian they have fallen far. They agree to take us to meet Saureya, their leader.

Saureya is a handsome astral deva with the exception of his bloody stumps where his wings once were. He seemed conflicted, regretting his current state and longing for his former life, but also contained in him love for power and hate. Our arguments seemed to have some affect and in a brief moment he offered Abalarian his sword and the chance to strike him down and release his soul from his prison. Abalarian grasped the sword without hesitation, but either Saureya flinched ever so much or Abalarian had a brief reconsideration because the sword did not strike true and finish him off. When blood was drawn it seemed to possess Saureya with blood lust and he tried to destroy the party. Cameron delivered the final blow. Saureya's soul felt a fleeting moment of relief until a Demogorgon spirit shredded it and stole it away. Very disturbing. Danel and Uzza stood by and watched their leader defeated and then left for their own judgment day.

The party was disappointed that negotiations did not go as planned. Another room revealed another joy of the prison. A great pillar with stretched faces attached to spikes screamed and wailed. It seemed to take hold of Cameron and Hr'm, filling them with anger and sadness. Fortunately Kiela was there and dispelled the enchantment before either Cameron or Hr'm's faces were added to the collection. Once H'rm had her wits about her she tried to disable the mechanism, but it proved to be too difficult. A more direct approach was to rust it and then Cameron smashed the inside mechanism. Hulk smash! The man on the mast cries out, he is ignored. At the destruction of the pillar Cameron of course assumes nothing could be trapped and flings open another door.

Fortunately nothing explodes, skewers or otherwise maims the party and contained in the room are the trophy heads of Rakasta. Keila tries to temper Cameron's impulses and explain the concept of traps. Cameron argues there can't possibly be traps, it wouldn't make sense. Keila points out this is a chaos realm and Cameron sees the logic in this argument.

Upon searching more cells we find a demon slain by the bone of an angel. Cameron thinks this might be a good weapon, but Abalarian convinces her otherwise and tells her it would be disrespectful to use such a relic as a weapon.

We next come across a ghaele eladrin, Sibilium.

I cannot believe it! A true gahaele eladrin, here, and I had the chance to cure her. I am truly honored to meet one of the faith. She tells me she knows me and that I have quite a bit of renown in the Whirling Fury by this point. I knew I was doing good work, but I had no idea. She offers to stay with me as we fight the good fight as my follower, what an honor and how unexpected! I will have to consider her offer.-Veras

We next find a room inspired by Monty Python and obtain a scroll from a mummy. Cameron gets a clue about the divinations and leads party across the way to the bridge, but first encounter a hall with statues. Hr'm and Cameron argue about deanimation spells, while Veras notices something skittering away. Hr'm argued that she knows when something needs her particular skills and when not.

On our way we open another cell door and in a purple flash Hr'm is gone. Cameron goes in and the purple flash again tries to take her, but she was more resistant. Upon closer examination, Cameron (surprisingly) sees a tiny world with a ship buffeted by a storm all contained in a tea cup. A chest was off in the corner and Cameron tried to skillfully open it. Failing in that it was clobbering time again and brute force seemed to work. Inside the chest was a pile of fingers, but one stood out as human. Keila instantly knew what needed to be done and the human finger was dropped into the storm. Brodius - Aasimar emerged.

Ode To That Invisible Dude

Mannn, this storm blows

I have been tied up too long

These scary looking dudes won't let me go

This mess I'm in is just wrong!

But wait, what was that sound?

A whisper in my ear

Yet no one is around

Blade to my neck, Oh Fear!

The gnarly blade

It cut the ties

I'm no longer afraid,

Broh, We must fly!

Righteous Invisible Dude,

You Rock!

But we must elude

Before we're focked.

Jailbreak and other Crap

Whoa! Is it good to be off that ship. I swear, I will never get on another ship ever again! After being trapped there for more days than I can count... really, and many righteous but failed attempts at securing my freedom, I am finally free! Bitchen! I was tied up again to ol' stumpy the mast, like so many other stormy endless days, when out of nowhere I hear this low and husky voice offer to get me out of there, but then I feel a knife to my neck, so I get all tense, like really tense man, but then this invisible dude cuts my bonds and NOT my neck so I say 'cooool' but then we try to fly out and he loses me in this storm so I sink back down and I'm all bummed out, like mannnn this blows, but then another voice, much higher than the first, like a radical giggly voice, you know, says lets get out of here and jams a finger back on to where my old ring finger used to be, man I hope that was my finger, and says 'dude, lets get outta here', and I'm like 'Hell ya, invisible dude with the squeaky giggly voice', so we fly out through the storm and then I get pulled out of the room before that zappy thing can suck me back into that gnarly storm! I better not ramble, because that is where it got really crazy.

Just as I'm trying to find this invisible dude to let him know how much I owe him, that nasty devil dude show up! Broh, the one that cut off my finger!

08 itM 08

"That nasty devil dude that cut off my finger", Kululblax

That's just wrong, man, to go cutting off a dude's finger like that, so I was like 'Holy Sh...Aura' ya mannn, I was like 'You better Back off, Brah, cuz my Holy Aura of Kord will own you! Yeah! So then this sort of crazy lady starts taunting Mister devil dude, she was like 'Bring it, Bitch', and the Devil dude was like, 'NO, YOU bring it!' and then it all happened really quick and they both brought it and ten or twenty devils came running around the corner and the big mean devil dude, you know, the finger cuttin' dude, he said something raunchy and rude and I heard this squeak that sorta sounded like the giggly voiced invisible dudes voice, I was like, 'don't worry little leprechaun dude, I'll be back to save you in a bit!' then I ran behind some righteous lookin' lion dudes, I mean these cats were RAD, mannnn. Then the 20 other devils ran up to the crazy lady ran to meet them, dude, she ran up to THEM, that chick has some stones, Kord would LOVE that! Then they all start swinging their blades and hacking at each other and the lions jumped over some of us and on the devils and then I looked up and there was my bro, Abalarian, so I was like, 'Bro, Abalarian, how did you get here dude?' and he was like 'I keep asking myself that', that dude is deeep mannn. Then this mermaid, but she had legs and all, so maybe she wasn't a mermaid, but she smelled like this sweet mermaid I once knew, huh, but dude this mermaid chick was like about to cast something, and this red devil lady,
08 itM 07

"That Red Devil Lady!" S'Sharra - The Kelvezu

wearin' this nasty lookin set of black leather chaps, that looked like they were ridin' up on her, man I hate it when they do that, but this red devil came out of the wall, man, just right out of the walllll! and she slashed at the mermaid, like at least ten times man, the mermaid was bleeding, alot, like mucho vino all over her face bro. And so I laid my hand on her face and she felt all warm and all and she stopped bleeding and she was like about to do something really nasty to this red devil lady, but then the devil lady just like skipped up on the wall and over this raging battle and was around the corner, and that mermaid looked bummed bro, so I was like, 'It's OK mermaid lady, it looks like your crazy friend that says that crazy stuff, she just ran after her and MAN she looks fast!

I HATE assassins almost as much as Sahuagins!!-Veras

Then I looked back up the hallway and almost all of the devil dudes are gone and the big dude is down on the ground, those lion dudes must have had mucho munchies bro, cuz those devils were just gone! So I fly out into the room where I see the crazy babe, and I'm like, "Dude I can fly! This is Righteous, mannn! And as I started to walk up a hallway at the end of the room, the crazy lady is walkin back with that red devil lady over her shoulder and she looked jacked up, bro, I mean like hamburger dude! Devil burgers, huh huh! So she was like 'my name is so and so', and I was like, ok, cool, I am Brodius, the Righteous Sword Arm of Kord!!! and they looked shocked mannn, I think even the mermaid lady was impressed, cuz she kept smiling at me, and man her teeth look sharp, bro.

So we wander down a few hallways, and I'm like so totally lost just like the first time I got caught, and I'm like, dudes, just point me to some devils and I will vanquish them, but they were like, no man, shhhhh and I was like, but I hear one like right around this corner, but it wasn't a devil, there was this big gnarly looking statue but it could move and it tried to hit Camblonde a buncha times, and I think it mightuv, but it was so quick and so I was like, Kord I call on you for you most righteous power to do honorable battle, and I felt all warmer and stronger and stuff, but then this big thing just fell over, I and was like, Oh well, man, cuz I was gonna rip you if you hadn't fallen over, and so we kept sneekin around and then we saw this little bat thing and Camblonde shot it, like ZAP, man, like so fast... like ZAP! and it just went poof and it was gone! So we kept looking around and Camblonde opened this door, she really likes to open doors, I mean I try to be all chivilarious and all, but she said no righteous dude, I better open that, and there were some scary lookin statue dudes, but they just laughed at us and were like, get out of here you tools, and so we were like, Ok dudes, it's cool. So we left and then we kept looking in all these other big rooms, but they just looked like gnarly tool shops, and so we went out of the prison.
08 itM 10

"That big froggy skeleton thing", Orgosh

And mannn it was nice to breath fresh air, well it wasn't that fresh, but it was still better than that hazy ick in the prison. So we kept walking and turning around more corners, broh's I was so lost, until we came up to this raunchy smellin place. Mannn, that place reaked dude, and so these walking crap mounds open the doors and let us in and then this really scary lookin piece of crap starts making deals with Camblonde and we give him the devil lady, and he talks a bunch more and we leave.

After walking through a bunchov these dark hallways we were talking to this big froggy skeleton thing and it looked really amuzed and talked alot,and Camblonde talked alot, and then we left there and went back to the room with the scary statue dudes, and they laughed some more and were like, whatever dudes, we're laters, man. And they left and Camblonde and the husky voiced invisible dude kept talking a bunch of smack at this set of stairs and then they were lookin really confused, like dude who broke the stairs, brah? but then they gave up and were like, dudes, let's jet man! So we left. Like I said, dudes, crazy man!

I have to give my companions credit. I did not think they would indulge me in helping the great sea turtle out of his predicament. I don't think I would have been able to accomplish his freedom without their help although I do believe I heard Hr'm mutter something about "this is gay" a few times. -Veras

The Cast of Notables

  • S'Sharra - The Kelvezu who now belongs to Belshamoth
  • Kululblax - The Glabrezu Warden
  • Belshamoth - The Shator Demodand
  • Saureya - Astral Deva leader of the fallen Trumpet Archons
  • Lillianth - Legendary Marlith General
  • Orgosh - Bullywug Lich.
  • Azael - caged Demon rescued from the the Blood Fiends of orcus
  • Shami Amourae - Demogorgon's lover
  • Nurt Bilgeflower - Rescued Gnomish Planar Navigator
  • Abalarian - Freed Trumpet Archon
  • Axgraw - Freed Leonal Guardial
  • Belarr - 2nd Freed Leonal Guardial
  • Danel and Uzza - Fallen Trumpet Archons
  • Brodius - Aasimar who was trapped on the boat with the Githyanki
  • Sibilium - Rescued Ghaele Eladrin

Wrap up

Things to follow up


Back at Farshore Julio marries Liamae in a huge celebration. Skald is his best man and Bop cries like a baby. Ook brings gifts of fine exotic bananas from his plantations.

Bop joins with Jakara in crusade to rid the Isle of Dread of the lingering demonic taint.

After Irl dies, Chrutle asks to return Irl and his possessions back to the tribe. She is sent back with his body stripped of all valuables by his "friends".

Lavinia heads from home from Scuttlecove to take care of her family legacy. The party discovers they have more time till the Savage Tide so they decide to research and prepare.

Brodius catches some waves. Cameron and Veras train their prodigies. Kiela tries to master the crystal ball and commune with Rudd for guidance. H'rm disappears and is occasionally seen in the company Kedward Bone in Scuttlecove. Eventually Mr. Fulreys returns eager to return to the Abyss suddenly sporting a animated barbed tail with a mind of its own.

Lavinia is reunited with Kora. Kora has been struggling to keep the autonomy of the household as Julio has been more firmly establishing his power in Farshore.

Julio and Lavinia duel for control of Farshore until suddenly after a late night summit both relent their claims for power and support Skald as the new leader of Farshore. Soon after Julio and his wife Liamae along with Lavinia and Kora head back to Sasserine.

Harliss becomes preoccupied with some of the fleet's ships disappearing but does not want to bother Cameron with the details while he is trying to save the realm.

The Wells of Darkness

Kiela's Log

10 WoD 01

Area of Pazunia that the party passed through

Well here we are in the Abyss again. We had some good down time, but we are back to locate Shami'amore in the Abyss. Our lead takes us to the city of Broken Reach on Pazunia ruled by a person called the Red Shroud. Our arrival was uneventful. The city was pretty amazing for it's location. I purchased a enchanted rod that will allow me to shift here when necessary. We located the palace of the Red Shroud and made an appointment for the next day.

10 WoD 03

Red Shroud and pets

The palace was pretty nice, and the Red Shroud herself (she was a succubus) was at least an interesting host. She shares a hobby with Veras, and they traded poisons for information. Turns out the she is Shami's sister, though they don't get along very well. the Red Shroud believes this is all a plot layed down by her mother. She tells of the 79th layer of the Abyss called the Well of Lost Souls. Apparently this is where you put people (or things) that should not be found.

10 WoD 02


Prisoners are placed in singular sub planes, that act as wells on the main plane. Apparently there is a fortress in the center of this place with a map show who are in the wells. We are warned that we should not leave the path under any circumstances and that we should minimize out time in this place.

We are offered the services of an odd halfling named Shadowfyre, but it turns out that we don't needs as we have a key to the realm, in the form of H'rms tooth. he guides us to the gate, and offers to join us, but I don't trust him.

We work our way along the trail in this place looking in wells trying to determine which one has what we are looking for. We encounter a group of abyssal ghouls and some fly looking things. H'rm is knocked out, and Cameron decides that she doesn't like her very much, and splits her head open like a ripe pineapple. I see something invisibly try to leave Cameron, and blast it with my Eldritch blast. Cameron is back to normal and unleashes a couple of Bigsby's Clenched fists on it. Veras reincarnated H'rm into a halfling (much better then the orc IMO) and we dispatch the ghouls and the like and move on.

next we find a well being circled by a bunch of harpies, like 60 or so. We use a big area of effect spell on them, and poof....gone. This well contains a lost goddess (The Queen of Monsters)... I write down the location, cause it will be worth something to someone. We spy the fortress in the distance and make out way to it. Something is coming down the path so i should stop writing now - Kiela Razorleaf

Tale of the Abyss-Lovin' Hellbound Flyin' One-tooth'd Jumpin' Frog by Shadowfire

10 WoD 04

Map of the Wells

That druid has eyes in the back of her head. I had to crash a different pit and observe them from afar until I was sure I could avoid her damnable gaze. Now that they are safely occupied with Ahazu's defenses in Overlook I can report on them to my masters in peace.

10 WoD 05

Varragion surrounding Overlook

Heh, They appear to be teleporting into the "Second level" of his keep, most of them not even bothering to have flight powers going. Nice of them to "drop in" to Overlook.

Hmmm... that was fast, dangerous bunch here. Whoah there went the Spawn of Ahuzu. Ouch. I almost feel sorry for those Night Wings. Almost... heh.

Let see how they do with the Map room, maybe they are all brawn, no brains. Lets see it is hard to tell from this vantage point from up in the tower but it sounds like they have a vestige of Ahazu, his tooth. Hmmm... reminds me of that fool Red Shroud and her little tooth from Shami.

10 WoD 07

Keepers of Ahazu

The little one is putting the tooth in her mouth, well so much for the "Brains" theory, this should be good. She is drawing a symbol in the floor. The floor is opening? Ahhh... a well, THE WELL, The Well of Ahazu!

10 WoD 08

Well of Ahazu

Abyssal Ants swarms inside the well, nice, lets see how this plays out. What is that farther down in the pit? Walls of force popping in at the bottom, I wonder if they noticed.... An Air Elemental bug sweeper, how novel. I must definitely bring news of their tactics for my masters.

At the bottom those must be the Keepers of Ahuzu. Three Varringoin liches, how nasty. Again nice teamwork, heh, except for Ahazu's pet turning into a toad. It still has a that enormous tooth and it tail. Hmmm... what a dark soul, maybe we can turn that one to our uses...

She is touching that pit! Fool! That is a planar tear not a normal Well! I'll stake my reputation as a gatecrasher, she is dead. Hurmph.. she might have some mettle after all. Communing with Ahuzu is no mean feat.

Hee hee... cutting a deal and seal a dark pact, this is juicy. Once Demogorgon learns of their agreement with the powerful Ahazu we can use this information against them. He will understand if I stop spying on Red Shroud and reward me greatly for this information.

Time for me to take flight, first I need to get some distance from these suckers. Back to the Pit of Prisoners... Wait, The Custodians!!! I have pushed my luck too far, to many visits, thay have come for me, no, they have come for my soooouul...

Bro! Where are we again?

Okay, so none of you remember any of this? Really? That's just freaky, Bro's! Well, here's how it happened, so I told Hurm NOT to touch that pool of ick, I was like, "Dude, that is some gnarly slime, I would NOT touch that!", but Camblonde said, Shut up Bro... Oh, sorry you guys have already heard that part? Okay, right! So we were in Sassinnereen, and I was like, dudes this is one cool city, everybody is so polite and festive, but Camblonde was like, "We have to get these books looked at man, because they are scary bad evil stuff and we might need it", and I was like, "Dudes, what do we need some evil book to fight evil with, that's not good, that's evil!" but then all of you were like "Bro just take our word for it, these Bitchwartins know what they're doing." So I was like,"Okay, whatever man."

So after they were done, we just teleported back to where we had left, and I was like, "But wait, maybe I should ask Kord for..." but everyone else was in big hurry so we popped back right where we left from. And right away, like they had been waiting for us were these things, I think I heard someone call them Cuss-toads, or something like that, anyway these thing were on us like Veras on shiny, I mean they were fast too. So we finished these things off and went over to this well that we knew of from before but didn't go to because we had to show the fancy evil book to the Bitchwartins first. So Camblonde is like, "Let me handle this." and she just starts flying down into the well. So we all started following her, but as soon as we had gone into this mist, these gigantic randy gorillas started trying to get frisky with all of us. Man, that was just wrong! This big gorilla chick started trying to dry-hump my shield man, and when I told her, Bad Monkey!, she just flew into this rage and all of the gorillas started pounding of us. So after that was over another one of those cuss-toad thingies came at us, but it was big and slow so it was really easy to hit, so that didn't last long.

10 WoD 06


So we get this Shamma-lamma chick out and she has this nasty snake thing in her neck...

and at first she just looked really dizzy, sort of like me when those Bitchwartins were talking too much, but then she kept casting some sort of nasty spell at us and we would all freeze, except Hurm, who kept doing something, I couldn't really tell what, and then finally she stopped, and I jumped at her and cleaved at that gross snake in her neck and it fell out and she was like,
10 WoD 09

The river runs through it!

What just happened, and then everyone talked and then it started pouring down this dark water, but not like rain, more like a waterfall from the sky...

so I said, Dudes, let's jet man! and so everyone started trying their best to fly out of this well, but I think everyone got wet except me and that hot Shamma-lamma babe. So we get near the top and I was like, Shamma-Lamma, I want to bone you, and she was like, Brodius, you are so big and strong and you can do whatever....oh, sorry, then these nasty cuss-toads came riding up to us on giant turtle or something and we faught them for a a while, and then Shamma-lamma said see you loverboy, and left with one of the cuss-toad dudes, who was being real helpful all of the sudden.

And then this big cloaked dude shows up again, on his skiv, and he was pissed, and he said, "Say you're sorry, bros, or I'll make you sorry!", and so everyone was like, "Okay, we're sorry scary dude." and then he talked with us for a while and said that this Demi-Gorblonde dude was really easily distracted, so we were all, like, that's cool, man so we should just keep ganging up on him and maybe he'll be distracted. But this scary dude, was like, no you big dummies, not just that, he has two heads and they don't get along and we should get them real pissed at each other, and were like, ya we should do that! So, we all got on his boat and off we went and here we are!

Cast of notables

  • Red Shroud - Foremost scholar on Shami Amourae, based in the Broken Reach.
  • Shadowfire - Wispling Gatecrasher


Lavinia rejoins the dawn council reaping full benefit for the profitable trade pouring in from Farshore. Julio bids for the Kellani seat on the council, saying that it should go to strong steward in this time of pressing danger from terrorist Demogorgon cultists. He is swept into power supported obliquely by Lavinia. Julio and Liamae become the toast of the town rising in the social circles.

Harliss is on the Crimson Scar guiding back a skeleton crew on a second ship back to the Scuttlecove base. She had found one of the missing ships, its crew all poisoned and set adrift to have the gull peck at their corpses.

As she approaches the base her way is blocked by a gaunt hooded figure in a black cloak in skiff. Harliss pauses after the figure waves aside her friendly hailing signal of burning pitch and ballista bolts. Charon informs her to gather her best crew and be ready for the abyss in an hour. Harliss gathers a prize crew with promises of a raid on a fat Scarlet Brotherhood gallery full of Harem slaves. She only pauses for a moment to gather the Demonomicon from the treasure room with her "spare" key...

The Enemy of My Enemy

The Captain's Log "The Abyss hath no fury like a duskblade scorned"

11 EomE 02


"Uhhhh, sorry?" I was trying to recall how I had gotten here and why there was a cowled skeletal figure on a skiff demanding an apology while floating on a river pouring out of a rent in the fabric of the universe. Still, it hadn't attacked and I figured undead were Kielas' and Brodius's areas of expertise. I still was trying to figure out why I felt an overwhelming amount of jealousy toward the demon archer that had gone off with Shami. He doesn't deserve to be with Shami, I the infernal fires what am I SAYING!, I thought to herself while rubbing her head. This skeletal guy that was now beckoning them with a single bony finger to board his boat somehow seemed familiar. There were myths about the boat man Charon giving transport across the river Styx and then there was the one about the skeletal guardians of the pool of lost dreams.........HANG ON! Charon. Styx. Memory loss. I suddenly had a deep sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and got on the damned boat. I had enough of my wits about me to give the boatman a gold coin at which point everyone else seemed to follow suit.

The next few hours passed in awe and wonder as Charon told us how we would help avenge the slight of redirecting the very river Styx done by none other than our own lovable Demogorgon. Charon took us on a twenty hour inspirational tour of the Abyss on our way to visit the enigmatic Iggwilv. She definitely is one of if not THE great authority on all things demonic. Ooooooo, look at THAT! Sixty foot tall demons picking screaming victims off of the river and us passing right underneath them unmolested.

"What in the Nine Hells?!" I love saying that here. Apparently, Charon saw fit to drag my......our entire ship into the Abyss along with the crew and Harliss.
11 EomE 18

The Wyvern Revealed

Looking very confused but relieved to see us they welcomed us quickly onboard. Charon saw fit to "bless" our ship with his favor by putting gold coins into the eyes of the wyvern figurehead saying that no creature on the river would molest us while they remained in place. I guess Iggwilv's manor lies just up ahead at that dock.

So we dock at the pier only to have some arcanaloth tell us to go away and the we are not welcome here without an invitation before teleporting away followed by two enormous gray draconian forms slithering up out of submerged caves onto the shore. How rude! No better time than the present to test out our newfound protection from our skeletal boatman.

11 EomE 16

Stygian Linnorm

"Hey you giant undersea tubeworm, I'm parked on your dock and waiting for you to do something about it!" I stood my ground seemingly seemingly not impressed as the gargantuan creature bore down on me and the ship only to pull up just short and roar flashing fangs the size of longswords just inches from my face. I think several of the crew lost a few hours of memory to the spray of spittle from the creature. One man on deck panicked and ran below decks, that should go far in improving my place in legend. The creature slithered angrily back into the churning water. "Looks like they are wingless and landbound", she said. At which point H'rm decides to play bait and fly for all he is worth toward the manor. "Than again I could be wrong" as the serpents quickly slithered up through the air as easily as they moved through the water. Brodius decides to take off in another direction circling around. Aw hell, they can't have all the fun. I decide to join the aerial display by flying toward the manor also. Seems the creatures can't keep up as all three of them rejoin in the manor courtyard untouched. Brodius then adds, "Hey bros, looks like someone left this invitation for us".
11 EomE 03

False Note

 ::sigh:: When will he figure it out that we are all women. Ah, sure enough, it's an invite from ol' Iggy. I am interrupted from my thoughts by roars as the serpents spew river water (ewwwww!) at Kiela who decided to take a slightly more adventurous ground route.

Well, the letter says to follow the black cat to the library.  ::meeeewwww:: ah! That cat! Ok, lead on TPK. I use my detect magic upon entering curious as to what a archmage of Iggy's stature has lying around. Upon entering the library I discover Iggy herself sitting in a floating chair. Oh wait, it's not her, it's detecting as an illusion and what's this? Two arcanaloths floating up in the air waiting in ambush. I stroll in but they seem to notice that the ruse is up and unleash lightning and than waves of cold at me.

11 EomE 04

Battle with the apprentices

I put up a magic barrier and resist the lightning but am caught somewhat off guard by the cold which makes me frosty to say the least. Brodius in usual form charges through the air at the arcanaloth still in cat form but now flying over our heads. Has something against cats I guess. He then promptly shows us all how to miss an opponent repeatedly in an amazing display of martial prowess. I am sure Kord would be proud. This is followed immediately by Kiela dispelling many of the protections on the one I have flown next too and H'rm attempting to dizzy one of them. I show Brodius how it is done with a perfect series of cuts followed by a polar ray of my own. "Let's see how YOU like cold, you stinking poodle!" My opponent is staggered badly but still standing. Impressive, your tougher than you look. After another dazzling round by the others of fizzling spells from H'rm and self healing by Brodius I threaten to knock my opponent out and bathe him in the river Styx until he can't recall how to cast a cantrip unless he joins the winning side against his companions. At which point he gets a wolfish grin and looks gleefully across at his former bother at arms and mumbles "promotion". Now the fun is interrupted by Iggwilv striding through a upper door on the balcony looking extremely dipleased. Oh, wait it's just another arcanaloth according to the others with True Seeing. What? Your apologizing? Damn, funs over. Ok, ok, we'll come back in an hour to meet the REAL iggwilv dressed to the nines.
11 EomE 17

Sorting the Players from the Pieces

Well, I gotta say Iggwilv is impressive. Lived up to the stories and told us things best left unwritten here.
11 EomE 05


Needless to say she told us how to deal with the various powers that exist in the Abyss and I think she actually bought that I don't actually have a copy of her book! That will definitely have to go into the memoirs. Anyway, she moved us all around an actual chessboard as pawns. PAWNS! Well this is a pawn she'll find has the power of a queen in the end. She decided to give us a letter of introduction for Orcus. Ok, undead are definitely not my favorite things and Orcus as a so called Prince of Undead makes him Prince of My Unfavorite Things.  ::sigh:: Undead, why did it have to be undead?

Upon hitting the river again we decide to read the letter (Hey, Iggy said we could!) to discover that it is an invitation to become gladiators in Orcus's arena.
11 EomE 06

An invitation to the arena

Brodius seems way too excited about this. I think H'rm may suspect there is something unusual about the book now, I'll be watching it and him closely. Brodius does me a favor which maybe I should have left alone but after our visit back too Sasserine I have to know. Are Julio and Lavinia having an affair? Yes. A cold rage sweeps through my body and I manage to cool down enough after flying off and disintegrating Abyssal horrors along the river bank to be able to use the crystal ball. The crew wisely knew to be scarce.

connection established::

Cameron: "Slut, your sleeping with that traitorous Julio! I suspected as much after visiting Sasserine and seeing you two so cozy. Don't try to deny it. Kord himself as verified your backstabbing ways!"

Lavinia: "So your going behind my back and checking up on me!"

Cameron: "Only verifying what was obvious. How dare you pick that stinking lemurekin over me! Did he come to find you after your brother abducted you? Did he steal your place in Farshore?! Has he stolen my families seat in Sasserine with your blessing which we often discussed plans for?!! DID HE SINGLE HANDEDLY TRY AND DESTROY THE OLMAN CULTURE SIMPLY BECAUSE HE WAS SEEKING REVENGE AGAINST THE KOPRU AND WAS WILLING TO SACRIFICE EVERY SHAMAN TO ACCOMPLISH THAT?!!!

Lavinia: "Your never here and aren't a MAN ANYMORE!

Cameron: "I thought you had enough of men after what you went through but apparently you enjoyed your brother fulfilling your needs, I should have just left you with him! At least he is more honest than that SNAKE JULIO!"

connection broken::

I suddenly realize my face is wet with unbidden tears......

Hours later. "H'rm you want to see if we can find those demons? Nothing on Shami as usual but hey, what's this?" Image in the crystal ball shows front of the Ocean Strider with Nurt in the frame. "Looks like Nurt is that succubi chick in disguise and she has noticed me scrying on her. I should have known. Hang on, I'll call her and Harliss in here."

Lynnara: prepped to teleport should anyone threaten her. "I was surprised my ruse lasted this long. So, what are you going to do?" She shifts into her true bat-winged form. Harliss: Obviously angry. "You just say the word and I'll gut the lil gutter-whore like a lamb in the slaughterhouse." Cameron: "You still serve Malcanthet, right? Good, than maybe you can keep up your ruse and assist us when we visit your mistress?" Lynarra: shifting back into a gnome, "Yes, as long as no-one lets it be known that I have been found out. I am, supposed to be a secret spy for my mistress after all and she would be VERY displeased with me at these developments." Harliss: On her way out. "Fine, I'll keep my trap shut for now but give me an excuse......" Cameron: "I suggest you not give her an excuse as I won't stop her but yes that is agreeable. For that matter don't give me an excuse either or I'll toss you overboard." said while picking up the gnome in a intimidating fashion. Cameron feels fire race through her veins at the contact and suddenly cannot seem to think of anything other than Lynnara's stunning beauty in her succubi form. Why not? Lavinia has betrayed me so what am I holding out for? Breaking off a kiss that she didn't realize had even started. "H'rm can you excuse us, as we have some private matters to discuss." H'rm: Leaves while palming the crystal ball unnoticed. Cameron: "I don't do gnomes or men so for this to work you'll have to go back to your true form." H'rm: Sees some seriously raunchy girl-on-girl action.

I am able to forget about my pain for awhile.

After visiting the mercane and using the crystal ball to contact Azael who will prepare for the groups arrival in . Lynarra and I are "discussing" navigation routes again. Lynarra thinks it a good idea to take on the form of a male ogre and attempts to force me into sex. no! No! NO! I feel the magical compulsion slip away suddenly which doubles my rage upon suddenly realizing it was there.

Lynarra: laughing, "If you just relax you'll enjoy it." Cameron: still wearing her rings, necklace, and in true pirate fashion her boots, in a sudden blinding rage at being taken advantage of...AGAIN, "use your sword on me, will you? Let me give you a taste of mine!" she rolls out of bed pulling her bastard sword free from it's scabbard and slashes Lynarra across her now very large target while channeling purple and black ribbons of arcane and negative energy along the blade. As Lynarra's member withers, "What? Can't keep it up?! Let me help you make it hard again." The polar ray lances out and puts frost across Lynarra's midsection. Lynarra: eyes narrowing and seemingly somewhat reveling in the pain, "Betrayal. Nicely done, I can respect that." and disappears. Cameron looks up into the air with hate filled eyes, "Enjoy the show?

The crew continues to give me a wide berth as they can plainly see that their captain has been in a foul mood as of late while Harliss on the other hand seemed to be enjoying it. Thanatos is a perpetually gloomy realm in which without magical protection you would quickly be drained of life and rise as an undead abomination. Nice vacation spot. "Gather the mainsail and shore up those accursed lines or I'll keel haul ye until ye forget yer own mothers! Bring us up next to the dock." So this was the capital city of Thanatos, Lachrymosa. No sign of the Portmaster Sensiner who had one oversized goat's eye in the center of his forehead but sure enough, there was Azeal readily greeting them with a bunch of onlookers that he had convinced that we were the "Messengers of Charon" not realizing how close to the truth that was.

"Have you secured us passage to Everlost?" "Yes my mistress", said the burning demon. "First, take us to a necromancer so we can get the information we need." The necromancer was currently practicing his techniques for making what he called a half-lich on a weakly struggling elf. "Ah yes, I know of the Death Giants and Crawling Heads that Orcus favors. The giants are not undead themselves and have an aura of spirits and wraiths swirling around them that you have to be wary of lest it pull your spirit out of your body and into it. Now the heads are a different story altogether. They are indeed undead and are known to leap and bite off peoples heads as quick as you can blink. Oh, didn't I mention that they are huge and accomplished spellcasters to boot?" said the necromancer. "How much for the elf?", I demand. "My work?! I don't usually part with it but 2,000 gold should do."

11 EomE 07

The Nippletastic Orcus

Upon returning to the ship with the half undead elf we proceed to chop off the undead pieces and detonate them as they scramble freely about the deck. The elf is immediately regenerated and healed by Kiela. The last thing the poor sap remembers is losing a drinking game to a dwarf in one of the less reputable pubs on the prime. We next visit the outskirts of Lachrymosa to hire one of the gaunt and mysterious Dustmen to take us across the wastes to Everlost. After discovering that prices are nonnegotiable and raise if you even try to barter we set off. Hordes of undead part in front of the Dustman and we pass unmolested.

We arrive at Everlost, a skeletal structure that is pulled out our worst nightmares, when we are immediately accosted by vampires selling worthless maps and cheap sundials from inside their cloaks. all they want in return is a quick "bite", as if a sundial would even work here! Two long lines of petitioners lead to gates of Orcus's citadel which in turn are guarded by two balors. We show them our official invite from Iggy and are let through the gate and into Orcus's presence. For the first time I feel true fear as I gaze upon the bloated form of Orcus sitting on his throne of skulls. Here is a power that could crush us like insects and hardly notice and then their are all those stories about The Last Word. You don't come back from something like that.....ever......

I'll write again soon as we don't want to keep the Prince of Undead waiting.....

Azael the Ascendant

These are scribings of the wise and powerful Lord Azael, fallen celestial from the sands of the past, former ruler of the Savage Searing, the 422nd Abyssyl layer, prized from the obyrith Lord of Storms and Tempests, Bechard, later stolen by the cowardly predender Yeenoghu, cast down to his current shadow of an existence. Cast down for now, that is.

Due to my skillful maneuvering I have managed to parlay my failed spying attempt on Demongorgon and subsequent imprisonment into return to a measure of power in the Court via a group of mortals breaking into the Gaping Maw. Now those useful meat sacks returned to my life, delicious.

To clear their landing I have turned the aside the portmaster's goat-eyed gaze with threats of emissaries from Charon coming to his docks. He has no desire to dance with death incarnate. Surprisingly my bluff turned prescient went their ship came in bearing golden coins mounted on their figurehead.

Once they land in Lachrymosa my shiny new tools wish to speak to a necromancer. They want to gauge some prospective opponents in Orcus's Arena. Easily done and not a waste of time, I want to make sure they impress the Lord of Undeath. Or at least amuse him with their dying screams, he likes it when they put up some fight at least. These mortals are so easy to steer, as long you play the toady to their inflated egos, you can lead them anywhere.

I think I will leave them to cake their faces with the desert's powered bone traveling with the Dustmen. Teleporting them Everlost will be to quick for my plans. I need to go ahead my master's stronghold to ensure the court is prepared and to ensure Orcus knows it is I who is sending him the new meat. They shall at least entertain him in the arena, if nothing else.


At last they have arrived, my lovely little puppets in my grand plan ascendant. As I escort them to the throne room I see a flicker of fear, their protection again death magic evaporates in the presence of the throne of skulls. Delicious.

11 EomE 01

Bow before the Master of the Last Word!

Two of them have the mettle to stand in front of Orcus himself, only they I will name in my annals:
  • Brodius, a blasted half bastard Celestial with his ugly pristine wings, he shows the trapping of a Kordian dodo bird.
  • Cameron, A wonderfully skilled piece and dangerous piece of of meat.

The rest are weak worms, their thralls. Still they could be used as well methinks.

In front of the Lord of Undeath they stand, strong but still stupid. One of their worms telekinetically whisks a letter to the hand of Cameron. ... They appear to messenger for some other power, perhaps Charon judging from their ship. Thankfully not Demogorgon, obviously, since they still draw breath as Orcus finishes perusing the missive. Thralls of another power? I will have to have a stern talking to my little drudges later about where their true loyalties lie. Later, after this delicious nastiness is done.


Well, it seems the messengers are still spoiling for a fight in the Dark Arena after all, this is promising. They choose Cameron as the champion, marking Brodius as the true leader of the group, he who is pulling the strings. No matter, the meat Cameron has proven herself very skilled and this will be a good chance to show her off.

Brodius and the rest of his chattel make Cameron glow with hated divine goodness. What a colossal blunder, The Lord of Undeath will certainly smite them for their insolence! I should lead attack against them! But the meat is so skilled... maybe once the rest of the horde has attacked I will join in for a finishing stroke.

But Orcus allows this? His thirst for that dichotomous baboon's crown must be great. Lets see who Orcus chooses to oppose my little vassals in the martial festivities. He chooses Lestra from his guard and the executioner Lertyck, a decent team, this will be amusing, especially the Crawling Head. Nothing warms my cockles like a good beheading, even if the meat losses. As they prepare there is rumbling around the court that this group is intending to strike at Demogorgon and are asking an alliance, undoubtedly in the name of their own Demon Lord master Charon.


Thankfully early on the deadly cursed/undead pair erodes away most of that divine shine from Cameron with a well timed Dispel. I wonder how strong the mettle underneath her shiny auras will be? The meat now seems to be keeping her distance, peppering the giants with spells. How entertaining! Such a wonderful variation on those "Hand" spells; one set pummels Lestra while the other set flips her "the bird" from the other side to keep her enraged and distracted.

The Death Giant is now picking up the Crawling head. Lets see how Cameron handle the Death-from-above-flying-screaming-head-trick. Interesting... she has another layered ward against Death Magic.. tricky this one. Orcus's paired champions are faltering quickly. Hrmph... this will be over to quickly, no sport! BOO!

Looks like the Sovern of Everlost agrees! Spurred on by the inopportune words of that Kordish Dodo, Brodius, he sends the Orbenet the death giant into the fray. After watching her sister getting humiliated by those clever fist spells Orbenet is enraged and ready to flatted my pet.

Ooooo! Orbenet hand sliced clean off! Not a beheading but at least as entertaining. The rest of the fight was a yawn.


I made sure Orcus knew of my role in sheparding those little pawns into his dread grasp. They are in a hurry to move on though, they will not even share in the Risen Geese feast I had arranged for them. Pity. I will mark their rise and eventual inevitable defeat by Demogorgon well, this should be very a profitable experience.

Sir Andros the Mighty Slayer of Squirrel

Dear diary, I had quite a day today. I was coursing my moon dogs through the wood on the hunt for the great albino squirrel when I was rudely interrupted!

My pups had scented a group of uncouth mortals spooking the squirrels! Quickly I made their measure and while the dogs did not detect any obvious stains of blatant evil I detected the stench of the river Styx upon them.

Quickly they arrogantly commanded that I bring them forth presently to my liege, the Queen of Stars. I thought to myself "Could it be, they are the ones that were warned to expect?" No, I though surely any sane knight would never a bring a scruffy pack of mortals reeking of the abyssal river to our beloved Queen Morwel. I would not be that fool.

I brought forth the three challenges; racing, jousting and wrestling to see the true measure of these "gentles".

I gave the right of the first challenge to an upright half-bastard celestial. He quickly choose racing, he seemed to be straining at the slip, ready to go. I immediately liked the bent of this man, so proud and fearless of the challenge ahead. When I brought forth his steed, one of my best my mares, Milander, he was crest fallen, his pride melted away. He looked at me plaintively, glancing longingly at his wings. His companions proceeded to needle and mock him for not choosing to wrestle myself honorably. (Apparently he is actually a worshiper of Kord, very strange behavior.)

I wash my hands of that mess as I see their smallest member, a long tailed girl hobbit who walks like a man, taking a shine to Milander. She commented that Milander was a beautiful mare and she would be eager to to take my challenge for a race. Odd the other hobbit does not have a tail, maybe she is what they call a gnome?

She adroitly flips into the saddle much to the amazement to the rest of the group. Perhaps she is a new addition, as they stand amazed by her riding prowess. I thought to my myself, we shall see how good she really is. She caught me off guard quickly surging ahead, I did not think that Milander had that much spark in her. I quickly took her measure and eventually edged her out through my naturally superior skills, but still quite a brisk challenge.

Next, stepping forth from the back of the group came a slight half elven maiden, looking a little ridiculous dressed in full steel war harness. This waif wished to take a jog down the jousting course again myself, how amusing. I hoped I would not damage her to much when sent her to land on her shapely bottom.

11 EomE 08


On our first run she seemed a little unsure of her grip on the lance and though she hit me squarely on the round I barely felt the blow. I thought to myself, the poor things seems a little distraught about the little effect her lance had against my perfect blessed celestial skin. She applies a glamer to her lance, a little un-sportsman-like, I thought, but I guess she need to supplant her her slight frame in order for her to make her blows felt. On her next pass though, she aims a killing blow, with the prick of the lance straight at the gap in my visor, instead of the targe, violating the rules of list (and attempting a cowardly assassination of myself.)

Quick as a heartbeat I drew steel, knowing that my first instincts about this boatload of ruffians from the river Styx were correct, they were here to do the Court of Stars harm!

Before I could lay sword on even one of them, the noble Lady Celeste appears. She roundly (and unfairly) chastises me and escorts them off. Off most likely to attempt to assassinate the queen, methinks. Well it will not be on my head, I see them next in the dungeons under the palace.

I must bring my writings to a close here. I am to rush off to prepare my finest, I have received word that the Morwel is receiving important visitors, guests of the crown! I wonder what manner of splendor has chosen to grace us with it presence? This should be a joy after such a rotten day full of the antics of dirty mortals.

Section of Mystery

11 EomE 11












The Grand Story of Red Fang, Dred Linnorm, Child of Nidhogg, who lies slumbering at the foot of Yggdrasil

11 EomE 09

The last moments of Red Fang



Meh, OK, I am a little peckish I'll bite. You think I would still be sated from my last feast.


Well, you know what they say once you eat a celestial, you are hungry half an hour later. Well, where are they? Sluggard intruders, I wish they would not tarry, I need to return to my slumb...








-The End

The trials and Tribulations of Veras

11 EomE 12


Well we are in the palace of Malcanthet. lets put it this way, if you can imagine a perversion or debauchery, it is occuring on a regular basis here. All this put several of the more chaste members of our group at ill ease. I have to admitt that Brodius tried his best to make a lasting impression but apparently they used too many steroids in those Kordite ceremonies.

We eventually made it to the throne of Malcanthet. We were able to negotiate the help we required but it wasn't a sure thing by any means. I think H'rm is going to be a permanent fixture here in the future. She did however give us some fabled bottle that can hold an aspect of a demon lord, or several demons. in return we had to bring someone named Crimson to see the queen. Turns out that Crimson is one of her personal 13 assassins. They are kinda religious, but they worship perversions of the true deities. Crimson lives in a crumbling church to Pelor, of course it is filled with Vampires. We are easily able to get Crimson to follow us back to the Palace where we are given a glimpse of something horrible.

Next stop is to a place called the Blood Shallows, we have been told that somewhere here lies an aspect of the dead demon prince Obox-ob . We manage to snatch him up in the bottle with little problem, and escape easily.

We have one more stop on our whirlwind recruiting tour, that is to try and get general Bagromar to turn on his brother. Bagromar is currently in Pazunia, and is fairly easily reached. We decide to cover the distance by using the wind walk spell.

11 EomE 14

Major Endarian's ambush force.

We are all suddenly taken out of the mist like form that windwalk puts us in, and we are suddenly face a giant monkey and several undead giants on undead T-rexes. How awesome is that! They charge us with lances and they hurt a bit but nothing to bad. Then the dinos shoot lasers or something from their eyes! Most of us have no problem with this but Brodius must of caught one right in the eye, and dies on the spot. We don't have time to do anything about this, and managed to fight them off of use by using some massive anti undead Area spells.

Next stop was the camp of Bagromar. We try to bluff our way in using a reflexive disguise, with works on lesser demons. of course we run into a Balor named Dinoslag that manages to bluff us right back (of course this isn't a particularly hard thing to do). So we defeat this guy in combat without using any flashly magic, and Cameron manages to steal his sword prior to his defeat. The lesser demons suddenly respect us, and I won 40 gold from some imp. - Kiela

11 EomE 13

Gorant (Sir Not Appearing in this Film)

Cast of Notable People and Places

  • Lynnara - Thrall of Malcanthet
  • Iggwilv - Archmage
  • Charon - Master of the River Styx

  • Orcus - Lord of Undeath
  • Thanatos - His Realm
  • Lachrymosa - Thanatos Port on the Styx
  • Everlost - Orcus's Stronghold

  • Yggdrasil - the Sovereign Tree, the World Ash, the structure on which all Creation is built.
  • Sir Andros Fearnaught - Tulani Eladrin and insufferable ass
  • Celeste - Ghaele Eladrin, Hero of the War against Kyuss
  • Morwel - The Queen of Stars
  • The Court of Stars - Her realm
  • Gwynharwyf - The Whirling Fury
  • Redfang - Dred Linnorm, Child of Nidhogg (the 'Dread Biter' who gnaws at the world ash attempting to end all of creation)

  • Malcanthet - Queen of Succubii
  • Shendilavri - Her Realm
  • Miomanta - Shendilavri Port on the Styx
  • Portita and Caddobryn - Bribed Marilith sorters.

  • Obox-ob - The deposed former Prince of Demons (Some mysterious force connected to him lies in the Blood Shallows perhaps?)
  • Blood Shallows - 81st Layer of the Abyss, marshy training grounds and supply cache for Demogorgon

  • Bagromar - Demogorgon's General jealous of his twin brother, Tetradarian
  • Pazunia - Staging area where his armies are camped.

  • Gorellik - Former God of the gnolls
  • Graz'zt - Dark Prince

Prince of Demons

The Captain's Log "Cameron's Council"

Well, the chaos we have created throughout the camp seems to be impressive even for demons. We have been labeled everything from the great imp assassins of the abyss to Vrock berserkers. We have to use this spell more often, I really like it. Needless to say all of the demons are either fawning over us or giving us a very wide berth. I lead us right up to Bagromar's tent and his demon guards wisely just let us walk right in. Of course, if I were Bagromar I would fire them at this point. His whole tent is made out of devil skins and the doorway appears to be that of a Pit Fiend. Inside is a table made from the bones of his enemies, nice touch, I may have to use that idea. Several dretch scribes scuttle back and forth recording their master's thoughts.

11 EomE 15


The General appears to have little time for idle chat which I can respect. Of course, in his overconfidence in his own power I will happily add his head to my trophy collection should he foolishly attack us. Can you believe the hubris among these creatures? I find myself barely able to restrain myself with Kiela's prattling on. I mean enough talk! This creature only respects strength. I give her a chance and she manages to get results from the general, who agrees to attack his brothers army. Yeah, like that's worth the vellum it's written on. He begins eating his scribes because they now know to much. I make a off-hand comment at the door that the guards were apparently eavesdropping at which point they panic and throw gold and gems at me to get me to retract the statement. I do, but I don't think it did much good from the screams that we heard after leaving but than again there are lots of demons screaming here.

I have sad news to report, it appears that Brodius has gone to the afterlife for good. Of course, after spending any amount of time here in the Abyss who can blame him. This place drains one until you are no more than a shadowy husk of your former self. Once again a shining beacon of what we strive to preserve has been snuffed out like a candle. I will miss his exuberance for life and his ability to reduce things to the simplest of terms. I tend to overcomplicate things so it was always refreshing to hear his views.

We gate back to Iggy's place, report, and set up the place to hold the council of our allies. Kiela surprisingly suggests Sigil. Not a bad choice on the surface but I have something better in mind. I brush off the notion of Sigil but apparently Kiela has better knowledge of the planes than I have given her credit for, I'll have to talk with her to see just how far her knowledge extends. I than gather Kiela, H'rm, and Veras and we go SHOPPING! No more men to slow us down. I got a credit crystal from the Mercane with a 75,000 gold piece limit. Well, needless to say I maxed that out right away but I have some shiny new toys to show for it.

12 04

Battle Plan

The council time rolled around and there we were in a Mordikainen's Magnificent Mansion in the Outlands. Gwynharwyf showed up first with Celeste, Iggwilv's apprentices arrived with a projected image of her, than came Orcus's proxy which was some undead thing with a black crystal shoved through its head in place of its face while imps tore off and ate chunks of it, fourth was Charon's handpicked voice Irl, who seemed happy with the title but unhappy with the reality of his station, riding a palanquin carried by none other than Brodius, Lo'gak, Rowan, and George.
12 05

Overview of the Gaping Maw

That brought back many painful memories for me but I think I hid them well. We ended up with 100,000 Eladrin, 100,000 Undead and demons, Charon's fleet, Iggwilv's magic portals, and my own fleet. The council almost started off with the attendees coming to blows. Save your bickering until after the war! After gathering all the important knowledge on Demogorgon's forces we headed off to visit Croeus again to finalize our battle plans in exchange for the Demonomicon of Iggwilv. With the plans in hand we go to prepare our forces for the impending invasion. We are to invade the Brine Flats personally and form a beachhead for my fleet to supply our forces.
12 06

Beach Portal Battle

The Eladrins are a force truly to be reckoned with, I can't wait to see the full Eladrin army on the march. It will be a breathtaking event. We lost one of their number to some siege engines but wiped out the entrenched demons on the beach. They bombarded us with acid catapults and magic missile platforms. I will definitely be moving this equipment onto my ships and back to the fleet headquarters. There was one frightening moment when Chompy was surrounded by several dozen demons but Kiela's timely use of her gods power blasted them all into ash in the blink of an eye. I myself mopped up a few Mariliths and Babaus with no trouble. H'rm did get some useful information out of some demons he....or should I say Malcanthet charmed. We'll have to charm more of the enemy to locate the dimensional anchor in the city Lemoriax. The Eladrins clear of the surface sand with wind exposing hidden blast disks underneath and cast dispel magic to make them inert long enough to disarm them.

We can hear Orcus and Demogorgon going at it personally over the ocean in Abysm where Demogorgon's throne sits. Iggwilv has just informed us through a sending that Orcus's army has been halted at their portal by some horrible guardian monstrosity that inhabits in the jungle. Veras changes into a Roc and carries us to the site so we can defeat the guardian. Thank the gods we are immune to poison since we fly through a cloudkill the entire way. We come into view of the portal point Orcus was using only to find carnage and destruction on a heretofore unimaginable scale. The 25,000 of Orcus's troops lie burned, torn asunder, melted, and blasted surrounding what appears to be a totem of some sort from which the Undead General's head hangs silently. I have a very bad feeling about this...

The End?

The final battle.
12 01

The Battle for Wat Dagon

12 02

Demogorgon cracking down

12 03

Demogorgon vs Orcus's Vorpal Mace

12 07

Gromsfed the Drowned

12 08

Obox-ob's Aspect unleashed

12 09

Awww ain't Vanthus cute!

12 10

Saint Korgoth

12 11


12 12

Demogorgon's final battle

12 13


Cast of Notable People and Places

  • Arendagrost

Queen Morwel's forces:

  • Tourbillion Gale Host - 50,000 Eladrin led by Gwynharwyf; attacking the Blood Run Portal.
  • Starry Night Host - 50,000 Eladrin led by Celeste; attacking the Oldclot Portal.

Charon's forces:

  • Styxian Fleet - 5,000 Marraenoloths; to run interference against the balor Belcheresk's fleet

Orcus's forces

All going though the Lemorias Portal: (In the following order)

  • V Asphyxian Legion - 25,000 nabassu demons and tiefliengs led by an undead General; Orcus's fodder
  • IX Exsanguinos Legion - 25,000 vampire warlocks and fighters.
  • XIII Decapitus Legion - 25,000 blood fiends, nabassu rogue death giants and night walkers led by the Skull King Quah-Nomag.
  • I Thanatos Legion - 25,000 troops, Orcus's person legion; they have never been defeated in battle.



Interesting variant diplomacy rules:



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