The scream heard around Cornelia brought forth immediate rumors and activity. A group of imps killed the Princess' guard and carried her north from the city. The King immediately issued an edict to assemble a group of adventurers for the rescue. His call was met by the arena tournament finalists and the group returning from the ruined temple in the north -- eight fearless individuals in all.

After the group explained the investigation results of the previous day, the King struggled for words amidst his worries. "I know not how the perpetrator entered that sacred chamber for only I hold the key to its entry. I have bestowed this key upon the most trusted of my daughter's council, White Mage Alphie. Take her with you now and please save my daughter!"

The nine adventurers (Fellowship of the Princess perhaps?) hurried from the throne room, across the plains and forests of the Cornelian environs, and into the Temple of Fiends for an encounter several of the more experienced warriors felt in their bones for days.

The sinister man must have felt the same foreshadowing. He must have known they had the key too, for the sacred door was open and he was there clad in grayed armor and flanked by two werewolves. Deep in the background is the Princess, hunched over and encased in a whirring tomb of bats.

The nine move forward several paces to the four-way crossroads. BANG. The temple entrance slams shut. To your left flock hundreds upon hundreds of BONES, four of which fit into the doorway at once. To your right flock similar numbers of ZOMBIES, five of which can fit into the doorway at once. Straight ahead lies the evil warrior, but you cannot get to him without eradicating his two werewolf companions. He cackles at the deadly predicament you find yourselves in. "Impertinent fools! I, Garland, will knock you all down!"

The Battle With Garland

[Battle begins and it's a tricky one so read carefully. It is a 3-way battle where each warrior can choose one of four spots. The first spot is the left flank fighting four BONES at a time (each time one dies, it is replaced). The second spot is the right flank fighting the constant flow of ZOMBIES (similar rules as left flank). You need at least one warrior on each flank else the enemies will flood into the other battles and almost guarantee death for the entire party. The third spot is straight ahead against Garland where you must first kill the werewolves before you can engage Garland. The final spot is in the middle which is relatively safe if the flanks and straight hold their positions. In the middle, you cannot target or be targeted with melee weapons, but it is the only location where you can use magic or healing potions on any of the other battles. Switching spots consumes a turn.]

Good luck and, since death is a strong possibility, remember the only penalty thus far is the loss of all your gold, a bunch of fame, and humiliation galore! =)


"Okay guys, we need to use strategy. Remember my stunning achievement at the tournament? One Fighter with a FOG casting should neutralize the Bones and another should neutralize the Zombies!"


Guy rushes into the center chamber with his allies and sees a haggard, weary knight wearing the royal crest of Cornelia on his armor. Through his studies at mageschool in Cornelia he had seen this knight in the streets many times receiving congratulations for defeating the evil that had plagued Cornelia prior to all of his allies arrival in the land. Shouting out "That's Garland! Do not underestimate his skill with a blade!", Guy also noticed the two werewolves in front of Garland protecting him, and rushing in from the sides....oh lord. Oh no. Not again. Undead to the left, and Undead to the right. At least there was nothing behind them, they only had to focus on 3 sides. A strategy seemed somewhat clear. The 5 warriors would engage the various sides while the 4 mages would be protected in the middle, casting spells to help out. Since Guy had no functional spell that could help out at the beginning, he stayed protected in the middle and contemplated why Garland would want to just knock them down instead of simply killing them.


The loud crashes filled the chamber where HIM and the companions stood aside each other. The intensity and looming danger that gave way to conscious thought troubled everybody. In an instant, war cries and battle strategies echoed throughout the chamber. HIM noticed the new comrades as well, but he would acquaint himself later... after the battle was over.

Strategic plans where shouted out as everybody moved into position. HIM was half-way listening when he saw the leader Garland at the front. HIM brushed aside the strange echoes and centered to the front to attack Garland. As he ran to Garland, two large dire wolves blocked entrance and the battle for supremacy would be decided.

"Keep your dogs at bay coward! For I, Commander HIM, will best you this day! You shall not stop my wrath traitor!"

HIM unsheathed the trusty Rapier and engaged the first Wolf he saw... hoping he would have some back up very very soon.

Round 1

The epic battle to save the Princess of Cornelia has begun. On the first turn, the warriors move into their decided positions.


WrWOLF2: 1-Hit 5-Damage against HIM

HIM: Critical! 1-Hit 24-Damage against WrWOLF1. A focused HIM sets the tone that he and his comrades mean business.

WrWOLF1: 1-Hit 14-Damage against Dave Mlinko. The wolf's claws sink into Dave's forearm.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 22-Damage against WrWOLF1. Dave follows HIM's critical strike with an equally powerful bludgeoning.

Muteki: Casts Fire on WrWOLF1 for 18. Coils of flame spray forth from Muteki's hands and flay the wolf's fur. The wolf is left on the brink of death.

Alphie admires the trust portrayed by the adventurers as the two melee warriors stand just feet away from Muteki's fire blast.

Left Flank

BONE1: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

Bob: 1-Hit 27-Damage against BONE1. Terminated.

BONE2: 1-Hit 4-Damage None against Bob

BONE3: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE5 emerges from the doorway.

Right Flank

Max: 1-Hit 30-Damage against ZOMBIE1. Terminated

ZOMBIE5: 1-Hit 2-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE2: 1-Hit 5-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE3: Misses against Max

ZOMBIE6 emerges from the doorway.

DragonAtma: Casts FOG on Max for 8 absorb

Middle / Universal

Guy and John remain in the center, watching their comrades ever so closely as they prepare their healing spells. Unfortunately, the battle would now be thrown back into bedlam. HIM and Dave saw it before everyone else as they shouted in unison, "Watch out!"

Garland cackles from behind his feral guards and pulls the first of two chains, causing a CREEP to fall from the ceiling onto the middle group of adventurers, endangering the previously safe magi.

[There is now a battle in the middle area against CREEP1. Please enter your commands for round 2.]


The battle was engaged, and was going well. The warriors rushed to their positions as if they had been planning for this scenario. Nobody appeared to be in any serious danger, thus his spells would not be needed for the near future. Hearing the cries of his comrades, Guy moved out of the way of another creepy monster. He would just call it a creep in the future. Shouting to John "Let's beat it to death with our sticks!" Guy moved to engage the creep, noticing out of the corner of his eye magical fire flashing from Atma's fingers...


"So you have it under control Atma?" Muteki yelled.

Atma replied with a quick nod as both Atma and Muteki switch their views back to their targets.

Muteki quickly cast Fire on the crispy wolf while getting ready to cast Lit on the chains should Garland approach them again. (if they are within range and if I am allowed to do so to stop Garland from pulling the chain)


One werewolf was bleeding profusely after a triumvirate of attacks, so Dave set his sights on the second enemy while Garland cackled and pulled a chain. Dave then briefly looked behind him and saw a worm falling right into the middle of the mages.

Oh great, our unprotected mages are getting blitzed.

Dave, nonetheless, could see that running back to help would screw HIM over, so he stayed in position while Garland laughed.

"What's the matter, scum, can't tolerate a simple ambush?"

Dave didn't bother replying, as he instead sprinted over to the second werewolf, feinted an attack to the legs then swung for his head.


And now Master HIM, the greatest fear you will face in this skirmish... is your own mirrored path.

The Rapier struck the fury beast and pierced a vital organ, as another cascade of attacks claimed their prize upon the Wolf's coat. A mere bite broke through some links on HIM's armor and sent an unusual amount of searing pain through his side. He flinched at the pain, and immediately knew that these where no mere pups the group was facing.

"My friends... these aren't normal wolves you see...."

Before HIM could finish the proclamation, Commander Garland let out a cheer and pulled a mechanism that immediately dropped a thick snake creature on his comrades in the middle of the war room. The thought had crossed his mind that the traitor would be capable of such a feat... but seeing it up close and personal was an entirely different outlook.

"Damn you to Hades, traitor!"

And with that shout, HIM prepared another piercing attack on the badly wounded wolf that staggered before him. The voices echoed his own alignment back at him, he knew he had to stay and fight against Garland and return triumphant. The voices announced that should the Master HIM turn on his own comrades, that the battle could not possibly be won by them. A few seconds can drop their moments in the most peculiar of ways. Maybe they spoke truth... but if they where wrong then his own head would be staked upon a pike at the royal banquet that eve for all to see.

HIM had to dismiss them once again but entertained the possibility that they where correct. Politics are fickle... they change with the times. A true warrior shouldn't let his own emotions or a sense of justice enter the battle. Loyalty to the mission, or loyalty to one's self... rarely can anybody enjoy both.

He made up his mind within a flash of eternity, this day Commander Garland would fall.


In the heat of battle, Max shouted his gratitude to Atma as he felt the protective magic wash over his body. He couldn't help but feel a twinge of irony that the spell that had caused him so much frustration in the arena battle may now very well save his life....and it was cast by the very person who had used it against him.

Round 2


WrWOLF2: 1-Hit 13-Damage against HIM

HIM: 1-Hit 8-Damage against WrWOLF1. Terminated.

WrWOLF1: 1-Hit 20-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Dave Mlinko: Misses against WrWOLF2

Muteki launches a jet of flame and incinerates the already dead werewolf next to HIM.

Left Flank

BONE5: 1-Hit 5-Damage against Bob

BONE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

Bob: Misses against BONE2

BONE2: 1-Hit 5-Damage against Bob

BONE3: 1-Hit 5-Damage against Bob

Right Flank

Max: 1-Hit 22-Damage against ZOMBIE2. Terminated. Max shouts to Bob "That's 2!" in an effort to strike up a competition.

ZOMBIE6: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE5: Misses against Max

ZOMBIE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE3: Misses against Max

ZOMBIE7 emerges from the doorway.

Middle / Universal

Atma Casts Fire on CREEP1 for 84. The creep is filleted just after it lands.

Guy and John punch their staves through the pile of ash that was CREEP1 just to be sure.

Frowning at the CREEP's quick demise, Garland quickly pulls the other chain. Dave and HIM once again shout a warning, but nothing happens. The evil warrior sneers and waits.

[HP Update: HIM 66/84, Dave 65/99, Bob 63/86, Max 105/115, all others full]

Round 3


WrWOLF2: 1-Hit 11-Damage against HIM

HIM: Misses against WrWOLF2

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 26-Damage against WrWOLF2

Muteki: Casts Fire on WrWOLF2 for 36. The wolf is badly singed.

Left Flank

Bob: 1-Hit 34-Damage against BONE2. Terminated. "Two for me!"

BONE5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE3: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE6 emerges from the doorway.

DragonAtma: Casts FOG on Bob for 8 absorb

Right Flank

ZOMBIE7: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE6: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE3: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

Max: Misses against ZOMBIE7


With things apparently in control, HIM finally notices what the second chain enacted, but it was too late. The scores of bats encasing the Princess were now scattered about the ceiling of Garland's chamber, and the Princess was but a few feet from Garland's side. HIM wouldn't even have noticed this save for the sweeping cone of fire now heading his way. He muttered an oath to himself as the blaze scorched his flesh.

Princess: Casts Fire on HIM for 40

The only way to break Garland's control over her is to kill Garland or kill her. You opt for the former and continue your assault.

[HP Update: HIM 15/84, Dave 85/99, Bob 60/86, Max 100/115, all others full]


Guy noticed the effect that fire had on the field of battle. Muteki's fire has helped damage the only werewolf left to the point where one more strike should defeat it. Sadly, that fire had the same effect on HIM. Noticing Atma preparing to cast cure on HIM, Guy knew that one cure would not be enough. Besides, he owed HIM for the jaunty cap on his head. Guy prepared to cast cure on HIM.


Max will continue attacking, while shouting encouragement to his companions. He realizes that his role in the battle is vital in preventing the flank from being overrun, and yet at the same time he feels helpless as his companions face a much greater danger and he is powerless to help them.


The flames licked at HIM's body and covered him in liquid heat as they made their pass in a downward spiral of wrath. Had he expected such a thing would be thrown from the maiden's own mana, he might have blasted her first.

But she was not the enemy now, perhaps Commander Garland had a simple charm placed about her which made things a bit more complex than they had seen. The scorched erotica laid waste to his cape, but his Godly Pimp Hat managed to clutch the feather and hold it from a fiery evaporation.

HIM now dropped his Rapier to the ground without a second thought and charged himself with mana once again. His comrades Atma and Guy where already there to lend their healing aid upon his burning flesh and the healing arts began to take effect. Their magic only boosted HIM's power, and soothing calming words flowed from his lips and centered on the little Princess herself.... and that traitor Garland in the hopes of knocking them both out.

He hadn't time to think of the Werewolf or the mass of undead that barricaded themselves at the thresholds. If this fight where to be won, the Commander had to be taken out as soon as possible... or all would be lost in a matter of moments.

Round 4

[Who let Alphie run away?] =)


WrWOLF2: 1-Hit 3-Damage against HIM

HIM: Casts SLEP and misses Garland and WrWOLF2.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 16-Damage against WrWOLF2. Terminated.

DragonAtma: Casts Cure on HIM for 19 HP

Guy: Casts Cure on HIM for 25 HP

At this point, the Princess screamed in agony. Flames were once again coiling down her arms in a pattern unbeknownst to any of the mages present. The fury of this new spell set a breeze forth through the room that left only Garland smiling. The front-line warriors could smell the charring before it even happened. Their only comfort was that, somewhere inside her captive body, was the Princess inside battling her own spirit from attacking her rescuers, and the spell would be all the less poweful for it.

Princess: Casts Fir2 for HIM-37 Dave Mlinko-60 DragonAtma-42

Left Flank

Bob: 1-Hit 39-Damage against BONE3. Terminated.

BONE6: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE7 emerges from the doorway.

Right Flank

ZOMBIE7: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE3: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE6: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

Max: 1-Hit 20-Damage against ZOMBIE3. Terminated. "Three apiece!"

ZOMBIE8 emerges from the doorway.


Muteki holds his ground as the flames build up around his hands for the next burst of flame. [Keeping the Princess untargetable behind Garland]

With his bodyguards disabled, Garland draws his rapier and prepares for battle. "Now I will knock you all down!" The front line of rescuers is now tattered and the Princess, tears streaming down her cheeks at her part in this, is once again ablaze with the mana coursing through her. Everyone realizes this needs to end, and it needs to end now. One round to kill the evil kidnapper, Garland. Was it even possible? Will some of the front liners retreat to the middle or will everyone risk death together?

[HP Update: HIM 19/84, Dave 25/99, Bob 57/86, Max 95/115, DragonAtma 47/89 all others full. Please enter your commands for the next round and be prepared for what could be our first casualty.]


Dave kneeled on the ground in pain, now regretting valiantly taking the brunt of the damage for the team. Nonetheless, he realized that Garland had to die in a really nasty way,and he also realized that HIM, being in pain, would have trouble introducing Garland to the business end of his shoe.

Dave then feinted for the head and swung at a weak juncture in Garland's armor he spotted at the hip.


Guy winced in sympathetic pain as fire licked at all three of the brave frontline warriors. The battle seemed to have taken an odd turn. In the beginning he had nobody to heal. Now, he had three targets. He began to move towards HIM, but noticed Dave stagger backwards. Although his face did not show it, the flames had to have taken their toll. Noticing the irony of having to heal the man who took away his (very) slim chances in the tournament, but not being one to hold a grudge, Guy prepared his 2nd magic charge, designed to cure Dave of some of his burns.

Round 5


DragonAtma: 1-Hit 12-Damage against GARLAND. GARLAND's rusted iron armor proves difficult to penetrate.

HIM: Misses against GARLAND

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 19-Damage against GARLAND

GARLAND: 1-Hit 21-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Casts Fire on GARLAND for 33

Guy: Casts Cure on Dave Mlinko for 30 HP

John: Casts Cure on HIM for 18 HP

Princess: Casts Fir2 for HIM-27 Dave Mlinko-28 DragonAtma-43.

Left Flank

Bob: 1-Hit 28-Damage against BONE4. Terminated. Bob is gallantly holding the flank.

BONE6: Misses against Bob

BONE5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE7: Misses against Bob

BONE8 emerges from the doorway.

Right Flank

Max: 1-Hit 25-Damage against ZOMBIE4. Terminated. Max bravely fends off the zombies.

ZOMBIE6: Misses against Max

ZOMBIE8: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE7: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE9 emerges from the doorway.


With the second blast of Fir2, the Princess' body and spirit finally allow her to collapse to the floor in exhaustion. It was a miracle she controlled enough of the jet to avoid wiping away the entire front line of adventurers.

Garland, ready to kill any of the weakened warriors, lays down one last ultimatem. "Flee now, never return, and I will not consider your lives forfeit. This Princess and her King have done nothing for you. Run away now… or die!"

Alphie stands quivering in the middle. It was her first experience in battle and she only wished to return to the comforts of the castle.

[HP Update: HIM 10/84, Dave 6/99, Bob 56/86, Max 92/115, DragonAtma 4/89 all others full]

[Please enter your commands for the next round. I remind you now that you may return to the middle and, barring further chain pulling or a collapsed flank, you will be safe. If any of you choose to remain in the front line, you will be up to the turn randomization gods if garland attacks before you get healed.] =)


As Muteki and his comrads quickly discussed plans Muteki noticed how dark it had become as he could barely see his hands in front of his face, and that is just because he actually knew they were there! He could only imagine what it looked like for the others.

Muteki quickly set his mind on what Garland said, and quickly replied, "Even if we wanted to leave we couldn't! You closed off the entrance, remember that!? You idiot!" Muteki quickly pondered the inteligence of saying that last part considering he might become a temporary meat shield absorbing Garland's attacks.

Round 6


Muteki: 1-Hit 3-Damage against GARLAND

GARLAND: 1-Hit 26-Damage against Muteki.

Left Flank

BONE5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE6: Critical! 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob. Bob cackles at the comedy of it.

BONE8: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

Bob: 1-Hit 30-Damage against BONE5. Terminated.

BONE7: Misses against Bob

BONE9 emerges from the doorway.

Right Flank

Max: 1-Hit 22-Damage against ZOMBIE5. Terminated. The two fighters are even at five kills apiece.

ZOMBIE9: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE6: Misses against Max

ZOMBIE8: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE7: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE10 emerges from the doorway.


The three front-line warriors retreat to the center to revitalize and finish the battle.

HIM: Casts Cure on himself for 32 HP

Dave Mlinko quaffs a HEAL for 30 HP

DragonAtma drinks a HEAL for 30 HP

Guy: Casts Cure on Dave Mlinko for 21 HP

Run away you pathetic cowards! Only this puny magi is brave enough to face me now. Soon you will all be zombie food.

[HP Update: HIM 42/84, Dave 57/99, Bob 53/86, Max 89/115, DragonAtma 34/89, Muteki 48/74, all others full]


Muteki tried to get an attack in on Garland, but Garland's full body armor proved quite difficult to penetrate. Seeing as his attack did almost nothing and glancing over to see his regenerated comrades stepping forward, Muteki decides to step back to the middle and wait for his allies to finish the job. It is truly a pity that Garland had his armor as Muteki was ready to aim for Garland's jugular vein.


Dave wiped the drops of the potion off the side of his lips and moved back up front, high-fiving Muteki for providing the distraction. Dave knew his role in combat as the group's strongman, although, even with the Heal and Cure, he still had taken a pounding.

All this fighting Dave thought to himself: Why do we have the ambition to fight each other to get ahead all the time?

But then Dave thought of Erin back in the dojo. She looked attractive even when she was kicking the hell out of her training opponent. He was fighting for her and her only, even though her frequent temper set the world on edge, leading Dave to never even have the courage to ask her out.

This made Dave smile I've charged into battle situations that no one would tackle for all the gold in Coneria's treasury, but yet I'm too scared to talk to a girl.

Dave thought briefly about making an effort to get with her once she was revived,but then he snapped out of his thoughts and realized he was ten feet away from Garland. Dave knew Garland was near death, though he didn't show it, so he swung low. It was the credo of the master karateka that raised him. If you take out the enemy by the legs when they're weak, you take out their most important asset remaining to them.

Why couldn't my situation be as straightforward as combat...?


HIM realizes if Garland is to go down, he needs to be prepared for it. Another surge of mana throughout his body should make HIM strong enough to go against the Commander. He would only have one more trick up his sleeve should that fail.

He would worry about the raging undead later, right now Garland had to be taken down. Hopefully the princess would just lie there for a bit more. So HIM Cures one more time to gain more strength for the oncoming assault.

Round 7


DragonAtma: 1-Hit 12-Damage against GARLAND

GARLAND: 1-Hit 20-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 15-Damage against GARLAND

John: Casts Cure on DragonAtma for 25 HP

Left Flank

Bob: 1-Hit 37-Damage against BONE6. Terminated.

BONE7: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE9: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE8: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

BONE10 emerges from the doorway

Right Flank

Max: 1-Hit 30-Damage against ZOMBIE6. Terminated. Even at six.

ZOMBIE9: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE8: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE7: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE10: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

ZOMBIE11 emerges from the doorway


Muteki moves back to the middle after withstanding the Garland slash.

HIM: Casts Cure on himself for 29 HP

[Autobattling (I'm sure some of you are happy to see this]


DragonAtma: 1-Hit 7-Damage against GARLAND

GARLAND: 1-Hit 9-Damage against DragonAtma

HIM: 1-Hit 3-Damage against GARLAND

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 17-Damage against GARLAND. TERMINATED.

Victory: Party members gain 250 experience and 170 gold

Garland's Defeat

[In case you missed it, the main update is above. This is followup story. Feel free to finish your wizard statement, Atma. *halo* Hehe]

With the final blow, Dave shattered Garland. Garland fell lifelessly to the cold stone, his helmet collapsed into his skull from Dave's furious blow. The undead minions pushing against the fighter barricades crumbled into dust, leaving only the triumphant warriors standing at the flanks. For a moment, all of the rescuers remained still as a picture attempting to return their senses to normality. Only a moan from the Princess broke the silence.

Seconds later, she tried to rise to her feet, but teetered and stumbled into Atma's arms. "I'm so sorry for the sins I committed against you and your friends. I could feel the fire erupting from my arms but I could do so little to control myself. If you trust me but a bit, please allow me to teleport you and your friends back to the safety of the castle. A nod from Atma and a whispered incantation from the Princess brought the group to the King's chamber.

The King dropped his composure and tearfully took his daughter into his arms. His cheeks still moist with happiness, he turned to the group of adventurers, "Thank you for this act of kindness you perpetrated today. For your selfless acts, I have prepared several rewards. First, you will feast and recuperate gratis at the castle these next two days. Second, I am providing each of you with 100 gold in addition to whatever loot you were able to scour at the battle site. Third, I need to speak to the man who landed the killing blow against this Garland in private.

As the other adventurers and King departed from the room, the Princess held Atma back and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thank you again, sir. Please take this as a token of my appreciation. Learn to play it and come back to visit me. Still love the hat." With a wink and a smile, she was gone, and Atma had a small musical instrument in his hands (Lute).

Finally, the King took aside Dave Mlinko, slayer of Garland. "I realize you and your comrades all played an important role in returning my daughter to me. That said, I wanted to erect a special reward in honor of the man who officially ended my nightmare. I commissioned a bridge to be named after you that will connect our island to the land northeast of here. The bridge should be complete in just a couple days. Until then, rest here and prepare for your journeys ahead."

Quest 7: Save the Princess completed!

HIM is now L5, +4HP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit, L2 spell charge

Muteki is now L5, +1HP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit, L2 & L3 spell charge

Bob is now L4, +25HP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit, Luk

Guy is now L4, +28HP, Str, Int, Luk, L1 spell charge

John is now L4, +27HP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit, Luk, L1 spell charge

Everyone is fully recharged. Feel free to do any last Cornelian shopping.

The long-awaited journey to Pravoka will occur in two waves and is first-come-first-serve. The first group of four will depart as soon as I see four posts requesting to be in the initial group. Keep in mind, the first group will experience more difficult battles so it may not be best for everyone -- at the same time, you may not want to send all the strongest warriors in the first wave. The second group will depart a bit later (Monday or Tuesday).

Return to the Temple

(HIM) The next few events transpired around HIM as if he where looking through a dimensional mirror at Times intersection. A blur... that was all the Mage Warrior gathered from the days roster. The High Commander Garland was no more and all should have been set right with the universe, but things where not settled in the mind of HIM.

As the king embraced his daughter and gathered forth the rewards, HIM took his bounty of 100 Gold pieces and left the ceremony before it was finished. He heard the party was going to be staying in town for the next couple of days and that they where honored guests at a banquet that day, but he had no interest in it what so ever.

HIM left.

He walked straight out of the castle and ignored any attempts at praise the locals gave. He settled at the INN and meditated to regain strength, composure and mana.

Upon coming out of the trance a few hours later, his wounds where fully healed and the magic had been restored to HIM. At this moment... things where about to change. He gathered his belongings and trekked to the Temple where Commander Garland had fallen.

Strange indeed... no creatures dared crossed his path. Perhaps the adventuring party's fame had quelled the thirst of the creatures of the grasslands and forests. The Temple was open still, and HIM walked in by himself and approached the room where Garland had fallen.

Maybe he wanted to remind himself of what becomes of traitors, perhaps he felt a bit sorrowful for the fallen Commander. Maybe he just wanted to be left alone for awhile.


In the bedlam surrounding the events of the day, the rescuing party exited the building without tending to the corpse of the fallen Garland. As HIM once again strode to the battle grounds, he found Garland prone, in the same position. He half expected the man to arise and begin hurling half-witted threats. Though the warrior's helmet was crumpled, his rusted iron armor was not. HIM measured he could spend a couple days with the local blacksmith to remove the rust and beat the iron back into shape. The question remained -- was he comfortable wearing the armor of such a man?

As HIM pondered, he heard a rustling behind him. It was a trio of imps rustling amongs the debree of the battle for food. Without their ogre leaders, the imps had become nothing more than roving bands of scavengers. The imps caught site of HIM as he watched. The two parties appraised one another for a moment. The imps were ready to fight or move on peaceably... if a battle occurred, it would be HIM's choice.

[Normally, I wouldn't reward a random side quest such as yours, but you actually did something I sorta hoped someone would do -- revisit the scene of his corpse]


HIM watched the Imps scavenge the remains of what the party had done only a few hours earlier. This day, however, they had indeed picked the wrong time to go exploring. The Mage Warrior flashed a memory of being ambushed by creatures only days prior to this. He would embrace these creatures as well in the hopes of sending a message to the other Imp creatures that inhabited the surrounding area.

HIM leaps at the first Imp with his trusty Rapier drawn.... and begins to slash at it.

Imp Battle

IMP3: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

IMP1: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

IMP2: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

HIM: 1-Hit 19-Damage against IMP1. Terminated.

IMP2: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

IMP3: Misses against HIM

HIM: 1-Hit 22-Damage against IMP2

HIM: Critical! 1-Hit 44-Damage against IMP2

Victory: Party members gain 36 experience and 18 gold

The battle over, HIM traversed the narrow hallways that formed the square perimeter of the temple. The remaining ashes from the fallen undead caused him to reflexively sneeze every couple minutes. He completed his revolution with minimal findings -- a locked door and a holding cell with unoccupied chains.

The Smithy's Work

HIM returned to town, a gleam in his eye that was not matched by the rusted armor he now carried. He headed purposefully to the blacksmith and rolled up his sleeves -- a sign he fully intended to work with the smithy to refurbish the armor to its former glory. The blacksmith was up for the challenge and the two men set to work, hammers in hand.

Hours of sweat later, their skin dirtied from the dust, HIM and the blacksmith sat facing one another, sharing a tall glass of water. The shiny, unmarred suit of armor faced them from the table, a product of over two hours of hammering and polishing. Unfortunately, when it came time for HIM to equip the refurbished iron armor, it was far too heavy to wear and still wield a reliable sword.

The blacksmith finished a sip of water. "Now ya dinnae need ta give up yet, kiddo. I have a bit o' silver that I kin use to temper tha iron armor while lightenin' it, thus allowing you to wear it, y'see. However, this is a might bit o' risky business. There's about a two in three chance of us succeedin' and a one in three chance of ruinin' tha armor entirely. If we dinnae take tha chance, you kin give it to one o' yer fighter friends to wear. Now, what's yer choice, kiddo?"

The blacksmith nods at HIM's decision to proceed. If his hammer struck true, HIM would be clad in composite chain mail comprised of iron and silver. HIM likened the symbolic incorporation of the lighter silver to the purity of his intentions relative to its previous owner.

Hours later, the blacksmith shook his head in frustration. The last of his small stash of silver was now depleted, and he simply lacked the skill to transform the mail into something HIM could successfully equip. He panted and kicked the armor in frustration, "I kin not do'et. All I kin do now is restore tha iron so that yer fighter friends can wear et." And so he did, leaving a somewhat depressed Red Mage to find an owner for it.

[Unlucky randomization. It is now just a snazzy piece of iron armor.]

Just as HIM was about to leave, the rude member of the city guard burst into the blacksmith shop, irate as usual. He looked to HIM and said, "You pathetic weakling. I don't care for you or your friends. Everyone worships you because you killed a few imps and nearly botched a rescue against an obsolete old warrior. Well, you're nothing but a weakling and I intend to prove it. I challenge you to a duel, and I'm so confident I will win that I'll put up 500g to the winner. What do you say, you featherheaded wimp?"


"You may keep the armor for whatever purpose you may see fit my dear friend... it no longer holds any memory of Commander Garland for me now."

HIM turned on his heel to face the rather distraught guardsman that had barged into the place of business and declared his ill will towards HIM and the other members of the league. His words fell upon deaf ears as the warrior mage walked right past him.

"Do what you will and say what you might think of as truth my dear brother... I have no quarrel with you this day. My path is a shadowy abyss and I wish no fame to glory in these parts. To war with you would surely bring an uncomfortable taste in the mouths of the townsfolk here and possibly beyond. Go antagonize somebody else if it suits you... I am in no mood for these shenanigans just to quench your hatred of us."

And with that, HIM tipped his feathered hat back at the blacksmith, then the same courtesy was directed at the guardsman in kind.

"We're leaving... leave well enough alone."

And with that, HIM began to walk out and made preparations for his journey to the next town.


HIM's actions left the rude guard speechless and motionless as he exited the room. From over his shoulder HIM heard the guard shout "this isn't over," but he simply ignored the man's prattling and instead began preparations for the journey past the bridge. From the murmurings of the townsfolk, he gathered several of his comrades departed already. HIM would postpone his journey just a bit longer in the hopes he could assemble a group to make the journey with him.


Damn climate.

HIM looked once more around the town before leaving. The bridge had been built in honor of one of his comrades, but his comrades had already left for the city of Pravoka. He overheard talk of a new group of adventurers going to the same location as he.

He simply paced himself to the new bridge and arrived minutes later. He would wait for the new group in his own fashion... he simply sat at the start of the bridge and began to meditate on events that have passed.


HIM continued his meditations, separating himself from the physical world.

[Thanks for your patience this update. You'll be snagged up with the other three next update.]

Continue to Journey to Pravoka (Pravoka Group 2)

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