The Red God of Destruction.


Age: Unkown.

He is about 14-feet tall.

Armored Form

He looks like a combination of the MSN-04 Sazabi from Char's counterattack, and Commander Szabi from SD Gundam Force. He has six "wings" on his back. Each with a series of funnels.

True Form

It is said he onced looked like a handsome muscular man. Whatever that form was its gone Forever! His true form resembles more of a Demon! He has grown huge Bat-Like Wings. His skin is part Scales, Part Lava. He has long sharp claws, and his feet resembles those of a reptile. His head has become more that of a Dragon, and he has 6-eyes! His mouth is full of sharp teeth, and he has strange small horney antenna from the back of his head.


He is extremely intelligent, and calculating. He has a cruel and merciless personality! He enjoys inflicting pain on those weaker then him! He's known to taunt his victims with cruel words, before killing Them! He has somewhat of a gentleman personality. He often lets his victims know his plans before killing them, and he often searches for words like "ediquite" when trying to explain situations when talking to his enemies. He has shown some signs of arrogence, but he is still strong and deadly, mericless, cruel, and very intelligent!


He really is a Fallen God! He was once the God of a beautiful cluster of Galaxies, along with many gods. But soon Gods began to only bring pain and suffereing to the people of their galaxies. Almost all the gods in the cluster gaved up their god-hood and became almost immortal beings, ALMOST ALL! Sazabi refused to give up his Power. He was once a peaceful, justiful god. But after the "End of Gods" Phase he was corrupted by the forces of Darkness.He onced tried to conquer the Cluster of Galaxies with an army of Daemons, but he was defeated by a brave band of young heroes. He was stripped of his god-hood, but wasn't necessarily mortal. He still had the power to warp space and time! But the band of heroes cast a mighty spell which banished him from their galaxies, Forever! Everyone thought this was the end of Sazabi, it wasn't! Sazabi crashed on the Planet Earth in 1947, July 7, Roswell, New Mexico. When he awakened he driven some of the nearby humans mad with Insanity. After 6 days of fruitless walking, he collapsed, and was buried in the middle of the desert. 59 years later he was found by none other then Temhota Tech! Temhota spent 3 years rebuilding Sazabi. Sazabi's scarred body was hooked up to all sorts of strange, weird, and scary-looking machinery.


Despite his size, Sazabi is incredible fast! And he is very strong.

Armored Powers

The armor is composed of very hard materials, including diamond! Making him indestructible! This combine with his speed and strength allows him to send punches which virtually shatter a target to pieces!

His eye and finger tips can shoot mini-lasers.

There are energy sabers in his wrists. There is about 4 of them. 2 per wrist.

Each of his six wings has funnels on them. 18 funnels per wing. Each funnel can fire a deadly laser beam. The range is as long as a Beam Rifle.

3 laser cannons in his chest. 1 Huge one in the middle. 2 on the side, and they aren't as powerful as the middle one.

In his shoulder pads are mini-lasers. About 6 lasers per shoulder.

True Form Powers

He can use his true forms power while inside his armor.

He basically has the power of a God!

He can cause the ground to shake and tremble. Volcanos to rise from the ground. Mountains crumble. Oceans boil. Skies rain fire! Basically he can destroy a planet!


The heroes who slayed him.


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