Strong Bad: [in song] I'm a-Strong Bad, checkin' emails since 2001. [speaking] 14 years before Hillary Clinton started to.

[Email comes up]

Strong Bad: [Reading it]

Dear Strong Bad,

How do you escape from prison?

You see, I killed a few people about 9 months ago and got put into jail for life.

I know that you and The Cheat did it a while ago, so maybe you could.

Crapfully Yours,

Munchy Beaver from Lake Hoo Haw.

Strong Bad: [Replying]

Dear Munching Beiber,

I DO NOT condone murder, or "Mordor", which is how Homestar pronounces it.

And don't even think about getting The Cheat involved, he'll just turn you down.

You're just lucky that we didn't send Trogdor to burininate you, which you DISERVE!

Crapfully yours,

Strong Bad.

Strong Bad: [Normal] Cue The Paper!

[Nothing Happens]

Strong Bad: Hello...The Paper?

[The paper comes out shredded with the word "Revenge" written on it in blood.]

Strong Bad: Oh no, The Paper! What happened? Did Marzipan do this?

Mysterious Voice: Marzipan is dead!

Strong Bad: Homestar, are you pranking me again?

Mysterious Voice: You don't know me, but I know you!

Strong Bad: Very funny King of Town, now get out of my house!

Mysterious Voice: He's dead too!

Strong Bad: What?! Who else did you kill.

Mysterious Voice: The Poopsmith, Coach Z, and Bubs.


[The Lappier displays a "Flagrant System Error"]

Strong Bad: You killed my brother, I mean computer!

Mysterious Voice: And now, I shall reveal myself.

[He comes out of the shadow and it turns out to be Munchy! But his dramatic reveal is ruined by tripping over Homsar.]

Munchy: Get out of my way!

Homsar: AaaAaaAaaA I'm a song from the sixties! [He leaves]

Munchy: [Gets back up] Didn't think I'd escape, didn't you?

Strong Bad: But your email?

Munchy: I sent that weeks ago, to cover my tracks.

Strong Bad: The Cheat, HELP!

Munchy: I tied him up.

Strong Bad: You monster! What do you want.

Munchy: To kill you, Homestar, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and maybe The Cheat... depends on my mood

Strong Bad: You have to catch me first! [Runs away]

[Munchy begins to chase Strong Bad throughout his house, he begins to gain ground on him, but crashes into Strong Sad.]

Strong Sad: Hey! Watch it!

Munchy: Shut up! [He pulls out a makeshift dagger and stabs Strong Sad's hand]

Strong Sad: Ouch! What was that for?

Strong Bad: Run elephant legs! He wants to kill you!

Strong Sad: They're not feet! [chases Strong Bad]

[Munchy then gets within a few inches of Strong Sad. With dagger in hand, he swings his hand to the back of Strong Sad's head. But before he finishes him off, Strong Mad knocks Munchy out of the path.]

Munchy: Ouch, what the...?


Strong Bad: Oh crap, beaver boy's gonna get it.

Munchy: Oh, I...


Munchy: NO! I'm gonna kill him, then you all!

Strong Mad: NOT A CHANCE!

[He picks up Munchy and throws him out the window.]

Strong Bad: Crap man, great throw.

[Munch discovers that he has been defeated.]

Munchy: I'll be back for you all!

Strong Bad: I don't think so. [He points into a direction behind Munchy.]

[Apparently, Coach Z and Bubs survived and were coming to get Munchy. He breaks out into a run with the two "men" in persuit.]

Coach: Get back here you little tworp!

Bubs: I want to sell his hide in my store. I need it for my 'aught sixteen crap, Decemberween is in 8 months you know!

[They all run out into the horizon.]

Strong Bad: That was a close one guys...Let's get The Cheat down.

[The paper comes down in its normal way this time.]

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