Castle of Exiles MUX


It is a world where, decades ago, a family that had ruled for centuries fell. Their castle was overtaken, destroyed by dragons, if you can believe it, and a new order was installed to rule the land. It was a short, sweet victory, however, because there was a great cataclysm struck that wiped out half of the kingdom and nearly all of its inhabitants. Only a handful of those who had originally held stock in the one rich and beautiful land stayed behind, hoping one day to rebuild.

And then a banner flew on the horizon. The family that had ruled before the tragedy had only one living male relative. Hadrian Malloren. King Ferric and those of his line had long been dead these past years, and the Holliar cousin had come to reclaim what was now his birthright. With his sister Anna in tow, Hadrian took up the appointment as King, despite having a handful of courtiers and Advisors on hand. It would take a long time to rebuild, but things are moving slow and steady.

Castle of the Exiles is a world you must explore to uncover its secrets. For those who choose to dwell in these lands...there is no security beyond what each individual can do for his or herself. It would be in your best interests not to look forward to glittering gold, fortune, and would be in your best interests to keep an eye on your back.


This is a high-fantasy medieval MUX +trait-based system with very basic stats. This game was concepted with a heavy focus on responsible, consent-based storytelling. It is NOT meant to be historically accurate in every way since it doesn't even take place on our earth. It has a divergent timeline from Castle D'Image MUSH but you don’t have to know anything about them to start a character here.

The original version of COE closed its doors in 2002. The game itself has been moved, and is under new management.

Game Information

Coming Soon

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