The night air whipped against Scamandros face, he felt that tonight would be a night to fight for. That day had been the imprisonment of his uncle: The mighty zamorak and a $2,000,000 bounty with him, this was going to be a night of vengeance. Scamandros would break his uncle out of jail, no matter how hard it might be; just then, he saw movement from behind him. Scamandros spun around, "whos there!" "show yourself!" he shouted, "fine then" came the reply and out strode a man around the age of 21 to 31 clad in a blue uniform with a glowing bright blue cape hanging from his back. "I am Concort and I am the one who imprisoned your uncle!"

"aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!" screamed Scamandros, Concort unleashed a blast of blue light emitting from his hands. Scamandros dived
File:Http:// reborn/Male Mage.jpg
out of the way and unfurled a lashing of ancient magic upon Concort, Concourt was hit in the torso by this powerful blast and flew backwards "now you shall see my true power!!!!!" shouted Concort. He screamed as his skin transformed into what looked like something that came from hell. He charged at Scamandros and lashed out at him with his newly grown claws but Scamandros dived out of the way and drew his ancient sword, enchanted with ancient magic he lept at Concort and slashed him with the sword "aaaaaarrrgggghhhh!" screamed concort, he struck Scamandros in the face with his claws and every thing started to fade away from Scamondros and become black and white. Scamandros woke up in a bush, obviously he had flown very far due to Concorts blow;he sat up and clambered out of the bush. He saw Concort fleeing away "looks like I shall have to give a bit of a chase" muttered Scamandros to himself and with that he flew up into the air and started speeding towards concort. Concort had changed back into his real form and Scamandros gained on him quickly, he came up behind Concort and gatherd a ball of dark energy into his hands; Concort looked around just as Scamandros blasted him in the face. "How do you like a taste of dark magic huh!" shouted scamandros as Concort collapsed to the ground, unconcious...

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Scamandros sat on a bench, thinking how he was going to break into the jail that restrained his father. he would come from above, and strike down as an almost dark blaze. He would land in the courtyard and blast anything that came near him. Then he would go for his father. Scamandros launched into the air and, with a mighty burst of speed flew off to rescue his father from the forces goodness.

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