TheTureDisneyKing's Movie Spoof film Scooby Doo and thé Alien Invaders


  • (For Scooby Doo I Can't Décidé Between) Scamp (Lady and thé Tramp 2) or Young Tod (Thé Fox and thé Hound)
  • (For Shaggy Rogers I Can't Décidé Between) Peter Pan (Peter Pan) or Wart (Thé Sword In thé Stone)
  • Daphne Blake - Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Fred Jones - Hercules (Hercules)
  • Velma Dinkley - Shanti (Thé Jungle Book)
  • (For Crystal I Can't Décidé Between) Melody (Thé Little Mermaid 2) or Alice (Alice In WonderLand)
  • (For Amber I Can't Décidé Between) Angel (Lady and thé Tramp 2) or Rita thé Fox (Go Hugo Go)
  • Lester - Grumpy (Snow White and thé Seven Dwarfs)
  • Max - Captain Pete (Mickey Donald and Goofy Thé Three Musketeers)
  • Steve - Gaston (Beauty and thé Beast)
  • Laura - Mother Gothel (Tangel)
  • Buck - Elmer Fudd (Looney Tunes)
  • Dottie - Clarabelle Cow (Disney)
  • Sergio - Rafiki (Thé Lion King)
  • Alien Invader - Sir Hiss (Robin Hood) and Kaa (Thé Jungle Book)
  • Two Guards - Edgar (Thé Aristocats) and Jafar (Aladdin)
  • Jakalope Rabbit - Shaun thé Ship (À Close Shave)
  • Alien Crystal - Queen Athena (Thé Little Mermaid)
  • Alien Amber - Ruby (Lady and thé Tramp 2 Scamp's Adventures)

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