Vixey Ohanna's upcoming spoof of "Oliver and Company":) Cast:

Oliver: Scamp (Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure) Dodger: Tod(The Fox and The Hound) Einstein: Manny(Ice Age) Rita:Vixey (The Fox and The Hounf) Tito: King Julien(Madagascar) Francis: Diego(Ice Age) Georgette:Sasha De Fluer(All Dogs go to heaven II) Jenny:Wendy(Peter Pan) Skyces:Captin Hook(Peter Pan) Fagin:Merlin(The Sword in The Stone) Two Female Singing Dogs: Lady(Lady and The Tramp) and Mittens(Bolt) Steele(Balto) and Brer Fox( Song of the south) as Roscoe and DeSoto Female Dog on leash: Tigress(Kung Fu Panda) Dogs Watching Dodger Amazed:Simba,Nala, and Kovu(The Lion King) "Pretty Pups all Over The City": Charlie(All Dogs Go to heaven.), Young Bambi,Young Thumper,and Young Flower. Old Couple:Pacha&Chicha(The Emperors New Groove) Old Louie:Abis Mal(Aladdin) Oliver's Brothers and Sisters: Angel(Scamp's Adventure,Snoopy(Charlie Brown)Young Copper(The Fox and The Hound) and Patch and Penny(101 Dalmatians)(animated) Little Boy:Taran(The Black Cauldron) Winston-The Sultan(Aladdin)

Parts 1#Beginning/"Once Upon A time in New York City" 2#Abis Mal's Puppy Problem/"Scamp feels the rhythm" 3#Tod Breaks his promise/"Why should I worry" 4#At the boat house/ Merlin Discovers Scamp for the first Time) 5#Merlin and Captin Hook's conversation/ Steele flirts with Vixey /Scamp scratches Steele's nose 6#The Seventh chapter of Sparky(Bolt)The Super Dog/Scamp Sleeps with Tod 7#Merlin goes trading:"Streets of Gold" 8#In the car 9#At the "Darling's"house/"Perfect isn't easy" 10#Scamp and Sasha in the kitchen/"Good Company) 11#Scamp's "rescue"/Merlin's money plan 12#Looking for Scamp/Captin Hook kidnaps Wendy 13#Wendy's Rescue/ The Dogs Escape 14# Wendy turns twelve/Presents 14#King Juliens bath(/"Why should We Worry" 15#End Credits

Quotes Tod:"Faires are for tourists kid" Scamp:"Hey wait HALF of those are mine" Vixey:"Now listen up you've got a lot to learn" Diego:"I know ,my public awaits" Manny:"Look what I got!" Sasha Le Fluer:"Purfect my dears, is meeeeeee King Julien:(After Seeing Sasha) very impressed Merlin: Rise and Shine Georgette ,your public awaits. Wendy: "You poor kitty,I'll take care of you "

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