• Scamper (Igor) as Peter Pan
  • Dawn (Pokemon) as Wendy
  • John as Himself
  • Ranjan (The Jungle Book 2) as Michael
  • Lilo (Lilo & Stitch) as Tinker Bell
  • Gaston (Beauty and The Beast) as Captian Hook
  • Lawerence (The Princess and the Frog) as Mr Smee
  • Scar (The Lion King) as Crocodile
  • The Lost Boys (Peter Pan) as Themselves
  • The Mermaids - Young Tiana [The Princess and the Frog}, Madame Blueberry [Veggie Tales}, Isabella {Phineas and Ferb], Princess Eilonwy {The Black Cauldron], Alice {Alice in Wonderland 1951], and Sawyer {Cats Don't Dance],
  • Sally (Igor) as Tiger Lily
  • Dr Doofshrmitz (Phineas and Ferb) as Indiana Chief
  • Pooka (Anatiastia) as Nana
  • Granny (Looney Tunes) as Mary Darling
  • The Great Fondoo (Cartoon Network) as George Darling
  • The Pirates - Huns (Mulan)
  • The Indiana - Monsters {Monster's Inc]
  • Brave and Squaw - Mulan and Shang (Mulan)
  • Brave Squaw in Law - The Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2)
  • Indiana Squaw - Queen La (Tarzan the Series)

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