Scaredy Pokemon is a Friturtoons episode.


On Halloween, Gligar tells the Pokemon spooky ghost stories. The stories make Piplup scared and so Pikachu teases him about this. On the same night, Pikachu, Piplup and Squirtle are sent to the Smelter Yard. But when Pikachu says he can manage alone to finish off the job, off Piplup and Squirtle go, but how brave is Pikachu when he's on his own?


  • US Narrator: Alec Baldwin.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.


  • Pikachu
  • Gligar
  • Sudowoodo (cameo)
  • Buizel (cameo)
  • Turtwig (cameo)
  • Piplup
  • Chimchar
  • Squirtle (cameo)
  • Pachirisu (cameo)
  • Ash Ketchum

Voice Cast

Featured music


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