Hero Name: Scarlet Scorpion

Legal Name: Kathryn Beringer

Age: 30

Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

Marital Status: Single

Rank: Patroller

Fighting Style: Defender

Weapon of Choice: Sonic/Sonic

Origin of Powers: Mutation

Code Name: @Proust

Special Accolades: Geas of the Kind Ones, Vanguard Medal, Archmagus

Kathryn Beringer (aka The Scarlet Scorpion) was born as Christy Johansen to Pamela and Derrik Johansen. Pamela died delivering Christy in the hospital and Derrik seemed to be in mourning throughout the rest of his life. Derrik, a small bar owner (Ref: Derrik Johansen File# 5387-JOH), was neglectful and resentful of Christy. A series of failed business ventures by her father forced Christy to “grow up” faster than her peers by taking care of herself and their meager home. Derrik constantly spent his business profits on gambling attempts in order to increase what income was actually used toward food and utility payments. At the age of 13 she witnessed her father’s brutal murder as a consequence to his involvement in a criminal trial against local crime lords (Ref: The Family File# 67378-JOH).

During her college years at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, she took a job at a strip club as a means to make money. After a few years she accepted a position in a high society call girl service where her skills behind closed doors was highly sought after. At the age of 26 she changed her name to Kathryn Beringer to break away from her history and started her own business in the same trade. Financial and anecdotal records reveal she was highly respected for her business savvy.

On her 29th birthday she planned to spend a weekend with a frequent customer to her business, Mark Vargis. According to reports, Vargis proposed marriage to Kathryn and was refused. After a heated arguement, Vargis started to physically and sexually assault Kathryn. Her screams of pain and anger developed instantly into a weapon, which she instinctively used against Mark Vargis. He was killed and she found her way to a medical center.

It took several months for Kathryn to recover from her wounds. She lost her left eye and has several other scars over her body. After she left the hospital she gathered her remaining assets and sold the business. Kathryn’s whereabouts were unknown until she registered as a hero at Paragon City, Rhode Island. Psychiatric reports from the hospital revealed Kathryn was confused about her future and angry at her situation.

Several tests were conducted concerning her “powers” while she was hospitalized. According to Dr. Alexander Carlyle, Kathryn Beringer’s vocal cords have changed due to the physical, mental and emotional trauma she experienced. The effect of the change is Kathryn can manipulate the sound waves emanating from her throat at will. Normal conversation does not create the spectacular effect she can cause; Kathryn needs continuous training and use to maintain her abilities.

It was rumored she was once romantically involved with a registered hero of Las Vegas named “The Grand Battler”. Registration files were documented to have been filed but the files are currently missing. Observers postulate it was The Grand Battler which helped focus Kathryn to use her powers to benefit society.

Hero Status: Temporary inactive duty.

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