"Different types of transportation in one photo (more is good, most is best)."

  • X points per unique type
  • bonus points for the group with the largest number in one picture
Alternative items (if transport is not good): trees, animals, hair styles, etc.

"One sign with the same message in multiple languages (more is good, most is best)."

  • 2 languages = X points
  • 3 languages = 2X points
  • more than 3 languages = 4X points
  • bonus points for group with largest number

"A rotating restaurant."

"A Chinatown street sign."

"Main and Hastings."

"Taken from the Burrard Street Bridge."

"The cockpit of a float plane or helicopter."

"Someone from 'down under' with their passport to prove it."

"Waist length hair."

"No hair."

"The biggest pizza."

"A big red round...?"

"A librarian in a library."

"A man and his best friend."

"Please don't eat me."

"No bikes allowed."

"I can't breath."

"Nice XML you have there!"

"XFY can do that / fix that!"

"I love DITA"

"A human pyramid".

  • 2 levels = X points
  • 3 levels = 2X points
  • more than 3 levels = 4X points

"The 'best' 37."

"A giant steel crab."

"A tree on top of a building."

"A hovercraft."

"Green lady on a rock wearing goggles."

"City, Provincial, and Federal flags in one photo."

  • 1 = X points
  • 2 = 2X points
  • 3 = 4X points

"A bird on someone's head or shoulders."

"A 50 kilogram baby."

A team member pumping a stranger's gas.

A stranger serenading your team with an instrument.

The longest limo (or car) you can find.

One or more members of your group posing with a stranger beside a fire hydrant.

A member of your group walking a stranger’s dog.

Picture of a couple holding hands. Couple must be someone not on the team.

Picture of a sign with the current temperature

Picture of a smart Car

Picture of a Vespa

A picture of someone Famous

Picture of a cruise ship

A picture of foreign money

A picture of someone who has funniest or coolest hairstyle

A picture of restaurant which has funniest name.

A portable CD or cassette music player

A lineup at a government office

A perfect Yaletown dog

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