Schemer's New Pranks is a fan-fiction Shining Time Station episode, thought up by BiggestThomasFan.


It's April Fools Day at Shining Time Station and Schemer plays new pranks on people around the station. He puts a plastic bug in Stacy's cup of water, he tricks Becky into thinking there are rats in the station and he replaces Billy's ink with invisible ink. The kids tell Mr. Conductor about Schemer's new pranks and Mr. Conductor tells them that they should try talking to Schemer.

Later, the kids try to talk to Schemer about his pranks. Schemer, who was not paying much attention, says the pranks will stop. But later, JB King arrives at the station and Schemer tries to play a prank on him by offering a can of pop that he shooked up. JB King says no thank you about the pop, but Schemer tries to get him covered in pop. He ends up getting himself covered in pop, then he walks backwards into the lost and found, causing a big mess. JB King gets cross and leaves the station. Schemer, who is worrid that JB King will take away his arcade, runs home to change.

While the kids and Billy are cleaning up the mess, Mr. Conductor appears and the kids tell him what happened. Mr. Conductor tells the kids that Schemer should apologize to everyone for the pranks and the mess. Then, Schemer returns to the station, still worrid. The kids tell Schemer what Mr. Conductor told them. Schemer apologizes to everyone about the pranks and the mess. Then, JB King returns to the station and Schemer apologizes to him too. JB King forgives Schemer and Schemer now knows that he shouldn't get carried away with his pranks.


  • Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin)
  • Stacy Jones
  • Schemer
  • Billy Twofeathers
  • Dan
  • Becky
  • Kara
  • Tanya
  • Matt
  • JB King
  • The Jukebox Band

Thomas Stories

  • Cranky Bugs
  • Thomas & The Rumors

Jukebox Band Song

  • This Old Man


Quote 1:

  • (Mr. Conductor appears)
  • Kara: Hello Mr. Conductor.
  • Mr. Conductor: Hello everyone. Why the long faces?
  • Dan: It's April Fools Day and Schemer's been playing some pranks on us.
  • Matt: He put a plastic bug in Stacy's cup of water early.
  • Becky: And he tricked me into thinking there were some rats in the station.
  • Dan: Yeah, and he replaced Billy's ink with invisible ink.
  • Mr. Conductor: I see. Well, it is April Fools Day and I think Schemer is just trying to be funny.
  • Tanya: Well, his pranks are not funny.
  • Mr. Conductor: It sounds to me like Schemer is behaving a lot like Cranky.
  • Matt: Who's Cranky?
  • Mr. Conductor: He's a crane who works the docks on the Island of Sodor. When he first arrived on Sodor, he had a hard time getting along with Thomas and Percy. Perhaps I should tell you about it. (Mr. Conductor blows his whistle and the story, Cranky Bugs)

After the Story:

  • Mr. Conductor: So after Thomas and Percy helped Cranky they became friends with him and Cranky stopped playing tricks on them.
  • Kara: Do you think Schemer will end up like Cranky?
  • Mr. Conductor: If he keeps his pranks up, he will. But maybe if you try talking to him, he might stop and won't get into trouble.

Quote 2:

  • Mr. Conductor: Hi kids. Judging by this mess, I'm guessing Schemer went too far with his pranks.
  • Becky: Yes, we tried to talk to him, but he didn't listen to us.
  • Dan: Then, he tried to play a prank on JB King by giving him a shooked up can of pop.
  • Tanya: But instead, he got covered in pop and crashed into the lost and found.
  • Matt: Now JB King is mad and Schemer's worrid that he'll get his arcade taken away.
  • Mr. Conductor: I think Schemer just needs some time to think about what he did and then apologize to everyone for the pranks and the mess. It sounds like he's more upset than the engines on the Island of Sodor were when Harold was chosen to show visitor around Sodor.
  • Kara: What were they upset about?
  • Mr. Conductor: The engines thought Harold was going to replace them. But they soon found out the truth.
  • Dan: What was the truth?
  • Mr. Conductor: I'll tell you. (Mr. Conductor blows his whistle and the story, Thomas & The Rumors begins)

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