Schemer Throws a Tantrum is JamesandSchemerfan's TV Season 2 episode that aired May 19, 2008. Narrated by Ringo Starr.


One day, Schemer and his parents; he wants a Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 1993 VHS, but his parents, David Read and Jane Read refused to get him one and say "No!". So, Schemer starts to throw a big tantrum at the store, and David Read and Jane Read drag him out of the video store and lefted the shopping in their car. They put him in his room for punishment. The next day, Schemer and his parents go to shopping, Schemer sees a retired Flying Scotsman train and asks his parents if he can get one before they say "NO!". After that, Schemer starts fussing and throws a another tantrum and his parents got very mad at him they drag him out of the toy store, He is locked in his room for his punishment. Ryu consoles his problem, Schemer feels okay and Ryu will stop his parents from punishing and anger. but then Ryu and Schemer were Watching Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 1993 VHS and Playing with The Flying Scotsman Train and they were all very Happy


  • Mr. Conductor (RS)
  • Schemer
  • David Read
  • Jane Read
  • Ryu
  • Barney (Cameo)
  • BJ (Cameo)
  • Ken (Cameo)
  • Iori Yagami (Cameo)
  • Becky (Cameo)
  • Kara (Cameo)
  • Dan (Cameo)
  • Stacy Jones (Cameo)


  • Narrator: One Day, Schemer and his parents went to VHS store, he get excited and saw a 1993 Thomas Percy and the Dragon VHS, then it happened.
  • Schemer: WOW! I have that VHS tape, Mom?
  • Jane Read: No!
  • Narrator: Said Jane Read neverously.
  • Jane Read: You have many Thomas tapes at home.
  • David Read: Those VHS tapes cost money.
  • Narrator: And after that, Schemer started to cry and started throwing a big tantrum!
  • Schemer: I want Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 1993 VHS!!! Bwahahahahahaahahahahahhaha Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohahahahahahahahahahahaahah!!!! But I want it please! please!!! please!!!!!!! (keeps crying and screaming)
  • David Read: Silence now, Schemer!!
  • Narrator: said David Read crossly.
  • David Read: Enough of this nonsense, Schemer! I'm gonna get rid of your Thomas videos!!
  • Schemer: Awaaaaaaaahhhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! NO!!
  • Narrator: Schemer's parents drag him out of the store. (Schemer's parents drag him out of the store while Schemer sobs and cries behind) Schemer and his parents left the VHS store and got in their car. After that, Schemer got sent to his room for punishment.
  • Schemer: YAAAAHHHHHHH!! IT'S TOO LATE TO BUY Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 1993 VHS!!! Too Late!! (he bawls some more)
  • Narrator: And Schemer was punished and he cried and whined even more. The next day, Schemer and his parents went to another store, but Schemer was very excited when he sees a retired 2003 Flying Scotsman.
  • Schemer: Wow! Wow! Oh My Goodness!! Look at all these ThomasTrains! I want that retired 2003 Flying Scotsman! May I have it!?! Please!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!???!
  • Jane & David Read: No!
  • Narrator: Said Jane and David Read crossly.
  • David Read: You don't get that 2003 Flying Scotsman train!
  • Jane Read: You have too many Thomas trains at home.
  • David Read: Those trains cost more money.
  • Narrator: said his parents crossly. Suddenly, Schemer started throwing a another big tantrum!
  • Schemer: (bars loudly) Naaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh!!! Aaaaaahhh!!!!!! BUT I WANT THAT 2003 FLYING SCOTSMAN TRAIN! BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! (sobs and cries)
  • Jane And David Read: Schemer, cut it out!
  • Schemer: I WANT FLYING SCOTSMAN TRAIN!!! Baaaahahahahahahahahahaaahhh!!!! (keeps screaming and crying while the kids are laughing at him)
  • Narrator: When the kids laughed at Schemer when he kept screaming and crying, which made his parents very cross.
  • Schemer: GAWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH!!!!!!! No!! NO!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: His parents got so mad at him, they drag Schemer out of the toy store while he is bawling out his eyes; and they put Schemer to his room for punishment again.
  • Ryu: Schemer, What's wrong?
  • Schemer: All I want is the Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 1993 VHS and the Flying Scotsman Train, I tried to get them, but mommy and daddy punished me when I throwed a big tantrum. Now, I'm stuck here forever!!!!!! (keeps sobbing)
  • Ryu: Don't worry, I'll stop your parents from their anger and punishings, okay.
  • Narrator: Soon, Ryu was very cross at Schemer's parents.
  • Ryu: Schemer's parents, What are you doing? Let Schemer get the Thomas, Percy and the Dragon 1993 VHS and the Flying Scotsman Train, but You've got mad and punished Schemer in and locked him in his room too many times, Now he is very upset!
  • David Read: We Sent Schemer to his room many times
  • Ryu: It Isn't Wrong But We Just Don't Do It
  • Jane and David Read: Schemer come here
  • Narrator: And so they spoke to Schemer about what Ryu had said
  • Jane and David Read: Schemer we know we sent to your room many times for throwing tantrums
  • Schemer: You've changed your mind about not getting me Thomas Percy and the Dragon 1993 VHS and the 2003 Flying Scotsman Train
  • Jane Read: Actually, I have them right here!
  • Schemer: Yaaaaay!!!! Thanks Mommy!!!! Thanks Daddy!!!!!
  • Jane and David Read: You're welcome!
  • Narrator:And so Schemer and Ryu went to watch Thomas Percy and The Dragon 1993 VHS
  • Ryu: I'll put in the tape

(scene ends)

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