In the Longest Thread Ever, Schneelocke was a deity whose title is the Divine Wolf. He was sometimes also referred to as the Guardian of Moonside.


Schneelocke was a kindly god, particularly to anthromorphs, of whom he was the chief deity. He encouraged followers to do what is right for the name of humanity, not just anthromorphs, even if it went so far as to harbor reformed ex-followers of his rival, Ciz.


Schneelocke was often depicted as an anthropomorphic wolf, wielding a keyblade and bearing a buckler in the shape of a wolf's head, his holy sign. He often wore a bark breastplate without leggings, and was oftentimes seen with a pair of Lupes following him, one of each gender.


Many of Schneelocke's followers were, true to Schnee's dogma, healers and anthropomorphs. Clerics of Schneelocke were required to take a vow to violate the purity of their blood by taking a wife not of the same race as he was, and chastity vows were heretical.

Schneelocke was worshipped freely on Earth and Crandon, but many places in Neopia forbade worship of Schneelocke, with the Haunted Woods, Maraqua, Krawk Island, and Neopia Central being the only places that allowed it.


  • Schneelocke was based off of a Wikipedia user, as is his rival, Ciz. His followers' actions reflect his actions in an Arbitration Committee case.

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