As we all know, Spain first acquired Schneider CA-1s, and FT-17s, and various armored cars for their military. (It wasn't until around 1926 that they decided to try and make their own tank. They sought to improve the existing FT-17 tank. 6 "Trubia" tanks were produced, and 3 saw fighting in the Spanish civil war.)

Two CA.1's were used at Toledo, by Republicans beseiging Alcazar. The Column of General Riquelme marched on Toledo on July 14th with two Schneider CA1 tanks. These were marked with J.S.U. banners ("Juventud Socialista Unificada" and at least one photo is known.

During the action against the Hospital de Tavera one of the tanks was participated. (The Hospital de Tavera was not a dependency of the Alcazar although it could be seen from the North Terrace. It was quite a way beyond the Sant Cruz Hospital that faced the Gobierno.) A tank passing between these two buildings down the Calle de Carmen to attack the Stable Approach and hence the Zig Zag was attacked with a Laffite Grenade by Lt Espiga who leaned out of a upper window to drop the grenade onto the tank. The grenade bounced off before exploding but the tank withdrew (or was possibly abandoned).

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