Episode 10: No Mexican!


  • Molotov (the main antagonist)
  • Chloe Turner (died)
  • Level and Kyle
  • Victor
  • Henry Parker
  • Civillians
  • Police Department and SWAT
  • Anthony (one appearance)
  • Molotov's Driver (one appearance)

Episode 11: Root Bear (episode)


  • Henry Parker
  • Tyler William
  • Sally Smith
  • Grandmother of Brazilian indians (debut, the main antagonist)
  • Ian Warner
  • Nick Smith
  • Root Bear Machines
  • Death's Army
  • Spetsnaz's Army
  • Brazilian indians Army
  • Private Team (Troy Apor and Evan Dallmann-Kucher)
  • Corporal Team (Ty McCray)
  • Sergeant Team (Jakob Sauder)
  • Harry (leader of Harry's Group)
  • 5 Males characters in Harry's Group and 2 Females characters in Harry's Group
  • Black the Crow
  • Lola the Brazilian village's Grandma
  • An Alligator
  • Brazilian Flight Male kid Passenger
  • Brazilian Flight Female kid Passenger

Episode 14: Insectocide (episode)


  • Henry Parker
  • Tyler William
  • Sally Smith
  • Nick Smith
  • Tom Smith
  • Insectocide army (debut, the main antagonist)

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