Schoolhouse Rock is an old cartoon that played on ABC.



The Bill

Conjunction Junction Conductor

Mr. Mortain



Lucky Seven Samson

Interplanet Janet

Taxman Max

Tall Girl

Small Boy

The Earth

The Pigeon

and more


  1. Schoolhouse Rock/3-2-1 Penguins
  2. Schoolhouse Rock/Thomas
  3. Schoolhouse Rock/Spongebob
  4. Schoolhouse Rock/TUGS
  5. Schoolhouse Rock/Codename: Kids Next Door
  6. Schoolhouse Rock/The Simpsons
  7. Schoolhouse Rock/Alice In Wonderland
  8. Schoolhouse Rock/Disney
  9. Schoolhouse Rock/Tiny Toon Adventures
  10. Schoolhouse Rock/PAC-MAN
  11. Schoolhouse Rock/Sonic
  12. Schoolhouse Rock/Looney Tunes
  13. Schoolhouse Rock/Mario
  14. Schoolhouse Rock/Phineas and Ferb
  15. Schoolhouse Rock/VeggieTales
  16. Schoolhouse Rock/The Jungle Book
  17. Schoolhouse Rock/Dr. Seuss
  18. Schoolhouse Rock/The Little Engine That Could
  19. Schoolhouse Rock/Animaniacs
  20. Schoolhouse Rock/Loonatics Unleashed
  21. Schoolhouse Rock/Family Guy
  22. Schoolhouse Rock/Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  23. Schoolhouse Rock/Wreck-It Ralph
  24. Schoolhouse Rock/Rubbadubbers
  25. Schoolhouse Rock/Annoying Orange
  26. Schoolhouse Rock/A Goofy Movie
  27. Schoolhouse Rock/Ice Age
  28. Schoolhouse Rock/Little Toot
  29. Schoolhouse Rock/Duck Dodgers
  30. Schoolhouse Rock/Fraggle Rock
  31. Schoolhouse Rock/The Ren & Stimpy Show
  32. Schoolhouse Rock/The Rescuers Down Under
  33. Schoolhouse Rock/Robin Hood
  34. Schoolhouse Rock/Winnie The Pooh
  35. Schoolhouse Rock/Gilligan's Island
  36. Schoolhouse Rock/Dumbo
  37. Schoolhouse Rock/Baby Looney Tunes
  38. Schoolhouse Rock/Muppet Babies
  39. Schoolhouse Rock/Toy Story
  40. Schoolhouse Rock/The Thief and the Cobbler
  41. Schoolhouse Rock/Monsters Inc
  42. Schoolhouse Rock/Finding Nemo
  43. Schoolhouse Rock/WALL-E
  44. Schoolhouse Rock/Disneyland Fun
  45. Schoolhouse Rock/The Flintstones
  46. Schoolhouse Rock/Piglet's Big Movie
  47. Schoolhouse Rock/Q*Bert
  48. Schoolhouse Rock/Angry Birds
  49. Schoolhouse Rock/Donkey Kong
  50. Schoolhouse Rock/The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
  51. Schoolhouse Rock/Cars
  52. Schoolhouse Rock/Super Why
  53. Schoolhouse Rock/The Kidsongs Television Show
  54. Schoolhouse Rock/Spot
  55. Schoolhouse Rock/The Brave Little Toaster
  56. Schoolhouse Rock/Bear in the Big Blue House
  57. Schoolhouse Rock/Rio (2011)
  58. Schoolhouse Rock/Despicable Me
  59. Schoolhouse Rock/Barney
  60. Schoolhouse Rock/Paramount
  61. Schoolhouse Rock/20th Century Fox
  62. Schoolhouse Rock/The Aristocats
  63. Schoolhouse Rock/Henry Hugglemonster

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