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  • Shaggy as Homer
  • Daphne as Marge
  • Robin as Bart
  • Velma as Lisa
  • Mr. McKnight as Grandpa Abe
  • Uncle Nathaniel as Ned Flanders
  • The Young Ghosts as Rod & Todd Flanders
  • Scooby Doo as Lenny
  • Scooby Dum as Carl
  • Fred as Barney
  • Ben Ravencroft as Mr. Burns
  • Batman as Principal Skinner
  • Lena as Edna Krappable
  • Man 1 as Nelson
  • Man 2 as Jimbo
  • Fake MP #1 as Kearny
  • Fake MP #2 as Dolph
  • Jerry Reed as Chief Wiggum
  • The Ferry Driver as The Sea Captain
  • Phantom Virus as Sideshow Bob
  • Luis as John
  • Simone as Launne Van Houten
  • Mr. Beamon as Mayor Quimby
  • Officer Wembley as Yes Guy
  • Crystal as Patty
  • Amber as Selma
  • Yabba Doo as Sideshow Mel
  • Lurel as Groundskeeper Willy
  • Gibby Morton as Dr. Nick

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