Scott Curtis

Name Scott James Curtis

Height 6.3

Hair Brown

Eyes Blue

Scott Curtis is the 24th Body of the First River the body before him was Emma Smith he born was three days after her death. He first born in the town of Teignmouth in England where he spent most of his life with his mother and grandmother. When picking his style because he had bright blue eyes. He kept with wearing blue to match it together.


Scott Curtis is the next body of the First River forced to start a new life after his death in 1987 in the body of Emma Smith who was killed in a gun fight back in 1987 by a man named Julian Knight

Scott Curtis starts his story in the small town of Kingsteigton which is in England he is once again without the others and now plans on finding where they are. However his fate has caught up with him and soon he faces a new foe called Kim Knight who has been sent back from the dead and allowed to live if she can kill him.

Scott now only just starting to regain his skills knows he is fighting a force much greater than himself. He is help by a girl called Maria Hart who claims she was told to protect Scott by Steph Colledge however before Scott can find out anymore she is taken hostage by Kim Knight.

Scott aware he has no choice plans on saving Maria Hart from Kim Knight. When Scott heads back to his base he meet a man called Zack Zindine who has been waiting for him. Scott tells Zack and his childhood mate Dean Reardon that Kim Knight has kidnapped Maria Hart and she has been taken somewhere.

Zack tells Scott and Dean he could do with some help to save her. If Scott helps him save her he will tell what he knows about Steph Colledge and why they came to Kingsteigton to help him. Scott and Dean accept and the three of them head to where Maria Hart is being held hostage.

Soon they come to a old farm where Maria Hart is being held hostage. Dean and Zack make trouble to keep all the Undead busy why this takes place Scott heads inside to save Maria soon Scott and Maria escape the house and use the darkness as cover to getaway they however find they are being hunted by a undead named John Smith in the fight Scott and Maria kill him.

They soon walk back towards Kingsteigton taking the long way Maria tells Scott she was gave a letter it said if you wish to live from Barry you will have to find a man called Scott Curtis he can be found in Kingsteigton look after each other and he will save you!

Steph Colledge was the sender of the letter its even signed with her name the way only Steph would sign it meaning its a real letter. As Scott and Maria reach the other end they find the others have been waiting for them at the end.

Scott also finds out that earlier on in the first attack it was his mate Emily Davis who saved him from one of the undead and not Maria Hart.

Maria and Zack want in on killing Kim and her gang and the five plan to fight together so they can surive. Scott along with Emma and Dean head back home only to find there being followed by a undead who has been waiting for them.


After spliting up with Maria Hart scott moved on his life staying close with Emma Davison. That year Scott Curtis and Emma Davison had a call saying Becky Miles was in trouble now Scott had to face off with a group called Oasis Care who were making clones he also saved Becky Miles by keeping her away from there. She was later caught by Oasis Care and this ended up with Maria Hart and Keith Rainer helping Scott Curtis save her. But soon after this Becky Miles had gone she had just ran off without Scott Curtis. Later on that year Steven Hills told Scott Curtis that Becky Miles had died in a car accident.


Scott Curtis had found Steven Hills had lied when Becky Miles came to his house and they soon went back to where they had left off. They dated for the whole year but they went there own way at the end of that year.


Scott Curtis had started going to college he was there when he found something interesting a name he had not heard in ages Steph Colledge however the Steph Colledge he known did not look like that Steph Colledge later that week something went on over Torquay Scott Curtis was now sure she was the Sixth River when he went to gain access to the UFO he meet a man called Jamie Jackson who said stand back I am the River. Scott Curtis said well I was Emma Smith is really another one of us? Jamie Jackson was shocked and said he was really the third River who was Laura Bond they once again worked together this time as two males and not females and were able to stop Steph College plan to go back to Hatlinks and not to destory Torquay when she found out it was Emma Smith and Laura Bond she stop it. Over that year they went on to find the rest of the Rivers. Scott also died on that year but was brought back to life when Maria Hart gave him CPR. after a double fight with Barry Charles and Steven Hills this also broke up Becky Miles being mates with Scott Curtis..


Scott Curtis, Jamie Jackson And Steph College had no more luck on finding the rest of the group. But at the college new events took place this time a man called Nick Green waned to find Becky Miles. They only had the name Nick Green As time came closer the group got infomation on Nick Green and a plan of his with the help of Steph Colledge they were in the right place at the right time. But Scott Curtis also had to fight Emma Davison who had been tricked to work with Nick Green. Scott had to fight the person he had trained. Nick Green was stopped with the help of Steph Colledge but a old foe from the pass had caught up with them in 1987 they had ran into Area 51 who now wanted to capture Scott Curtis and Steph Colledge. They manage to escape the chase.


Scott Curtis And Steph Colledge went to college for one more year when they was there a strange girl called Zoe O'Chapel came up to them and said she was Scott Curtis Half sister when She saw it was Steph Colledge she also said this is getting more weird im Jessie Daniels it was her and this time for some reason this generation they were family.


This marked another River being found when Scott started to date Primrose Windsor they had been going out for a few weeks but when she meet Steph Colledge she also said this is weird we meet again I am Claire Barnett Scott had manage to find 4 Of The Rivers. Later on that year Scott almost died again when he had to battle Harriet Sernet he was able to cross some of his DNA with Steph Colledge in order to save his own life.


Scott soon started to master his skill of the Hatlinks as time went on he got better learning to use Hatlinks and River skills at the same time. However near the end of the year Steph wanted Scott to be protected she wanted to have her brainwashed to forget the Rivers unware of to Scott she had a plan to go with it.


Scott now on his own again went on this time he didn't know where to start wihtout Steph Colledge helping him. Soon Chloe Fox came back and they started working togther.


Scott Curtis found out that the man who was called Robert Dorrington who made the Kingsteigton Undead had been planning most of the events over the years. Scott Curtis also had to face his fears when the fire from his dream came true. Scott was thinking this is where i die. The other Rivers were aware of this. However a massive twist came that Becky Miles was never a real person but a clone from Oasis made many years ago. The Real Becky Miles had died many years before Scott Curtis had really meet her. Because of this she had now learned so much from Scott Curtis she was unstoppable. Scott had no choice but to face off with her in a fight to the death. The fight started and soon Scott found himself losing the battle Becky then tried to finish him off with him dieing in the house fire. However at the very last second Steph Colledge came back and saved his life by using the jumper to as something to climb on why she landed. The fight went on with Scott and Becky. Scott was then joined by the Jamie Jackson, Steph Colledge, Primrose Windsor, and Zoe Hart. Together they did battle with Robert Dorrington. In a powerful fight they found it hard to match his powers. However they manage to beat him in the fight but paid the price when Zoe Hart was killed in battle. Scott now had one choice to finish it with Becky Miles in a powerful final attack Scott manage to destory her. Ending that Chapter Of The Rivers.


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