Scrafty is a Dark/Fighting Type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It is the evolved form of Scraggy.


Scrafty is most likely based on a lizard. It also seems to be inspired by stereotypes and genres in various urban youth subcultures of the past several decades, such as hip hop and punk.


Scrafty has received generally positive reception for it's punk-like appearance.

Scrafty can function as an effective sweeper in the RU tier. It can learn Dragon Dance via breeding, which enables it to boost both it's physical Attack and Speed stats. It can also make effective use out of either Moxie or Shed Skin as it's Ability.

Although it has a lot of great options for it's offensive movepool, Scrafty does have it's drawbacks. It needs Dragon Dance to effectively enable it to sweep in battle. Plus, it is weak to Fighting Types, which can easily roam rampant in any tier, and Scrafty is also easily destroyed by Fairy Type attacks due to it's 4x Fairy weakness.

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