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Wikia co-founder, Angela Beesley, opened the Wikia Scratchpad in January 2005 as a place for users to work on small collaborations, and to make mini wikis for trial before requesting a real Wikia site.[1]

Now — in 2017 — that’s all changed!!
You no longer have to try out a wiki at Scratchpad
to have your very own, free-standing, full-fledged Wikia wiki!!

Do you want your very own, free-standing, full-fledged Wikia wiki?!

You can create a free-standing Wikia wiki   here

You do not need Scratchpad!

If you choose instead to create a mini-wiki here at Scratchpad, remember:

Ambox important Scratchpad has a temporary nature. Ambox important

Attention niels epting No content is guaranteed to be kept here. Attention niels epting

To create a mini-wiki here at Scratchpad, go here.[2]

  1. Want to learn more about Wikia? See Wikia:About.
  2. Copyright: All content on this wiki is available for re-use under the terms of the CC-BY-SA licensing protocol. See: Scratchpad:Licensing.

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