Shrek as Wall-E Princess Fiona as EVE Donkey as M-O Merlin as Captain Lord Farquaad as AUTO The Fairy Godmother as GO-4 Rumpelstiltskin as SECUR-T Prince Charming as Stewart Bots Dragon as PR-T Puss in Boots as HAN-S Mongo as Wall-A The Big Bad Wolf as GRAB-E Puppy as Hal Artie as Burn-E Muffin Man as VN-GO Cook Ogre as SUPPLY-R Dronkeys as Reject Robots Baby Ogres as REM-E Bluebird as The Plant Robin Hood as TYP-E Peter Pan as BRL-A King Harold as John Queen Lillian as Mary Doris as NAN-E The Magic Mirror as Shelby Forthright Pinocchio as D-FIB Gingy as L-T