(The music on the Screen Legends ident plays.)

(Clip: Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree)

Announcer: Screen Legends present Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas: I musn't be late.

Ringo Starr: He thought.

(Clips: A Close Shave, Thomas Comes to Breakfast and Old Iron)

James: What shall I do?!? I can't stop! HELP, HELP!

Announcer: There's plenty of excitement and lots of fun with runaway trains and last minute rescues. It all adds up to great entertainment for kids.

(Clip: Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree)

Ringo Starr: Suddenly like magic, the station was flooded with lights.

The Fat Controller: Ladies, gentlemen and children, I give you three cheers for Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends.

(Clip: Percy and Harold)

Ringo Starr: The race was on.

Announcer: With storyteller Ringo Starr, watch Thomas and his friends get up to all kinds of adventures.

Thomas: Horrors!

Ringo Starr: Cried Thomas and shut his eyes.

(Clip: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Logo)

Announcer: This great new series of Thomas the Tank Engine is available on 3 video cassettes from Screen Legends. On sale now at all leading high streak multiple stores and good video shops everywhere. (Clips: Henry's Cat) Here's another children's favorite from Screen Legends. The enterprising adventures of our friendly feline, Henry's Cat.

Chris Rabbit: We are about to be invited by little blue men from Jupiter. Invent something to stop them.

Henry's Cat: I'll be back in 20 minutes.

Announcer: Just one of the wide range of video cassettes available from Screen Legends, the very best in entertainment for kids. Henry's Cat is on sale now at all high streak multiple stores and good video shops everywhere.

Henry's Cat: Meow.

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