Screen Legends Video Promo

This promo trailer is taken from Thomas, Percy and the Coal VHS.

A list of VHS tapes released by Screen Legends in 1987.

  • 1001 - Thomas the Tank Engine: Thomas, Percy and the Coal
  • 1002 - Thomas the Tank Engine: Percy and Harold
  • 1003 - Thomas the Tank Engine: The Deputation
  • 1004 - Henry's Cat: The Magic Tummy Button
  • 1007 - Paddington's 1st Anywhen TV Show
  • 1008 - Paddington's 2nd Anywhen TV Show
  • 1009 - Paddington's 3rd and 4th Anywhen TV Shows
  • 2051 - Worzel Gummidge 1: Worzel's Washing Day/A Home Fit for Scarecrows
  • 2052 - Worzel Gummidge 2: Aunt Sally/The Crowman

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