After the Scrin War Began Due to The acts of The Nameless Sith lord The Scrin started a massive assault on the republic but most of the attacks were nothing compared to Trandosha. Thousand of Scrin ships entered the Trandoshan system the battle went on for hours. Before the Solar Empire Fleet arrived. Their assistance almost turned the tide of the battle but a second Scrin force arrived. The SE and Republic fleets were pushed back until Kane arrived With the Nod fleet. Kane Commanded the fleet from An ancient Scrin Vessel but then Another ancient Scrin ship arrived the two ships fired and the super The ancient ship beams cancelled each other out. The Scrin's ship Malfunctioned and left system. but the Scrin's Command ship "THE SCRIN STAR" Fired its Super Laser it headed for the Ancient nod ship but in a brave act of courage the Elessar imposed it self in front of the beam even the mighty Elessar Could not survive the scrin stars beam And it broke apart all aboard were killed including GRAND ADMIRAL ROACH. After the Elessar's destruction The NOD, SE and republic fleets in a seemingly blind rage drove the Scrin fleet from trandosha.

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